to excuse sb; to exempt; to remove or dismiss from office; to avoid; to avert; to escape; to be prohibited

old variant of 絻

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
罢免 罷免 ba4 mian3
to remove sb from their post; to dismiss

被动免疫 被動免疫 bei4 dong4 mian3 yi4
passive immunity

避免 避免 bi4 mian3
to avert; to prevent; to avoid; to refrain from

不可避免 不可避免 bu4 ke3 bi4 mian3

不免 不免 bu4 mian3

不免一死 不免一死 bu4 mian3 yi1 si3
cannot avoid being killed; cannot escape death; to be mortal

放射免疫测定 放射免疫測定 fang4 she4 mian3 yi4 ce4 ding4

豁免 豁免 huo4 mian3
to exempt; exemption

豁免权 豁免權 huo4 mian3 quan2
immunity from prosecution

减免 減免 jian3 mian3
to reduce or waive (taxes, punishment, rent, tuition etc)

解免 解免 jie3 mian3
to avoid (difficulties); to open up a siege

蠲免 蠲免 juan1 mian3
to let sb off (punishment, taxation etc); to reprieve sb

宽免 寬免 kuan1 mian3
to reduce payment; to annul (debts, bills, taxes etc); to let sb off paying

免不了 免不了 mian3 bu4 liao3
unavoidable; can't be avoided

免不得 免不得 mian3 bu5 de5
unavoidable; bound to (happen)

免除 免除 mian3 chu2
to prevent; to avoid; to excuse; to exempt; to relieve; (of a debt) to remit

免黜 免黜 mian3 chu4
to dismiss; to fire; to degrade

免得 免得 mian3 de5
so as not to; so as to avoid

免掉 免掉 mian3 diao4
to eliminate; to scrap

免费 免費 mian3 fei4
free (of charge)

免费搭车 免費搭車 mian3 fei4 da1 che1
free riding (economics)

免费软件 免費軟件 mian3 fei4 ruan3 jian4

免开尊口 免開尊口 mian3 kai1 zun1 kou3
keep your thoughts to yourself

免礼 免禮 mian3 li3
(formal) you may dispense with curtseying

免赔 免賠 mian3 pei2
(insurance) excess

免赔条款 免賠條款 mian3 pei2 tiao2 kuan3
franchise clause (insurance)

免票 免票 mian3 piao4
not to be charged for admission; (to be admitted) for free; free pass

免签 免簽 mian3 qian1
to waive visa requirements; visa exemption; visa-exempt

免去职务 免去職務 mian3 qu4 zhi2 wu4
to relieve from office; to sack

免受 免受 mian3 shou4
to avoid suffering; to prevent (sth bad); to protect against (damage); immunity (from prosecution); freedom (from pain, damage etc); exempt from punishment

免受伤害 免受傷害 mian3 shou4 shang1 hai4
to avoid damage

免税 免稅 mian3 shui4
not liable to taxation (of monastery, imperial family etc); tax free; duty free (shop)

免提 免提 mian3 ti2
hands-free (of telephone etc)

免洗杯 免洗杯 mian3 xi3 bei1
disposable cup (Tw)

免疫 免疫 mian3 yi4
immunity (to disease)

免疫法 免疫法 mian3 yi4 fa3

免疫反应 免疫反應 mian3 yi4 fan3 ying4
immune response

免疫力 免疫力 mian3 yi4 li4

免疫系统 免疫系統 mian3 yi4 xi4 tong3
immune system

免疫学 免疫學 mian3 yi4 xue2

免疫应答 免疫應答 mian3 yi4 ying1 da2
immune response

免于 免於 mian3 yu2
to be saved from; to be spared (something)

免遭 免遭 mian3 zao1
to avoid suffering; to avoid meeting (a fatal accident); spared

免责声明 免責聲明 mian3 ze2 sheng1 ming2

免责条款 免責條款 mian3 ze2 tiao2 kuan3

免职 免職 mian3 zhi2
to relieve sb of his post; to sack; to demote; dismissal; sacking

难免 難免 nan2 mian3
hard to avoid; difficult to escape from; will inevitably

破财免灾 破財免災 po4 cai2 mian3 zai1
a financial loss may prevent disaster (idiom)

气雾免疫 氣霧免疫 qi4 wu4 mian3 yi4
aerosol immunization

人类免疫缺陷病毒 人類免疫缺陷病毒 ren2 lei4 mian3 yi4 que1 xian4 bing4 du2
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

任免 任免 ren4 mian3
to appoint and dismiss

赦免 赦免 she4 mian3
to pardon; to absolve; to exempt from punishment

袒免 袒免 tan3 mian3
to bare one's left arm and take off one's cap as an expression of sorrow

特免 特免 te4 mian3
special exemption; privilege

外交豁免权 外交豁免權 wai4 jiao1 huo4 mian3 quan2
diplomatic immunity

未免 未免 wei4 mian3
unavoidably; can't help; really; rather

未能免俗 未能免俗 wei4 neng2 mian3 su2
unable to break the custom (idiom); bound by conventions

幸免 幸免 xing4 mian3
narrowly and luckily escape

以免 以免 yi3 mian3
in order to avoid; so as not to

以免借口 以免藉口 yi3 mian3 jie4 kou3
to remove sth that could be used as a pretext (idiom)

预防免疫 預防免疫 yu4 fang2 mian3 yi4
prophylactic inoculation

在所难免 在所難免 zai4 suo3 nan2 mian3
to be unavoidable (idiom)

主动免疫 主動免疫 zhu3 dong4 mian3 yi4
active immunity

自动免疫 自動免疫 zi4 dong4 mian3 yi4
active immunity

自体免疫疾病 自體免疫疾病 zi4 ti3 mian3 yi4 ji2 bing4
autoimmune disease