just; fair; to permit; to allow

strokes 4
strokes after radical 2
公允 公允 gong1 yun3
equitable; fair

公允价值 公允價值 gong1 yun3 jia4 zhi2
fair value (accounting)

应允 應允 ying4 yun3
to give one's assent; to consent

允当 允當 yun3 dang4
proper; suitable

允诺 允諾 yun3 nuo4
to promise; to consent (to do sth)

允文允武 允文允武 yun3 wen2 yun3 wu3
equally proficient in intellectual and military affairs

允许 允許 yun3 xu3
to permit; to allow

允宜 允宜 yun3 yi2
appropriate; apt

允准 允准 yun3 zhun3
to approve; to permit; approval; permission

朱允炆 朱允炆 zhu1 yun3 wen2
Zhu Yuanwen, personal name of second Ming Emperor Jianwen 建文

祝允明 祝允明 zhu4 yun3 ming2
Zhu Yunming (1460-1526), Ming dynasty calligrapher