residence; (coll.) to stay in at home; to hang around at home

strokes 6
strokes after radical 3
卜宅 卜宅 bu3 zhai2
to choose a capital by divination; to choose a home; to choose one's burial place by divination

浮家泛宅 浮家泛宅 fu2 jia1 fan4 zhai2
lit. to live on a boat; to drift from place to place (idiom)

古宅 古宅 gu3 zhai2
former residence

故宅 故宅 gu4 zhai2
former home

豪宅 豪宅 hao2 zhai2
grand residence; mansion

黄帝宅经 黃帝宅經 huang2 di4 zhai2 jing1
one of the earliest classics about Fengshui

家宅 家宅 jia1 zhai2
home; residence; house

旧宅 舊宅 jiu4 zhai2
former residence

居宅 居宅 ju1 zhai2

民宅 民宅 min2 zhai2
house; people's homes

侵入家宅者 侵入家宅者 qin1 ru4 jia1 zhai2 zhe3
housebreaker; burglar

凶宅 兇宅 xiong1 zhai2
inauspicious abode; haunted house

御宅族 御宅族 yu4 zhai2 zu2
otaku, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests such as anime, manga, and video games; see also 宅男; see also 宅女

宅第 宅第 zhai2 di4
residence; mansion

宅度假 宅度假 zhai2 du4 jia4
staycation; residential vacation

宅经 宅經 zhai2 jing1
one of the earliest classics about Fengshui; see also 黃帝宅經|黄帝宅经

宅男 宅男 zhai2 nan2
a guy who stays at home all the time, typically spending a lot of time playing online games (derived from Japanese "otaku")

宅女 宅女 zhai2 nv3
female geek; female nerd; otaku girl

宅配 宅配 zhai2 pei4
delivery service, primarily C2C and B2C (Tw)

宅舍 宅舍 zhai2 she4
house; residence

宅院 宅院 zhai2 yuan4
house; house with a courtyard

宅子 宅子 zhai2 zi5
house; residence

住宅 住宅 zhu4 zhai2
residence; tenement

住宅楼 住宅樓 zhu4 zhai2 lou2
residential building

住宅泡沫 住宅泡沫 zhu4 zhai2 pao4 mo4
housing bubble

住宅区 住宅區 zhu4 zhai2 qu1
residential area; housing development