terrible; fearful

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
帮凶 幫兇 bang1 xiong1
variant of 幫凶|帮凶

恶凶凶 惡兇兇 e4 xiong1 xiong1

妙探寻凶 妙探尋兇 miao4 tan4 xun2 xiong1
Cluedo (board game)

行凶 行兇 xing2 xiong1
violent crime; to commit a violent act (assault or murder)

行凶者 行兇者 xing2 xiong1 zhe3

凶残 兇殘 xiong1 can2
savage; cruel; fierce

凶多吉少 兇多吉少 xiong1 duo1 ji2 shao3
everything bodes ill, no positive signs (idiom); inauspicious; everything points to disaster

凶恶 兇惡 xiong1 e4
fierce; ferocious; fiendish; frightening

凶犯 兇犯 xiong1 fan4

凶悍 兇悍 xiong1 han4
violent; fierce and tough; shrewish (woman)

凶狠 兇狠 xiong1 hen3
variant of 凶狠

凶狂 兇狂 xiong1 kuang2
fierce; ferocious; savage

凶戾 兇戾 xiong1 li4
cruel; tyrannical

凶猛 兇猛 xiong1 meng3
fierce; violent; ferocious

凶年 兇年 xiong1 nian2
year of famine

凶器 兇器 xiong1 qi4
lethal weapon; murder weapon

凶杀 兇殺 xiong1 sha1
to murder; assassination

凶杀案 兇殺案 xiong1 sha1 an4
murder case

凶煞 兇煞 xiong1 sha4
demon; fiend

凶身 兇身 xiong1 shen1
demon; fiend

凶神 兇神 xiong1 shen2
demon; fiend

凶神恶煞 兇神惡煞 xiong1 shen2 e4 sha4
fiends (idiom); devils and monsters

凶手 兇手 xiong1 shou3
murderer; assassin

凶死 兇死 xiong1 si3
to die in violence

凶顽 兇頑 xiong1 wan2
fierce and uncontrollable

凶嫌 兇嫌 xiong1 xian2
alleged killer (or attacker); suspect in a case of violent crime

凶险 兇險 xiong1 xian3
dangerous; ruthless; treacherous

凶相 兇相 xiong1 xiang4
ferocious appearance

凶相毕露 兇相畢露 xiong1 xiang4 bi4 lu4
show one's ferocious appearance (idiom); the atrocious features revealed; with fangs bared

凶讯 兇訊 xiong1 xun4
evil tidings; bad news

凶宅 兇宅 xiong1 zhai2
inauspicious abode; haunted house

疑凶 疑兇 yi2 xiong1
suspected of murder; criminal suspect

真凶 真兇 zhen1 xiong1