surname Dui

to cash; to exchange; to add (liquid); to blend; one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing swamp; ☱

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
搀兑 攙兌 chan1 dui4
to mix (different substances together); to blend

承兑 承兌 cheng2 dui4
to accept (i.e. acknowledge as calling for payment) (commerce); to honor (a check, a promise)

打兑 打兌 da3 dui4
to arrange (colloquial); to transfer creditor's rights (in a debt case)

兑付 兌付 dui4 fu4
to cash (a check)

兑换 兌換 dui4 huan4
to convert; to exchange

兑换率 兌換率 dui4 huan4 lv4
currency exchange rate

兑现 兌現 dui4 xian4
(of a check etc) to cash; to honor a commitment

勾兑 勾兌 gou1 dui4
to blend various types of wine (or spirits, or fruit juices etc)

汇兑 匯兌 hui4 dui4
remittance; funds paid to a bank account

货币兑换 貨幣兌換 huo4 bi4 dui4 huan4
currency exchange

挤兑 擠兌 ji3 dui4
a run on a bank

金汇兑本位制 金匯兌本位制 jin1 hui4 dui4 ben3 wei4 zhi4
gold exchange standard (economics)

商兑 商兌 shang1 dui4
to discuss and deliberate

提示承兑 提示承兌 ti2 shi4 cheng2 dui4
to present (a draft) for acceptance (commerce)

折兑 折兌 zhe2 dui4
to cash; to change gold or silver into money