surname Guan

government official; governmental; official; public; organ of the body

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
阿比西尼亚官话 阿比西尼亞官話 a1 bi3 xi1 ni2 ya4 guan1 hua4
Amharic (language)

罢官 罷官 ba4 guan1
to dismiss from office; to resign from office

半官方 半官方 ban4 guan1 fang1

报官 報官 bao4 guan1
to report a case to the authorities (old)

贬官 貶官 bian3 guan1
to demote an official; a demoted official

不怕官,只怕管 不怕官,只怕管 bu4 pa4 guan1 - zhi3 pa4 guan3
lit. it is not an official to be feared, but a person in direct control over sb (proverb); fig. to be obliged to comply with people in authority

裁判官 裁判官 cai2 pan4 guan1

承审法官 承審法官 cheng2 shen3 fa3 guan1
trial judge

吃官司 吃官司 chi1 guan1 si1
to face legal action; to get sued

出官 出官 chu1 guan1
to leave the capital for an official post

辞官 辭官 ci2 guan1
to resign a government post

次官 次官 ci4 guan1
undersecretary; secondary official

达官 達官 da2 guan1
high-ranking official

达官贵人 達官貴人 da2 guan1 gui4 ren2
high official and noble persons (idiom); the great and the good

打官话 打官話 da3 guan1 hua4
to talk officiously; to assume the air of a functionary; to talk in official jargon

打官腔 打官腔 da3 guan1 qiang1
to talk officiously; to assume the air of a functionary; to talk in official jargon

打官司 打官司 da3 guan1 si5
to file a lawsuit; to sue; to dispute

大法官 大法官 da4 fa3 guan1
grand justice; high court justice; supreme court justice

地方官 地方官 di4 fang1 guan1
local official

地方官职位 地方官職位 di4 fang1 guan1 zhi2 wei4

丢官 丟官 diu1 guan1
(of an official) to lose one's job

二级士官 二級士官 er4 ji2 shi4 guan1

发声器官 發聲器官 fa1 sheng1 qi4 guan1
vocal organs; vocal cords

发音器官 發音器官 fa1 yin1 qi4 guan1
vocal organs; vocal cords

法官 法官 fa3 guan1

非官方 非官方 fei1 guan1 fang1

封官许愿 封官許願 feng1 guan1 xu3 yuan4
to confer an official position with lavish promises; to buy support

副官 副官 fu4 guan1

感官 感官 gan3 guan1
sense; sense organ

感觉器官 感覺器官 gan3 jue2 qi4 guan1
sense organs; the five senses

高官 高官 gao1 guan1
high official

高官厚禄 高官厚祿 gao1 guan1 hou4 lu4
high post and generous salary (idiom); promotion to a high official position

高官显爵 高官顯爵 gao1 guan1 xian3 jue2
high ranking

高级军官 高級軍官 gao1 ji2 jun1 guan1
senior military officers; top brass

公安官员 公安官員 gong1 an1 guan1 yuan2
public safety officials

官办 官辦 guan1 ban4
government run; state enterprise

官报私仇 官報私仇 guan1 bao4 si1 chou2
to take advantage of official post for personal revenge (idiom)

官逼民反 官逼民反 guan1 bi1 min2 fan3
a government official drives the people to revolt (idiom); a minister provokes a rebellion by exploiting the people

官兵 官兵 guan1 bing1
officers and men

官舱 官艙 guan1 cang1
second class cabin (on ship)

官差 官差 guan1 chai1
official business; government workmen; odd-job men

官场 官場 guan1 chang3
officialdom; bureaucracy

官场现形记 官場現形記 guan1 chang3 xian4 xing2 ji4
Observations on the Current State of Officialdom, late Qing novel by Li Baojia 李寶嘉|李宝嘉

官称 官稱 guan1 cheng1
title; official appellation

官倒 官倒 guan1 dao3
speculation by officials; profiteering by government employees; bureaucratic turpitude

官邸 官邸 guan1 di3
official residence

官渡 官渡 guan1 du4
Guandu district of Kunming city 昆明市, Yunnan

官渡区 官渡區 guan1 du4 qu1
Guandu district of Kunming city 昆明市, Yunnan

官渡之战 官渡之戰 guan1 du4 zhi1 zhan4
battle of Guandu of 199 that established Cao Cao's 曹操 domination over north China, at Guandu (near modern 許昌|许昌 in north Henan)

官二代 官二代 guan1 er4 dai4
children of officials; word created by analogy with 富二代

官翻 官翻 guan1 fan1
(of electronic goods) refurbished

官方 官方 guan1 fang1
government; official (approved or issued by an authority)

官方语言 官方語言 guan1 fang1 yu3 yan2
official language

官房长官 官房長官 guan1 fang2 zhang3 guan1
chief cabinet secretary (Japan)

官非 官非 guan1 fei1
lawsuit (from Cantonese)

官费 官費 guan1 fei4
government funded; paid by state stipend

官俸 官俸 guan1 feng4
salaries of government officials

官府 官府 guan1 fu3
authorities; feudal official

官复原职 官復原職 guan1 fu4 yuan2 zhi2
restored to one's official post; to send sb back to his former post

官官相护 官官相護 guan1 guan1 xiang1 hu4
officials shield one another (idiom); a cover-up

官桂 官桂 guan1 gui4
Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia); also written 肉桂

官话 官話 guan1 hua4
"officialese"; bureaucratic language; Mandarin

官宦 官宦 guan1 huan4
functionary; official

官宦人家 官宦人家 guan1 huan4 ren2 jia1
family of a functionary (i.e. educated middle class in Qing times)

官家 官家 guan1 jia1
emperor; government; official

官价 官價 guan1 jia4
official price

官架子 官架子 guan1 jia4 zi5
putting on official airs

官阶 官階 guan1 jie1
official rank

官爵 官爵 guan1 jue2
official ranking; titles and honors

官军 官軍 guan1 jun1
official army government army

官客 官客 guan1 ke4
male guest at party

官老爷 官老爺 guan1 lao3 ye5
nickname for official

官吏 官吏 guan1 li4
bureaucrat; official

官僚 官僚 guan1 liao2
bureaucrat; bureaucracy; bureaucratic

官僚习气 官僚習氣 guan1 liao2 xi2 qi4
(derog.) bureaucracy; red tape

官僚主义 官僚主義 guan1 liao2 zhu3 yi4

官名 官名 guan1 ming2
name of job in Imperial bureaucracy; official position

官能 官能 guan1 neng2
function; capability; sense (i.e. the five senses of sight 視|视, hearing 聽|听, smell 嗅, taste 味 and touch 觸|触); faculty (i.e. specific ability)

官能基 官能基 guan1 neng2 ji1
functional group (chemistry)

官能团 官能團 guan1 neng2 tuan2
functional group (chemistry)

官署 官署 guan1 shu3
official institution; state bureau

官私合营 官私合營 guan1 si1 he2 ying2
public and private interests working together (idiom)

官司 官司 guan1 si5

官田 官田 guan1 tian2
Kuantien township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

官田乡 官田鄉 guan1 tian2 xiang1
Kuantien township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

官厅水库 官廳水庫 guan1 ting1 shui3 ku4
Guanting or Kuan-ting Reservoir in Hebei, one of the main water reservoirs serving Beijing

官位 官位 guan1 wei4
official post

官衔 官銜 guan1 xian2
title; official rank

官学 官學 guan1 xue2
school or academic institution (old)

官样 官樣 guan1 yang4
official manner

官样文章 官樣文章 guan1 yang4 wen2 zhang1
officialese; red tape

官印 官印 guan1 yin4
official seal

官员 官員 guan1 yuan2
official (in an organization or government); administrator

官运亨通 官運亨通 guan1 yun4 heng1 tong1
(of a political career) everything is going smoothly (idiom)

官职 官職 guan1 zhi2
an official position; a job in the bureaucracy

官制 官制 guan1 zhi4
the civil service system; the bureaucratic system

官子 官子 guan1 zi3
endgame (in go)

国务长官 國務長官 guo2 wu4 zhang3 guan1
secretary of state (esp. historical, or Japanese or Korean usage)

海关官员 海關官員 hai3 guan1 guan1 yuan2
customs officer

海军官 海軍官 hai3 jun1 guan1
naval officer

海瑞罢官 海瑞罷官 hai3 rui4 ba4 guan1
Hai Rui dismissed from office, 1960 historical play by historian Wu Han 吳晗|吴晗

宦官 宦官 huan4 guan1
court eunuch

技术官僚 技術官僚 ji4 shu4 guan1 liao2

加封官阶 加封官階 jia1 feng1 guan1 jie1
to confer additional titles on a nobleman

加官 加官 jia1 guan1
promotion; to take additional post

加官晋级 加官晉級 jia1 guan1 jin4 ji2
new post and promotion

加官进爵 加官進爵 jia1 guan1 jin4 jue2
promotion to the nobility (idiom)

加官晋爵 加官晉爵 jia1 guan1 jin4 jue2
to confer a title an official position

加官进禄 加官進祿 jia1 guan1 jin4 lu4
promotion in official post and salary raise (idiom)

加官进位 加官進位 jia1 guan1 jin4 wei4
promotion in official post and salary raise (idiom)

奸官 奸官 jian1 guan1
a treacherous official; a mandarin who conspires against the state

奸官污吏 奸官污吏 jian1 guan1 wu1 li4
traitor minister and corrupt official (idiom); abuse and corruption

检察官 檢察官 jian3 cha2 guan1
public prosecutor; public procurator (judicial officer whose job may involve both criminal investigation and public prosecution)

检控官 檢控官 jian3 kong4 guan1
prosecutor; procurator

江淮官话 江淮官話 jiang1 huai2 guan1 hua4
Jianghuai Mandarin

将官 將官 jiang4 guan1

教官 教官 jiao4 guan1
military instructor

精神官能症 精神官能症 jing1 shen2 guan1 neng2 zheng4

警官 警官 jing3 guan1
constable; police officer

九官鸟 九官鳥 jiu3 guan1 niao3
hill myna; Indian grackle; Gracula religiosa

居官 居官 ju1 guan1
to secure a position; to take an official appointment

军官 軍官 jun1 guan1
officer (military)

郡治安官 郡治安官 jun4 zhi4 an1 guan1

看官 看官 kan4 guan1
dear reader; dear listener

考官 考官 kao3 guan1
an examiner; an official conducting an exam

客官 客官 ke4 guan1
(polite appellation for a guest at a hotel etc)

空心大老官 空心大老官 kong1 xin1 da4 lao3 guan1
fake important personage; sham

类器官 類器官 lei4 qi4 guan1
organoid (regenerative medicine)

联络官 聯絡官 lian2 luo4 guan1
liaison officer

六级士官 六級士官 liu4 ji2 shi4 guan1
sergeant major

裸官 裸官 luo3 guan1
Communist Party official whose wife and children have left China to reside in a foreign country

买官 買官 mai3 guan1
to buy a title; to use wealth to acquire office

买官卖官 買官賣官 mai3 guan1 mai4 guan1
buying and selling of official positions

判官 判官 pan4 guan1
magistrate (during Tang and Song dynasties); mythological underworld judge

旗官 旗官 qi2 guan1
Manchurian official

器官 器官 qi4 guan1
organ (part of body tissue); apparatus

器官捐献者 器官捐獻者 qi4 guan1 juan1 xian4 zhe3
organ donor

器官移殖 器官移殖 qi4 guan1 yi2 zhi2
organ transplant

清官 清官 qing1 guan1
honest and upright official (traditional)

清官难断家务事 清官難斷家務事 qing1 guan1 nan2 duan4 jia1 wu4 shi4
even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute (proverb)

裙带官 裙帶官 qun2 dai4 guan1
official who gained his position through the influence of a female relative

人体器官 人體器官 ren2 ti3 qi4 guan1
human organ

冗官 冗官 rong3 guan1
redundant officials

三官大帝 三官大帝 san1 guan1 da4 di4
the three gods in charge of heaven, earth and water (Daoism)

三级士官 三級士官 san1 ji2 shi4 guan1
staff sergeant

上官 上官 shang4 guan1
two-character surname Shangguan

上官 上官 shang4 guan1
high-ranking official; superior

神经官能症 神經官能症 shen2 jing1 guan1 neng2 zheng4

升官 升官 sheng1 guan1
to get promoted

升官发财 升官發財 sheng1 guan1 fa1 cai2
to be promoted and gain wealth (idiom)

生殖器官 生殖器官 sheng1 zhi2 qi4 guan1
reproductive organ

史官 史官 shi3 guan1
scribe; court recorder; historian; historiographer

使领官员 使領官員 shi3 ling3 guan1 yuan2
ambassador and consul; diplomat

侍从官 侍從官 shi4 cong2 guan1

士官 士官 shi4 guan1
warrant officer; petty officer; noncommissioned officer (NCO); Japanese military officer

侍卫官 侍衛官 shi4 wei4 guan1

收官 收官 shou1 guan1
final part of a go game (see 官子); endgame

首席财务官 首席財務官 shou3 xi2 cai2 wu4 guan1
chief financial officer (CFO)

首席大法官 首席大法官 shou3 xi2 da4 fa3 guan1
Chief Justice (of US Supreme Court)

首席法官 首席法官 shou3 xi2 fa3 guan1
Chief Justice

首席技术官 首席技術官 shou3 xi2 ji4 shu4 guan1
chief technology officer (CTO)

首席信息官 首席信息官 shou3 xi2 xin4 xi1 guan1
chief information officer (CIO)

首席营销官 首席營銷官 shou3 xi2 ying2 xiao1 guan1
chief marketing officer (CMO)

首席运营官 首席運營官 shou3 xi2 yun4 ying2 guan1
chief operating officer (COO)

首席执行官 首席執行官 shou3 xi2 zhi2 xing2 guan1
chief executive officer (CEO)

书记官 書記官 shu1 ji5 guan1
clerk of a law court

税官 稅官 shui4 guan1
a taxman; a customs officer

司法官 司法官 si1 fa3 guan1
(Tw) judges and prosecutors

司令官 司令官 si1 ling4 guan1
commander; officer in charge

四级士官 四級士官 si4 ji2 shi4 guan1
sergeant first class

贪官 貪官 tan1 guan1
corrupt official; grasping functionary; greedy mandarin

贪官污吏 貪官污吏 tan1 guan1 wu1 li4
grasping officials, corrupt mandarins (idiom); abuse and corruption

铁打的衙门,流水的官 鐵打的衙門,流水的官 tie3 da3 de5 ya2 men5 - liu2 shui3 de5 guan1
lit. the yamen is strong as iron, the officials flow like water (idiom); fig. government officials come and go

铜官山 銅官山 tong2 guan1 shan1
Tongguanshan district of Tongling city 銅陵市|铜陵市, Anhui

铜官山区 銅官山區 tong2 guan1 shan1 qu1
Tongguanshan district of Tongling city 銅陵市|铜陵市, Anhui

推官 推官 tui1 guan1
prefectural judge (in imperial China)

外交官 外交官 wai4 jiao1 guan1

卫生官员 衛生官員 wei4 sheng1 guan1 yuan2
health official

文武百官 文武百官 wen2 wu3 bai3 guan1
civil and military officials

吴官正 吳官正 wu2 guan1 zheng4
Wu Guanzheng (1938-), former CPC Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

五官 五官 wu3 guan1
five sense organs of TCM (nose, eyes, lips, tongue, ears 鼻目口舌耳); facial features

武官 武官 wu3 guan1
military official; military attaché

五官端正 五官端正 wu3 guan1 duan1 zheng4
to have regular features

五级士官 五級士官 wu3 ji2 shi4 guan1
master sergeant

细胞器官 細胞器官 xi4 bao1 qi4 guan1

小官 小官 xiao3 guan1
petty official; minor functionary

校官 校官 xiao4 guan1
military officer; ranked officer in Chinese army, divided into 大校, 上校, 中校, 少校

新官上任三把火 新官上任三把火 xin1 guan1 shang4 ren4 san1 ba3 huo3
the new boss cracks the whip three times; a new broom sweeps clean; fig. vigorous new policies

星官 星官 xing1 guan1
Chinese constellations

行政长官 行政長官 xing2 zheng4 zhang3 guan1
chief executive; magistrate

性器官 性器官 xing4 qi4 guan1
sexual organ

言官 言官 yan2 guan1
imperial censor

验尸官 驗屍官 yan4 shi1 guan1

医官 醫官 yi1 guan1
official in charge of medical affairs; respectful title for a doctor

一级士官 一級士官 yi1 ji2 shi4 guan1
corporal (army)

源器官 源器官 yuan2 qi4 guan1
source organ

赃官污吏 贓官污吏 zang1 guan1 wu1 li4
grasping officials, corrupt mandarins (idiom); abuse and corruption

长官 長官 zhang3 guan1
senior official; senior officer; commanding officer; sir (term of address for senior officer)

掌玺官 掌璽官 zhang3 xi3 guan1
chancellor (rank in various European states)

政府官员 政府官員 zheng4 fu3 guan1 yuan2
government employee

芝麻官 芝麻官 zhi1 ma5 guan1
low ranking official; petty bureaucrat

执行指挥官 執行指揮官 zhi2 xing2 zhi3 hui1 guan1
executing commander

执政官 執政官 zhi2 zheng4 guan1
consul (of the Roman Republic); magistrate (chief administrator)

指挥官 指揮官 zhi3 hui1 guan1

只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯 只許州官放火,不許百姓點燈 zhi3 xu3 zhou1 guan1 fang4 huo3 - bu4 xu3 bai3 xing4 dian3 deng1
only the official is allowed to light the fire; Gods may do what cattle may not; quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi

梓官 梓官 zi3 guan1
Ziguan or Tzukuan township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan

梓官乡 梓官鄉 zi3 guan1 xiang1
Ziguan or Tzukuan township in Kaohsiung county 高雄縣|高雄县, southwest Taiwan

做官 做官 zuo4 guan1
to take an official post; to become a government employee