elder brother

strokes 5
strokes after radical 3
阿兄 阿兄 a1 xiong1
elder brother

把兄弟 把兄弟 ba3 xiong1 di4
sworn brothers

表兄 表兄 biao3 xiong1
older male cousin via female line

表兄弟 表兄弟 biao3 xiong1 di4
male cousins via female line

弟兄们 弟兄們 di4 xiong1 men5
brothers; comrades; men; brethren

弟兄 弟兄 di4 xiong5
brothers; comrade

父兄 父兄 fu4 xiong1
father and elder brother(s); head of the family; patriarch

华纳兄弟 華納兄弟 hua4 na4 xiong1 di4
Warner Brothers

家兄 家兄 jia1 xiong1
(polite) my elder brother

襟兄 襟兄 jin1 xiong1
husband of wife's older sister

卡拉马佐夫兄弟 卡拉馬佐夫兄弟 ka3 la1 ma3 zuo3 fu1 xiong1 di4
Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky 陀思妥耶夫斯基

老兄 老兄 lao3 xiong1
'old chap' (form of address between male friends)

雷曼兄弟 雷曼兄弟 lei2 man4 xiong1 di4
Lehman Brothers, investment bank

令兄 令兄 ling4 xiong1
Your esteemed older brother (honorific)

盟兄 盟兄 meng2 xiong1
senior partner in sworn brotherhood

盟兄弟 盟兄弟 meng2 xiong1 di4
sworn brother

难兄难弟 難兄難弟 nan2 xiong1 nan2 di4
lit. hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother (idiom); fig. one is just as bad as the other

难兄难弟 難兄難弟 nan4 xiong1 nan4 di4
brothers in hardship (idiom); fellow sufferers; in the same boat

内兄 內兄 nei4 xiong1
wife's older brother

年兄 年兄 nian2 xiong1
lit. older brother; fig. fellow students who are successful in the imperial examinations

亲兄弟,明算帐 親兄弟,明算帳 qin1 xiong1 di4 - ming2 suan4 zhang4
even with your own brother, keep clear accounts (idiom)

仁兄 仁兄 ren2 xiong1
(honorific written address) My dear friend

师兄弟 師兄弟 shi1 xing1 di4
fellow apprentices; fellow students (male)

师兄 師兄 shi1 xiong1
senior male fellow student or apprentice; son (older than oneself) of one's teacher

双生兄弟 雙生兄弟 shuang1 sheng1 xiong1 di4
twin brothers

四海之内皆兄弟 四海之內皆兄弟 si4 hai3 zhi1 nei4 jie1 xiong1 di4
all men are brothers

堂兄 堂兄 tang2 xiong1
older male patrilineal cousin

堂兄弟 堂兄弟 tang2 xiong1 di4
father's brother's sons; paternal male cousin

同胞兄妹 同胞兄妹 tong2 bao1 xiong1 mei4

兄弟 兄弟 xiong1 di4
brothers; younger brother; I, me (humble term used by men in public speech); brotherly; fraternal

兄弟会 兄弟會 xiong1 di4 hui4

兄弟阋墙 兄弟鬩牆 xiong1 di4 xi4 qiang2
internecine strife (idiom); fighting among oneself

兄弟阋于墙,外御其侮 兄弟鬩於墻,外禦其侮 xiong1 di4 xi4 yu2 qiang2 - wai4 yu4 qi2 wu3
internal disunity dissolves at the threat of an invasion from outside (idiom)

兄妹 兄妹 xiong1 mei4
brother(s) and sister(s)

兄嫂 兄嫂 xiong1 sao3
elder brother and his wife

兄台 兄臺 xiong1 tai2
brother (polite appellation for a friend one's age)

兄长 兄長 xiong1 zhang3
elder brother; term of respect for a man of about the same age

砚兄 硯兄 yan4 xiong1
senior fellow student

长兄 長兄 zhang3 xiong1
eldest brother