light; ray; bright; only; merely; to use up

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
X光 X光 - guang1

爱克斯光 愛克斯光 ai4 ke4 si1 guang1
X-ray (loanword); Röntgen or Roentgen ray

暗光鸟 暗光鳥 an4 guang1 niao3
black-crowned night heron (Tw)

暗线光谱 暗線光譜 an4 xian4 guang1 pu3
dark-line spectrum

八月之光 八月之光 ba1 yue4 zhi1 guang1
Light in August (novel by William Faulkner 威廉·福克納|威廉·福克纳)

败光 敗光 bai4 guang1
to squander one's fortune; to dissipate one's wealth

爆光 爆光 bao4 guang1
photographic exposure; public exposure

暴光 暴光 bao4 guang1

曝光 曝光 bao4 guang1
to expose (photography); (fig.) to expose (a scandal); (advertising) exposure; Taiwan pr.

曝光表 曝光表 bao4 guang1 biao3
light meter; exposure meter

北极光 北極光 bei3 ji2 guang1
Northern lights; aurora borealis

背光 背光 bei4 guang1
to be in a poor light; to do sth with one's back to the light; to stand in one's own light

波光 波光 bo1 guang1
gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight

薄瑞光 薄瑞光 bo2 rui4 guang1
Raymond Burghard (1945-), US diplomat and ambassador to Vietnam 2001-2004, chairman of American Institute in Taiwan from 2006

不光 不光 bu4 guang1
not the only one; not only

不光彩 不光彩 bu4 guang1 cai3
disgraceful; dishonorable

采光 採光 cai3 guang1
lighting; day lighting

辰光 辰光 chen2 guang1
sunlight; (Wu dialect) time of the day; moment

陈元光 陳元光 chen2 yuan2 guang1
Chen Yuanguang (657-711), Tang dynasty general with posthumous title 開漳聖王|开漳圣王, i.e. Sacred King, founder of Zhangzhou 漳州, Fujian

充满阳光 充滿陽光 chong1 man3 yang2 guang1

春光 春光 chun1 guang1
scenes of springtime; the radiance of spring; (fig.) a sight of sth sexy or erotic; an indication of a love affair

春光明媚 春光明媚 chun1 guang1 ming2 mei4
lovely spring sunshine

春光乍泄 春光乍泄 chun1 guang1 zha4 xie4
spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive (idiom); to give a glimpse of sth intimate (e.g. one's underwear)

寸金难买寸光阴 寸金難買寸光陰 cun4 jin1 nan2 mai3 cun4 guang1 yin1
An ounce of gold can't buy you an interval of time (idiom); Money can't buy you time.; Time is precious.

打耳光 打耳光 da3 er3 guang1
to slap on the face; to box sb's ears

打光棍 打光棍 da3 guang1 gun4
to live as bachelor

大放光明 大放光明 da4 fang4 guang1 ming2
great release of light (idiom)

大驾光临 大駕光臨 da4 jia4 guang1 lin2
we are honored by your presence

单镜反光相机 單鏡反光相機 dan1 jing4 fan3 guang1 xiang4 ji1
single-lens reflex camera (SLR)

单模光纤 單模光纖 dan1 mo2 guang1 xian1
single mode fiber

淡光 淡光 dan4 guang1

刀光血影 刀光血影 dao1 guang1 xue4 ying3

道光 道光 dao4 guang1
reign name of Qing emperor (1821-1850)

道光帝 道光帝 dao4 guang1 di4
Daoguang Emperor

灯光 燈光 deng1 guang1
(stage) lighting; light

电光 電光 dian4 guang1
electric light; lightning; electro-optical

电光朝露 電光朝露 dian4 guang1 zhao1 lu4
flash of lightning, morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral; impermanent

东光 東光 dong1 guang1
Dongguang county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei

东光县 東光縣 dong1 guang1 xian4
Dongguang county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei

多模光纤 多模光纖 duo1 mo2 guang1 xian1
multimode fiber

耳光 耳光 er3 guang1
a slap on the face

发光 發光 fa1 guang1
to shine

发光二极管 發光二極管 fa1 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3
light-emitting diode; LED

发光二极体 發光二極體 fa1 guang1 er4 ji2 ti3
light-emitting diode (LED) (Tw)

发光强度 發光強度 fa1 guang1 qiang2 du4
luminous intensity

发扬光大 發揚光大 fa1 yang2 guang1 da4
to develop and promote; to carry forward; to bring to great height of development

反光 反光 fan3 guang1
to reflect light

反光镜 反光鏡 fan3 guang1 jing4
reflector; reflecting mirror

反光面 反光面 fan3 guang1 mian4
reflecting surface

反射光 反射光 fan3 she4 guang1
to reflect light; reflection; reflected light

泛光灯 泛光燈 fan4 guang1 deng1

放射性发光材料 放射性發光材料 fang4 she4 xing4 fa1 guang1 cai2 liao4

非线性光学 非線性光學 fei1 xian4 xing4 guang1 xue2
nonlinear optics (physics)

分光 分光 fen1 guang1
diffraction (of light)

风光 風光 feng1 guang1
scene; view; sight; landscape; to be well-regarded; to be well-off; grand (dialect); impressive (dialect)

佛光 佛光 fo2 guang1
Buddha's teachings; aura (around the head of Buddha)

浮光掠影 浮光掠影 fu2 guang1 lve4 ying3
flickering light and passing shadows (idiom); blurred scenery; cursory; superficial

感光 感光 gan3 guang1

固体热容激光器 固體熱容激光器 gu4 ti3 re4 rong2 ji1 guang1 qi4
solid state hot condensed laser (SSHCL)

观光 觀光 guan1 guang1
to tour; sightseeing; tourism

观光客 觀光客 guan1 guang1 ke4

观光区 觀光區 guan1 guang1 qu1
tourist region; sightseeing area

光斑 光斑 guang1 ban1
facula (astronomy)

光膀子 光膀子 guang1 bang3 zi5
bare upper body; bare-chested; to bare one's chest

光爆 光爆 guang1 bao4
explosion of light

光背地鸫 光背地鶇 guang1 bei4 di4 dong1
(bird species of China) plain-backed thrush (Zoothera mollissima)

光笔 光筆 guang1 bi3
light pen

光标 光標 guang1 biao1
cursor (computing)

光波 光波 guang1 bo1
light wave

光波长 光波長 guang1 bo1 chang2
optical wavelength

光彩 光彩 guang1 cai3
luster; splendor; radiance; brilliance

光彩夺目 光彩奪目 guang1 cai3 duo2 mu4
dazzling; brilliant

光冲量 光衝量 guang1 chong1 liang4
radiant exposure

光磁 光磁 guang1 ci2

光磁碟 光磁碟 guang1 ci2 die2
magneto-optical disk; floptical disk

光磁碟机 光磁碟機 guang1 ci2 die2 ji1
magneto-optical drive; floptical drive

光大 光大 guang1 da4
splendid; magnificent; abbr. for 中國光大銀行|中国光大银行, China Everbright Bank

光导纤维 光導纖維 guang1 dao3 xian1 wei2
optical fiber

光电 光電 guang1 dian4

光电二极管 光電二極管 guang1 dian4 er4 ji2 guan3

光电效应 光電效應 guang1 dian4 xiao4 ying4
photoelectric effect

光电子 光電子 guang1 dian4 zi3

光碟 光碟 guang1 die2
optical disc; compact disc; CD; CD-ROM

光动嘴 光動嘴 guang1 dong4 zui3
empty talk; mere rhetoric; palaver

光度 光度 guang1 du4

光二极管 光二極管 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3
photodiode; light-emitting diode (LED)

光发送器 光發送器 guang1 fa1 song4 qi4
optical transmitter

光风霁月 光風霽月 guang1 feng1 ji4 yue4
lit. light breeze and clear moon (idiom); period of peace and prosperity; noble and benevolent character

光伏 光伏 guang1 fu2
photovoltaic (e.g. cell)

光伏器件 光伏器件 guang1 fu2 qi4 jian4
photovoltaic device (e.g. solar cell)

光辐射 光輻射 guang1 fu2 she4
light radiation

光复 光復 guang1 fu4
to recover (territory or power); the liberation of Taiwan from Japanese rule in 1945

光复 光復 guang1 fu4
Guangfu or Kuangfu township in Hualien county 花蓮縣|花莲县, east Taiwan

光复会 光復會 guang1 fu4 hui4
anti-Qing revolutionary party set up in 1904 under Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培; same as 復古會|复古会

光复乡 光復鄉 guang1 fu4 xiang1
Guangfu or Kuangfu township in Hualien county 花蓮縣|花莲县, east Taiwan

光感应 光感應 guang1 gan3 ying4
optical response; reaction to light; light sensitive; photoinduction

光隔离器 光隔離器 guang1 ge2 li2 qi4
opto-isolator (electronics)

光功率 光功率 guang1 gong1 lv4
optical power

光顾 光顧 guang1 gu4
to visit (as a customer)

光怪陆离 光怪陸離 guang1 guai4 lu4 li2
monstrous and multicolored; grotesque and variegated

光光 光光 guang1 guang1
bright; shiny; smooth; naked; bald; penniless

光棍 光棍 guang1 gun4
gangster; hoodlum; a single person; bachelor

光棍儿 光棍兒 guang1 gun4 er5
single person; bachelor

光棍节 光棍節 guang1 gun4 jie2
Singles' Day, celebrated on November 11 (11⁄11)

光害 光害 guang1 hai4
light pollution (Tw)

光合 光合 guang1 he2

光合作用 光合作用 guang1 he2 zuo4 yong4

光滑 光滑 guang1 hua2
glossy; sleek; smooth

光华 光華 guang1 hua2
brilliance; splendor; magnificence

光化学 光化學 guang1 hua4 xue2

光化作用 光化作用 guang1 hua4 zuo4 yong4
photochemical effect; photosynthesis; photolysis

光环 光環 guang1 huan2
halo; ring of light

光辉 光輝 guang1 hui1
radiance; glory; brilliant; magnificent

光检测器 光檢測器 guang1 jian3 ce4 qi4
optical detector

光脚 光腳 guang1 jiao3
bare feet

光接收器 光接收器 guang1 jie1 shou1 qi4
optical receiver

光洁 光潔 guang1 jie2
bright and clean

光景 光景 guang1 jing3
circumstances; scene; about; probably

光刻 光刻 guang1 ke4

光刻胶 光刻膠 guang1 ke4 jiao1
photoresist (laser etching used in microelectronics)

光缆 光纜 guang1 lan3
optical cable

光亮 光亮 guang1 liang4

光量 光量 guang1 liang4
quantity of light; luminosity

光亮度 光亮度 guang1 liang4 du4
brightness; luminosity

光临 光臨 guang1 lin2
(formal) to honor with one's presence; to attend

光溜 光溜 guang1 liu1
smooth; slippery

光卤石 光鹵石 guang1 lu3 shi2
carnallite (hydrated potassium magnesium chloride mineral)

光禄大夫 光祿大夫 guang1 lu4 dai4 fu5
honorific title during Tang to Qing times, approx. "Glorious grand master"

光禄勋 光祿勳 guang1 lu4 xun1
Supervisor of Attendants in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿

光芒 光芒 guang1 mang2
rays of light; brilliant rays; radiance

光面 光麵 guang1 mian4
plain noodles in broth

光面内质网 光面內質網 guang1 mian4 nei4 zhi4 wang3
smooth endoplasmic reticulum

光敏 光敏 guang1 min3

光明 光明 guang1 ming2
light; radiance; (fig.) bright (prospects etc); openhearted

光明节 光明節 guang1 ming2 jie2
Hanukkah (Chanukah), 8 day Jewish holiday starting on the 25th day of Kislev (can occur from late Nov up to late Dec on Gregorian calendar); also called 哈努卡節|哈努卡节 and simply 哈努卡

光明磊落 光明磊落 guang1 ming2 lei3 luo4
open and candid (idiom); straightforward and upright

光明日报 光明日報 guang1 ming2 ri4 bao4
Guangming Daily, a Beijing newspaper

光明新区 光明新區 guang1 ming2 xin1 qu1
New Guangming district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong

光明星 光明星 guang1 ming2 xing1
bright star; name of North Korean space satellite

光明正大 光明正大 guang1 ming2 zheng4 da4
(of a person) honorable; not devious; (of a behavior) fair and aboveboard; without tricks; openly; (of a situation) out in the open

光能 光能 guang1 neng2
light energy (e.g. solar)

光能合成 光能合成 guang1 neng2 he2 cheng2

光年 光年 guang1 nian2

光耦 光耦 guang1 ou3
abbr. for 光耦合器

光耦合器 光耦合器 guang1 ou3 he2 qi4
optocoupler (electronics)

光槃 光槃 guang1 pan2
variant of 光盤|光盘

光盘 光盤 guang1 pan2
compact disc; CD or DVD; CD ROM

光盘驱动器 光盤驅動器 guang1 pan2 qu1 dong4 qi4
CD or DVD drive; abbr. to 光驅|光驱

光谱 光譜 guang1 pu3

光谱分析 光譜分析 guang1 pu3 fen1 xi1
spectral analysis

光谱图 光譜圖 guang1 pu3 tu2

光谱学 光譜學 guang1 pu3 xue2

光谱仪 光譜儀 guang1 pu3 yi2
spectrometer; spectrograph

光漆 光漆 guang1 qi1

光气 光氣 guang1 qi4
phosgene COCl2, a poisonous gas; carbonyl chloride

光前裕后 光前裕後 guang1 qian2 yu4 hou4
to bring honor to one's ancestors and benefit future generations (idiom)

光驱 光驅 guang1 qu1
CD or DVD Drive; abbr. for 光盤驅動器|光盘驱动器

光圈 光圈 guang1 quan1
aperture; diaphragm; halo; aureole

光荣 光榮 guang1 rong2
honor and glory; glorious

光荣榜 光榮榜 guang1 rong2 bang3
honor roll

光荣革命 光榮革命 guang1 rong2 ge2 ming4
Glorious Revolution (England, 1688)

光润 光潤 guang1 run4
glossy; lustrous; sleek

光山 光山 guang1 shan1
Guangshan county in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan

光山县 光山縣 guang1 shan1 xian4
Guangshan county in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan

光射线 光射線 guang1 she4 xian4
light ray

光是 光是 guang1 shi4
solely; just

光束 光束 guang1 shu4
light beam

光说不练 光說不練 guang1 shuo1 bu4 lian4
all talk and no action (idiom); to preach what one does not practice; same as 光說不做|光说不做

光说不做 光說不做 guang1 shuo1 bu4 zuo4
all talk and no action (idiom); to preach what one does not practice

光速 光速 guang1 su4
the speed of light

光天化日 光天化日 guang1 tian1 hua4 ri4
the full light of day (idiom); fig. peace and prosperity; in broad daylight

光通量 光通量 guang1 tong1 liang4
luminous flux (physics)

光头 光頭 guang1 tou2
shaven head; bald head; to go bareheaded; hatless

光头党 光頭黨 guang1 tou2 dang3

光秃秃 光禿禿 guang1 tu1 tu1
bald; bare

光鲜 光鮮 guang1 xian1
bright and neat

光纤 光纖 guang1 xian1
optical fiber; fiber optics

光纤电缆 光纖電纜 guang1 xian1 dian4 lan3
optical fiber; optical cable

光纤分布式数据接口 光纖分布式數據接口 guang1 xian1 fen1 bu4 shi4 shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3
Fiber Distributed Data Interface; FDDI

光纤分布数据接口 光纖分佈數據接口 guang1 xian1 fen1 bu4 shu4 ju4 jie1 kou3
FDDI; Fiber Distributed Data Interface

光纤分散式资料介面 光纖分散式資料介面 guang1 xian1 fen1 san4 shi4 zi1 liao4 jie4 mian4
fiber distributed data interface; FDDI

光纤接口 光纖接口 guang1 xian1 jie1 kou3
optical interface

光纤衰减 光纖衰減 guang1 xian1 shuai1 jian3
optical attenuation

光线 光線 guang1 xian4
light ray; light; illumination; lighting (for a photograph)

光信号 光信號 guang1 xin4 hao4
optical signal

光绪 光緒 guang1 xu4
reign name of penultimate Qing emperor Guangxu or Guang-hsu (1875-1908)

光绪帝 光緒帝 guang1 xu4 di4
Guangxu Emperor

光学 光學 guang1 xue2
optics; optical (instrument)

光学显微镜 光學顯微鏡 guang1 xue2 xian3 wei1 jing4
optical microscope

光学仪器 光學儀器 guang1 xue2 yi2 qi4
optical instrument

光学字符识别 光學字符識別 guang1 xue2 zi4 fu2 shi2 bie2
optical character recognition, OCR

光耀 光耀 guang1 yao4
dazzling; brilliant

光耀门楣 光耀門楣 guang1 yao4 men2 mei2
splendor shines on the family's door (idiom); fig. to bring honor to one's family

光阴 光陰 guang1 yin1
time available

光阴似箭 光陰似箭 guang1 yin1 si4 jian4
time flies like an arrow (idiom); How time flies!

光影 光影 guang1 ying3
light and shadow; sunlight and shade

光影效 光影效 guang1 ying3 xiao4
lighting effect

光源 光源 guang1 yuan2
light source

光晕 光暈 guang1 yun4
halo; (photography) halation

光泽 光澤 guang1 ze2
Guangze county in Nanping 南平 Fujian

光泽 光澤 guang1 ze2
luster; gloss

光泽县 光澤縣 guang1 ze2 xian4
Guangze county in Nanping 南平 Fujian

光照 光照 guang1 zhao4

光照度 光照度 guang1 zhao4 du4
illuminance (physics)

光着 光著 guang1 zhe5
bare; naked

光州 光州 guang1 zhou1
Guangzhou, old name for Huangchuan 潢川 in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan; Gwangju Metropolitan City, capital of South Jeolla Province 全羅南道|全罗南道, South Korea

光州广域市 光州廣域市 guang1 zhou1 guang3 yu4 shi4
Gwangju Metropolitan City, capital of South Jeolla Province 全羅南道|全罗南道, South Korea

光州市 光州市 guang1 zhou1 shi4
Guangzhou, old name for Huangchuan 潢川 in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan; Gwangju Metropolitan City, capital of South Jeolla Province 全羅南道|全罗南道, South Korea

光柱 光柱 guang1 zhu4
light beam; light pillar (atmospheric optics)

光子 光子 guang1 zi3
photon (particle physics)

光宗耀祖 光宗耀祖 guang1 zong1 yao4 zu3
to bring honor to one's ancestors

寒光闪闪 寒光閃閃 han2 guang1 shan3 shan3
to glitter like frost and snow (idiom)

喝光 喝光 he1 guang1
to drink up; to finish (a drink)

阖第光临 闔第光臨 he2 di4 guang1 lin2
the whole family is invited (idiom)

红外光谱 紅外光譜 hong2 wai4 guang1 pu3
infrared spectrum

弧光 弧光 hu2 guang1
arc light

弧光灯 弧光燈 hu2 guang1 deng1
arc lamp

湖光山色 湖光山色 hu2 guang1 shan1 se4
scenic lakes and mountain (idiom); beautiful lake and mountain landscape

花光 花光 hua1 guang1
to spend all one's money

化学激光器 化學激光器 hua4 xue2 ji1 guang1 qi4
chemical laser

欢乐时光 歡樂時光 huan1 le4 shi2 guang1
happy time; happy hour (in bars etc)

欢迎光临 歡迎光臨 huan1 ying2 guang1 lin2

黄光裕 黃光裕 huang2 guang1 yu4
Huang Guang'yu (1969-), PRC entrepreneur and millionaire, founder of Guo mei or Gome electronics 國美電器|国美电器

回光反照 回光反照 hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4
final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)

回光返照 回光返照 hui2 guang1 fan3 zhao4
final radiance of setting sun; fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise)

回光镜 回光鏡 hui2 guang1 jing4
concave reflector (e.g. in spotlight)

火光 火光 huo3 guang1
flame; blaze

激光 激光 ji1 guang1

激光唱片 激光唱片 ji1 guang1 chang4 pian4
compact disk; CD

激光打引机 激光打引機 ji1 guang1 da3 yin3 ji1
laser printer

激光打印机 激光打印機 ji1 guang1 da3 yin4 ji1
laser printer

激光二极管 激光二極管 ji1 guang1 er4 ji2 guan3
laser diode

激光器 激光器 ji1 guang1 qi4

极光 極光 ji2 guang1
aurora (astronomy)

几何光学 幾何光學 ji3 he2 guang1 xue2
geometric optics

见光死 見光死 jian4 guang1 si3
(lit.) to wither in the light of day; (fig.) the bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent (esp. of a much-anticipated first meeting with sb); (of stocks) just as the favorable news is officially published, the stock price falls

借光 借光 jie4 guang1
Excuse me.; reflected glory; to profit from sb else's prestige

金光党 金光黨 jin1 guang1 dang3
racketeers; con artists

金光闪烁 金光閃爍 jin1 guang1 shan3 shuo4

近光灯 近光燈 jin4 guang1 deng1
low beam (headlights)

精打光 精打光 jing1 da3 guang1
with absolutely nothing; completely broke

晶光 晶光 jing1 guang1
glittering light

精光 精光 jing1 guang1
nothing left (money, food etc); all finished; bright and shiny; radiant; glorious

莒光 莒光 ju3 guang1
Chukuang Island, one of the Matsu Islands; Chukuang township in Lienchiang county 連江縣|连江县, Taiwan

莒光乡 莒光鄉 ju3 guang1 xiang1
Chukuang township in Lienchiang county 連江縣|连江县 i.e. the Matsu Islands, Taiwan

聚光 聚光 ju4 guang1
to focus light (e.g. in theater); to spotlight

聚光灯 聚光燈 ju4 guang1 deng1

聚光太阳能 聚光太陽能 ju4 guang1 tai4 yang2 neng2
concentrating solar power (CSP)

开光 開光 kai1 guang1
eye-opening ceremony for a religious idol (Buddhism); to consecrate; to bless; transparent; translucent; haircut; shaving the head or face (humorous); a method of decoration; first light (astronomy)

可见光 可見光 ke3 jian4 guang1
visible light; light in optical spectrum

蓝光 藍光 lan2 guang1
Blu-ray (disc format)

蓝光光盘 藍光光盤 lan2 guang1 guang1 pan2
Blu-ray disk, Sony high definition DVD disk

泪光 淚光 lei4 guang1
glistening teardrops

离离光光 離離光光 li2 li2 guang1 guang1
lackluster (look)

理光 理光 li3 guang1
Ricoh, Japanese imaging and electronics company

李光耀 李光耀 li3 guang1 yao4
Lee Kuan Yew (1923-2015), founding father of modern Singapore, prime minister 1959-1990

李四光 李四光 li3 si4 guang1
Li Siguang (1889-1971), Mongol-born, Japanese trained geologist, prominent in early PRC oil exploration

亮光 亮光 liang4 guang1
light; beam of light; gleam of light; light reflected from an object

磷光 磷光 lin2 guang1

灵光 靈光 ling2 guang1
divine light (around the Buddha); a halo; a miraculous column of light; (slang) jolly good!

刘光第 劉光第 liu2 guang1 di4
Liu Guangdi (1859-1898), one of the Six Gentlemen Martyrs 戊戌六君子 of the unsuccessful reform movement of 1898

流光溢彩 流光溢彩 liu2 guang1 yi4 cai3
lit. flowing light and overflowing color; brilliant lights and vibrant colors (idiom)

卖光了 賣光了 mai4 guang1 le5
to be sold out; to be out of stock

明光 明光 ming2 guang1
Mingguang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui

明光度 明光度 ming2 guang1 du4

明光蓝 明光藍 ming2 guang1 lan2
lavender blue

明光市 明光市 ming2 guang1 shi4
Mingguang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui

磨光 磨光 mo2 guang1
to polish

目光 目光 mu4 guang1
sight; vision; view; gaze; look

目光呆滞 目光呆滯 mu4 guang1 dai1 zhi4
to have a lifeless look in one's eyes (idiom)

目光短浅 目光短淺 mu4 guang1 duan3 qian3
to be shortsighted

目光如豆 目光如豆 mu4 guang1 ru2 dou4
short-sighted; limited vision

目光所及 目光所及 mu4 guang1 suo3 ji2
as far as the eye can see

目无光泽 目無光澤 mu4 wu2 guang1 ze2
to have eyes without luster (idiom)

逆光 逆光 ni4 guang1
backlighting (lighting design)

抛光 拋光 pao1 guang1
to polish; to burnish

蓬筚生光 蓬篳生光 peng2 bi4 sheng1 guang1
Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling

蓬荜生光 蓬蓽生光 peng2 bi4 sheng1 guang1
Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling

偏光 偏光 pian1 guang1
polarized light

偏极滤光镜 偏極濾光鏡 pian1 ji2 lv4 guang1 jing4
polarizing filter

偏振光 偏振光 pian1 zhen4 guang1
polarization of light; polarized light

戚继光 戚繼光 qi1 ji4 guang1
Qi Jiguang (1528-1588), military leader

青光眼 青光眼 qing1 guang1 yan3

穷光蛋 窮光蛋 qiong2 guang1 dan4
poor wretch; pauper; destitute man; poverty-stricken peasant; penniless good-for-nothing; impecunious vagabond

屈光度 屈光度 qu1 guang1 du4

去光水 去光水 qu4 guang1 shui3
nail polish remover

热释光 熱釋光 re4 shi4 guang1

日光 日光 ri4 guang1

日光灯 日光燈 ri4 guang1 deng1
fluorescent light

日光节约时 日光節約時 ri4 guang1 jie2 yue1 shi2
daylight saving time

日光浴 日光浴 ri4 guang1 yu4

日光浴室 日光浴室 ri4 guang1 yu4 shi4
sun room; solarium

日光浴浴床 日光浴浴床 ri4 guang1 yu4 yu4 chuang2

日月重光 日月重光 ri4 yue4 chong2 guang1
the sun and moon shine once more; fig. things get back to normal after an upheaval

荣光 榮光 rong2 guang1

容光焕发 容光煥發 rong2 guang1 huan4 fa1
face glowing (idiom); looking radiant; all smiles

荣光颂 榮光頌 rong2 guang1 song4
Gloria (in Catholic mass)

三光 三光 san1 guang1
the sun, the moon, and the stars

三光政策 三光政策 san1 guang1 zheng4 ce4
Three Alls Policy (kill all, burn all, loot all), Japanese policy in China during WWII

散光 散光 san3 guang1
astigmatism; see also 散光

散光 散光 san4 guang1
to diffuse light; see also 散光

色光 色光 se4 guang1
colored light

闪光 閃光 shan3 guang1

闪光灯 閃光燈 shan3 guang1 deng1
flash bulb (photography)

闪光点 閃光點 shan3 guang1 dian3
lit. flash point; crucial point; essential point

闪光胶 閃光膠 shan3 guang1 jiao1
glitter glue

赏光 賞光 shang3 guang1
to do sb the honor (of attending etc); to put in an appearance; to show up

审美眼光 審美眼光 shen3 mei3 yan3 guang1
an eye for beauty; aesthetic judgment

生光 生光 sheng1 guang1
to emit light

时光 時光 shi2 guang1
time; era; period of time

时光机 時光機 shi2 guang1 ji1
time machine

寿光 壽光 shou4 guang1
Shouguang county level city in Weifang 濰坊|潍坊, Shandong

寿光市 壽光市 shou4 guang1 shi4
Shouguang county level city in Weifang 濰坊|潍坊, Shandong

曙光 曙光 shu3 guang1
dawn; fig. the dawn of a new era

鼠目寸光 鼠目寸光 shu3 mu4 cun4 guang1

双光气 雙光氣 shuang1 guang1 qi4

丝光椋鸟 絲光椋鳥 si1 guang1 liang2 niao3
(bird species of China) red-billed starling (Spodiopsar sericeus)

司马光 司馬光 si1 ma3 guang1
Sima Guang (1019-1086), politician and historian of Northern Song, author of Comprehensive Mirror for aid in Government 資治通鑒|资治通鉴

太阳光 太陽光 tai4 yang2 guang1

太阳光柱 太陽光柱 tai4 yang2 guang1 zhu4
solar pillar; sun pillar (atmospheric optics)

韬光养晦 韜光養晦 tao1 guang1 yang3 hui4
to conceal one's strengths and bide one's time (idiom); to hide one's light under a bushel

剃光头 剃光頭 ti4 guang1 tou2
to shave the whole head clean; crushing defeat

天体光谱学 天體光譜學 tian1 ti3 guang1 pu3 xue2
astronomical spectroscopy

调光器 調光器 tiao2 guang1 qi4

投光灯 投光燈 tou2 guang1 deng1

透光 透光 tou4 guang1
transparent; translucent

褪光 褪光 tui4 guang1
matte (of a color etc)

脱光 脫光 tuo1 guang1
to strip naked; to strip nude; (coll.) to find oneself a partner

王光良 王光良 wang2 guang1 liang2
Michael Wong (1970-), Malaysian Chinese singer and composer

微光 微光 wei1 guang1

无限风光在险峰 無限風光在險峰 wu2 xian4 feng1 guang1 zai4 xian3 feng1
The boundless vista is at the perilous peak (proverb); fig. exhilaration follows a hard-won victory

五光十色 五光十色 wu3 guang1 shi2 se4
bright and multicolored; of rich variety; (fig.) dazzling; glitzy

稀里光当 稀里光當 xi1 li5 guang1 dang1
thin; diluted

霞光 霞光 xia2 guang1
multicolored sunlight of sunrise or sunset

祥光 祥光 xiang2 guang1
auspicious light

星光 星光 xing1 guang1

凶光 凶光 xiong1 guang1
ominous glint

虚度光阴 虛度光陰 xu1 du4 guang1 yin1
to waste time on worthless activities

徐光启 徐光啟 xu2 guang1 qi3
Xu Guangqi (1562-1633), agricultural scientist, astronomer, and mathematician in the Ming dynasty

旋光 旋光 xuan2 guang1
rotation of plane of polarization of light

眼光 眼光 yan3 guang1
gaze; insight; foresight; vision; way of looking at things

眼光短 眼光短 yan3 guang1 duan3

验光 驗光 yan4 guang1
optometry; to examine the eyes

验光法 驗光法 yan4 guang1 fa3
optometry; eyesight testing

验光配镜法 驗光配鏡法 yan4 guang1 pei4 jing4 fa3
optometry; eyesight testing

验光配镜业 驗光配鏡業 yan4 guang1 pei4 jing4 ye4
optometry; eyesight testing

验光师 驗光師 yan4 guang1 shi1

阳光 陽光 yang2 guang1
sunshine; transparent (open to public scrutiny)

阳光房 陽光房 yang2 guang1 fang2

阳光明媚 陽光明媚 yang2 guang1 ming2 mei4
the sun shines brightly (idiom)

阳光浴 陽光浴 yang2 guang1 yu4

仰光 仰光 yang3 guang1
Yangon (Rangoon), main city of south Myanmar (Burma), the national capital until November 2005, when the capital moved to Naypyidaw 内比都 or Pyinmana 彬馬那 彬马那

仰光大金塔 仰光大金塔 yang3 guang1 da4 jin1 ta3
Great Pagoda of Yangon (Rangoon)

摇光 搖光 yao2 guang1
eta Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper

耶稣光 耶穌光 ye1 su1 guang1
crepuscular rays; sunbeams

夜光 夜光 ye4 guang1

曳光弹 曳光彈 ye4 guang1 dan4
tracer ammunition; tracer

一寸光阴一寸金 一寸光陰一寸金 yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold. (idiom); fig. free time is to be treasured

一寸光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴 一寸光陰一寸金,寸金難買寸光陰 yi1 cun4 guang1 yin1 yi1 cun4 jin1 - cun4 jin1 nan2 mai3 cun4 guang1 yin1
lit. An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold, money cannot buy you time. (idiom); fig. Time is precious and must be treasured.

一扫而光 一掃而光 yi1 sao3 er2 guang1
to clear off; to make a clean sweep of

一线微光 一線微光 yi1 xian4 wei1 guang1

音乐光碟 音樂光碟 yin1 yue4 guang1 die2
music CD

银光 銀光 yin2 guang1
silvery light; bright white light; shining white light

萤光 螢光 ying2 guang1
Taiwan variant of 熒光|荧光

荧光 熒光 ying2 guang1
fluorescence; fluorescent

荧光棒 熒光棒 ying2 guang1 bang4
glow stick; light stick

荧光笔 熒光筆 ying2 guang1 bi3
highlighter (pen)

荧光灯 熒光燈 ying2 guang1 deng1
fluorescent lamp; neon lamp

萤光灯 螢光燈 ying2 guang1 deng1
Taiwan variant of 熒光燈|荧光灯

萤光绿 螢光綠 ying2 guang1 lv4
bright green; chartreuse

荧光幕 熒光幕 ying2 guang1 mu4
screen (of a TV, computer etc) (Tw)

荧光屏 熒光屏 ying2 guang1 ping2
fluorescent screen; TV screen

用光 用光 yong4 guang1
out of (supply); spent; exhausted (used up); depleted

油光 油光 you2 guang1
glossy; gleaming; shiny (due to greasiness); slick; greasy; oily

油光光 油光光 you2 guang1 guang1
glossy; gleaming; shiny (due to greasiness); slick; greasy; oily

油光可鉴 油光可鑒 you2 guang1 ke3 jian4
lit. oily and shiny to the point of reflecting (idiom); lustrous

油光漆 油光漆 you2 guang1 qi1

油光水滑 油光水滑 you2 guang1 shui3 hua2
sleek; shiny and smooth

有眼光 有眼光 you3 yan3 guang1
to have good taste

余光 餘光 yu2 guang1
(out of) the corner of one's eyes; peripheral vision; residual light; light of the setting sun

圆光 圓光 yuan2 guang1
radiance emanating from the head; halo

远光灯 遠光燈 yuan3 guang1 deng1
high beam (headlights)

月光 月光 yue4 guang1

越光米 越光米 yue4 guang1 mi3
Koshihikari rice (variety of rice popular in Japan)

月光石 月光石 yue4 guang1 shi2

月光隐遁 月光隱遁 yue4 guang1 yin3 dun4
to live in hiding; living as a recluse; to hide from the world

月光族 月光族 yue4 guang1 zu2
lit. moonlight group; fig. those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next salary (slang)

云隙光 雲隙光 yun2 xi4 guang1
crepuscular rays; sunbeams

凿壁偷光 鑿壁偷光 zao2 bi4 tou1 guang1
lit. to pierce the wall to steal a light (idiom); fig. to study diligently in the face of hardship

增光 增光 zeng1 guang1
to add luster; to add glory

沾光 沾光 zhan1 guang1
to bask in the light; fig. to benefit from association with sb or sth; reflected glory

折光 折光 zhe2 guang1

折光 摺光 zhe2 guang1

争光 爭光 zheng1 guang1
to win an honor; to strive to win a prize

正大光明 正大光明 zheng4 da4 guang1 ming2
just and honorable

郑光祖 鄭光祖 zheng4 guang1 zu3
Zheng Guangzu, Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan dramatists 元曲四大家

支光 支光 zhi1 guang1
watt, unit of power used for electric bulbs

中国光大银行 中國光大銀行 zhong1 guo2 guang1 da4 yin2 hang2
China Everbright Bank

周有光 周有光 zhou1 you3 guang1
Zhou Youguang (1906-2017), PRC linguist, considered the father of Hanyu Pinyin 漢語拼音|汉语拼音

烛光 燭光 zhu2 guang1
candle light; candle-lit (vigil etc); candela, unit of luminous intensity (cd)

追光灯 追光燈 zhui1 guang1 deng1
(theater) spotlight; followspot

紫外光 紫外光 zi3 wai4 guang1
ultraviolet light

紫外线光 紫外線光 zi3 wai4 xian4 guang1
ultraviolet light

自然风光 自然風光 zi4 ran2 feng1 guang1
nature and scenery

走光 走光 zou3 guang1
to expose oneself; to be completely gone

祖国光复会 祖國光復會 zu3 guo2 guang1 fu4 hui4
movement to restore the fatherland