to set; to fix; to determine; to decide; to order

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
DNA鉴定 DNA鑒定 - - - jian4 ding4
DNA test; DNA testing

安定 安定 an1 ding4
Anting township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

安定 安定 an1 ding4
stable; quiet; settled; stabilize; maintain; stabilized; calm and orderly

安定化 安定化 an1 ding4 hua4

安定门 安定門 an1 ding4 men2
Andingmen neighborhood of Beijing

安定区 安定區 an1 ding4 qu1
Anding district of Dingxi city 定西市, Gansu

安定乡 安定鄉 an1 ding4 xiang1
Anting township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan

按规定 按規定 an4 gui1 ding4
according to regulation

按质定价 按質定價 an4 zhi4 ding4 jia4
to fix a price based on quality (idiom)

把持不定 把持不定 ba3 chi2 bu4 ding4
indecisive (idiom)

绑定 綁定 bang3 ding4
binding (loanword); to bind (e.g. an account to a mobile phone number)

保不定 保不定 bao3 bu4 ding4
more likely than not; quite possible; on the cards

保定 保定 bao3 ding4
Baoding prefecture level city in Hebei

保定地区 保定地區 bao3 ding4 di4 qu1
Baoding county (old name)

保定市 保定市 bao3 ding4 shi4
Baoding prefecture level city in Hebei

抱定 抱定 bao4 ding4
to hold on firmly; to cling (to a belief); stubbornly

苯环利定 苯環利定 ben3 huan2 li4 ding4
phencyclidine (PCP)

必定 必定 bi4 ding4
to be bound to; to be sure to

闭图象定理 閉圖象定理 bi4 tu2 xiang4 ding4 li3
closed graph theorem (math)

标定 標定 biao1 ding4
to stake out (the boundaries of a property etc); to demarcate; (engineering etc) to calibrate

不定 不定 bu4 ding4
indefinite; indeterminate; (botany) adventitious

不定词 不定詞 bu4 ding4 ci2

不定方程 不定方程 bu4 ding4 fang1 cheng2
(math.) indeterminate equation

不定冠词 不定冠詞 bu4 ding4 guan4 ci2
indefinite article (e.g. English a, an)

不定积分 不定積分 bu4 ding4 ji1 fen1
indefinite integral (math.)

不定期 不定期 bu4 ding4 qi1
non-scheduled; irregularly

不定式 不定式 bu4 ding4 shi4
infinitive (grammar)

不定形 不定形 bu4 ding4 xing2
indeterminate form

不定元 不定元 bu4 ding4 yuan2
indeterminate element (math.), often denoted by x

不动点定理 不動點定理 bu4 dong4 dian3 ding4 li3
fixed point theorem (math.)

不确定性原理 不確定性原理 bu4 que4 ding4 xing4 yuan2 li3
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (1927)

不稳定 不穩定 bu4 wen3 ding4

不稳定气流 不穩定氣流 bu4 wen3 ding4 qi4 liu2

不一定 不一定 bu4 yi1 ding4
not necessarily; maybe

裁定 裁定 cai2 ding4

测定 測定 ce4 ding4
to survey and evaluate

长期稳定性 長期穩定性 chang2 qi1 wen3 ding4 xing4
long-term stability

超文本传输协定 超文本傳輸協定 chao1 wen2 ben3 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
hypertext transfer protocol; HTTP

超文件传输协定 超文件傳輸協定 chao1 wen2 jian4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
hypertext transfer protocol; HTTP

尘埃落定 塵埃落定 chen2 ai1 luo4 ding4
"Red Poppies", novel by 阿來|阿来

尘埃落定 塵埃落定 chen2 ai1 luo4 ding4
lit. the dust has settled (idiom); fig. to get sorted out; to be finalized

晨昏定省 晨昏定省 chen2 hun1 ding4 xing3
morning and evening visits to parents; cf 昏定晨省

吃了定心丸 吃了定心丸 chi1 le5 ding4 xin1 wan2
to feel reassured

重定向 重定向 chong2 ding4 xiang4
to redirect

除另有约定 除另有約定 chu2 ling4 you3 yue1 ding4
unless otherwise agreed

传输控制协定 傳輸控制協定 chuan2 shu1 kong4 zhi4 xie2 ding4
transmission control protocol; TCP

传输协定 傳輸協定 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
transfer protocol; transportation protocol

大写锁定 大寫鎖定 da4 xie3 suo3 ding4
caps lock

待定 待定 dai4 ding4
to await a decision; to be pending

代数基本定理 代數基本定理 dai4 shu4 ji1 ben3 ding4 li3
fundamental theorem of algebra

代数学基本定理 代數學基本定理 dai4 shu4 xue2 ji1 ben3 ding4 li3
fundamental theorem of algebra (every polynomial has a complex root)

单方决定 單方決定 dan1 fang1 jue2 ding4
to decide without reference to other parties involved; unilateral decision

淡定 淡定 dan4 ding4
calm and collected; unperturbed

档案传输协定 檔案傳輸協定 dang4 an4 chuan2 shu1 xie2 ding4
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

滴定 滴定 di1 ding4

滴定管 滴定管 di1 ding4 guan3
burette; buret

地理定位 地理定位 di4 li3 ding4 wei4

奠定 奠定 dian4 ding4
to establish; to fix; to settle

电子稳定程序 電子穩定程序 dian4 zi3 wen3 ding4 cheng2 xu4
(automotive) electronic stability program (ESP)

定安 定安 ding4 an1
Ding'an county, Hainan

定安县 定安縣 ding4 an1 xian4
Ding'an county, Hainan

定案 定案 ding4 an4
to reach a verdict; to conclude a judgment

定编 定編 ding4 bian1
fixed allocation

定边 定邊 ding4 bian1
Dingbian County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi

定边县 定邊縣 ding4 bian1 xian4
Dingbian County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi

定标 定標 ding4 biao1
to calibrate (measure or apparatus); fixed coefficient

定标器 定標器 ding4 biao1 qi4

定舱 定艙 ding4 cang1
(of freight or cargo) to book

定常态 定常態 ding4 chang2 tai4
constant state; fixed state

定场白 定場白 ding4 chang3 bai2
first soliloquy (introducing opera character)

定场诗 定場詩 ding4 chang3 shi1
first soliloquy text (introducing opera character)

定出 定出 ding4 chu1
to determine; to fix upon; to set (a target, a price etc)

定存 定存 ding4 cun2
certificate of deposit; time deposit; abbr. for 定期存款|定期存款

定单 定單 ding4 dan1
variant of 訂單|订单

定当 定當 ding4 dang1

定当 定當 ding4 dang4
settled; ready; finished

定点 定點 ding4 dian3
to determine a location; designated; appointed; specific; fixed (time); fixed point (geometry); fixed-point (number)

定点厂 定點廠 ding4 dian3 chang3
factory designated by the state to make a particular product

定点企业 定點企業 ding4 dian3 qi3 ye4
a specialized enterprise

定调 定調 ding4 diao4
to set the tone

定调子 定調子 ding4 diao4 zi5
to set the tone

定鼎 定鼎 ding4 ding3
lit. to set up the sacred tripods (following Yu the Great); to fix the capital; to found a dynasty; used in advertising

订定 訂定 ding4 ding4
to set; to designate; to stipulate; to provide; to draw up; to formulate (rules etc); stipulation

定夺 定奪 ding4 duo2
to make a decision; to determine

定额 定額 ding4 e2
fixed amount; quota

定额组 定額組 ding4 e2 zu3

定分 定分 ding4 fen4
predestination; one's lot (of good and bad fortune)

定风针 定風針 ding4 feng1 zhen1
wind vane; anemometer; weathercock

定格 定格 ding4 ge2
to fix; to confine to; freeze frame; stop motion (filmmaking)

定购 定購 ding4 gou4
to order goods; to place an order

定冠词 定冠詞 ding4 guan4 ci2
definite article (grammar)

定海 定海 ding4 hai3
Dinghai district of Zhoushan city 舟山市, Zhejiang; Qing dynasty name of 舟山市

定海区 定海區 ding4 hai3 qu1
Dinghai district of Zhoushan city 舟山市, Zhejiang

定海神针 定海神針 ding4 hai3 shen2 zhen1
another name for 金箍棒; (fig.) stabilizing force

定户 定戶 ding4 hu4
variant of 訂戶|订户

定婚 定婚 ding4 hun1
variant of 訂婚|订婚

定货 定貨 ding4 huo4
variant of 訂貨|订货

定价 定價 ding4 jia4
to set a price; to fix a price

定见 定見 ding4 jian4
firm view; definite opinion

定焦镜头 定焦鏡頭 ding4 jiao1 jing4 tou2
prime lens

定结 定結 ding4 jie2
Dinggyê county, Tibetan: Gding skyes rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet

定结县 定結縣 ding4 jie2 xian4
Dinggyê county, Tibetan: Gding skyes rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet

定界 定界 ding4 jie4
demarcation; boundary; delimited; bound (math.)

定界符 定界符 ding4 jie4 fu2
delimiter (computing)

定金 定金 ding4 jin1
down payment; advance payment

定睛 定睛 ding4 jing1
to stare at

定居 定居 ding4 ju1
to settle (in some city, country etc); to take up residence

定居点 定居點 ding4 ju1 dian3

定居者 定居者 ding4 ju1 zhe3

定局 定局 ding4 ju2
foregone conclusion; to be settled conclusively

定理 定理 ding4 li3
established theory; theorem (math.)

定礼 定禮 ding4 li3
betrothal gift; bride-price

定例 定例 ding4 li4
usual practice; routine

定量 定量 ding4 liang4
quantity; fixed amount; ration

定量分块 定量分塊 ding4 liang4 fen1 kuai4

定量分析 定量分析 ding4 liang4 fen1 xi1
quantitative analysis

定论 定論 ding4 lun4
final conclusion; accepted argument

定律 定律 ding4 lv4
scientific law

定南 定南 ding4 nan2
Dingnan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

定南县 定南縣 ding4 nan2 xian4
Dingnan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi

定能 定能 ding4 neng2
to be definitely able (to do sth)

定盘星 定盤星 ding4 pan2 xing1
the zero point indicator marked on a steelyard; fixed opinion; solid idea; decisive plan

定票 定票 ding4 piao4
to reserve tickets

定期 定期 ding4 qi1
at set dates; at regular intervals; periodic; limited to a fixed period of time; fixed term

定期储蓄 定期儲蓄 ding4 qi1 chu3 xu4
fixed deposit (banking)

定期存款 定期存款 ding4 qi1 cun2 kuan3
fixed deposit; time deposit; certificate of deposit (banking)

定钱 定錢 ding4 qian5
security deposit; earnest money (real estate); good-faith deposit

定亲 定親 ding4 qin1
to settle a marriage; betrothal

定情 定情 ding4 qing2
to exchange love tokens or vows; to pledge one's love; to get engaged

定然 定然 ding4 ran2
certainly; of course

定日 定日 ding4 ri4
Tingri town and county, Tibetan: Ding ri rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, central Tibet

定日县 定日縣 ding4 ri4 xian4
Tingri county, Tibetan: Ding ri rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet

定神 定神 ding4 shen2
to compose oneself; to concentrate one's attention

定时 定時 ding4 shi2
to fix a time; fixed time; timed (of explosive etc)

定食 定食 ding4 shi2
set meal (esp. in a Japanese restaurant)

定时摄影 定時攝影 ding4 shi2 she4 ying3
time-lapse photography

定时信管 定時信管 ding4 shi2 xin4 guan3
timed detonator

定时炸弹 定時炸彈 ding4 shi2 zha4 dan4
time bomb

定时钟 定時鐘 ding4 shi2 zhong1
timer; timing clock; alarm clock

定势 定勢 ding4 shi4
attitude; mindset; prejudice

定式 定式 ding4 shi4
joseki (fixed opening pattern in go game)

定数 定數 ding4 shu4
constant (math.); quota; fixed number (e.g. of places on a bus); fixed quantity (e.g. load of truck); destiny

定陶 定陶 ding4 tao2
Dingtao county in Heze 菏澤|菏泽, Shandong

定陶县 定陶縣 ding4 tao2 xian4
Dingtao County in Heze 菏澤|菏泽, Shandong

定位 定位 ding4 wei4
to orientate; to position; to categorize (as); to characterize (as); positioning; position; niche

定西 定西 ding4 xi1
Dingxi prefecture level city in Gansu

定西地区 定西地區 ding4 xi1 di4 qu1
Dingxi prefecture in Gansu

定西市 定西市 ding4 xi1 shi4
Dingxi prefecture level city in Gansu

定弦 定弦 ding4 xian2
tuning (stringed instrument)

定襄 定襄 ding4 xiang1
Dingxiang county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

定襄县 定襄縣 ding4 xiang1 xian4
Dingxiang county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

定向 定向 ding4 xiang4
to orientate; directional; directed; orienteering

定向培育 定向培育 ding4 xiang4 pei2 yu4
directed breeding

定向越野 定向越野 ding4 xiang4 yue4 ye3
cross-country orienteering

定心丸 定心丸 ding4 xin1 wan2
tranquilizer; sth that sets one's mind at ease

定兴 定興 ding4 xing1
Dingxing county in Baoding 保定, Hebei

定兴县 定興縣 ding4 xing1 xian4
Dingxing county in Baoding 保定, Hebei

定型 定型 ding4 xing2
to finalize (a design etc); stereotype; permanent wave or perm (hairdressing)

定刑 定刑 ding4 xing2
to sentence (a criminal)

定型水 定型水 ding4 xing2 shui3

定性 定性 ding4 xing4
to determine the nature (usually of error or crime); to determine chemical composition; qualitative; fixed

定性分析 定性分析 ding4 xing4 fen1 xi1
qualitative inorganic analysis

定性理论 定性理論 ding4 xing4 li3 lun4
qualitative theory

定谳 定讞 ding4 yan4
to judge a case; to render a verdict; verdict

定洋 定洋 ding4 yang2
(payment) account

定义 定義 ding4 yi4

定义域 定義域 ding4 yi4 yu4
domain (math.)

定音 定音 ding4 yin1
to call the tune; to make the final decision

定音鼓 定音鼓 ding4 yin1 gu3

定银 定銀 ding4 yin2
deposit; down payment

定影 定影 ding4 ying3
to fix a photographic image

定于 定於 ding4 yu2
set at; scheduled at

定语 定語 ding4 yu3
attributive (modifier)

定员 定員 ding4 yuan2
fixed complement (of crew, passengers etc)

定远 定遠 ding4 yuan3
Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui

定远县 定遠縣 ding4 yuan3 xian4
Dingyuan county in Chuzhou 滁州, Anhui

定远营 定遠營 ding4 yuan3 ying2
old name of Bayan Hot 巴彥浩特|巴彦浩特, capital of Alxa League 阿拉善盟, Inner Mongolia

定约 定約 ding4 yue1
to conclude a treaty; to make an agreement; contract (at bridge)

定阅 定閱 ding4 yue4
variant of 訂閱|订阅

定直线 定直線 ding4 zhi2 xian4
directrix of a parabola

定制 定製 ding4 zhi4
custom-made; made-to-order; to have something custom made

定州 定州 ding4 zhou1
Dingzhou county level city in Baoding 保定, Hebei

定州市 定州市 ding4 zhou1 shi4
Dingzhou county level city in Baoding 保定, Hebei

定子 定子 ding4 zi3
stator (electricity)

定罪 定罪 ding4 zui4
to convict (sb of a crime)

定作 定作 ding4 zuo4
to have sth made to order

定做 定做 ding4 zuo4
to have something made to order

定座率 定座率 ding4 zuo4 lv4
occupancy (i.e. proportion of seats occupied)

毒莠定 毒莠定 du2 you3 ding4

笃定 篤定 du3 ding4
certain; confident (of some outcome); calm and unhurried

断定 斷定 duan4 ding4
to conclude; to determine; to come to a judgment

额定 額定 e2 ding4
specified (capacity, output etc); rated (capacity, output etc)

额定值 額定值 e2 ding4 zhi2
rating (for power output, flame resistance etc)

二项式定理 二項式定理 er4 xiang4 shi4 ding4 li3
the Binomial Theorem (math.)

法定 法定 fa3 ding4
legal; statutory; rightful

法定代表人 法定代表人 fa3 ding4 dai4 biao3 ren2
(law) legal representative of a corporation (e.g. chairman of the board of a company, principal of a school etc)

法定货币 法定貨幣 fa3 ding4 huo4 bi4
fiat currency

法定人数 法定人數 fa3 ding4 ren2 shu4

放射免疫测定 放射免疫測定 fang4 she4 mian3 yi4 ce4 ding4

非法定 非法定 fei1 fa3 ding4
non-statutory; non-governmental

费尔马大定理 費爾馬大定理 fei4 er3 ma3 da4 ding4 li3
Fermat's last theorem

否定 否定 fou3 ding4
to negate; to deny; to reject; negative (answer); negation

否定句 否定句 fou3 ding4 ju4
negative sentence

浮力定律 浮力定律 fu2 li4 ding4 lv4
Archimedes' law of flotation

盖棺定论 蓋棺定論 gai4 guan1 ding4 lun4
don't pass judgment on a person's life until the lid is on the coffin (idiom)

盖棺论定 蓋棺論定 gai4 guan1 lun4 ding4
don't pass judgment on a person's life until the lid is on the coffin (idiom)

搞定 搞定 gao3 ding4
to fix; to settle; to wangle

给定 給定 gei3 ding4
to state in advance; preset; given

根据规定 根據規定 gen1 ju4 gui1 ding4
according to provisions; as stipulated in the rules

勾股定理 勾股定理 gou1 gu3 ding4 li3
Pythagorean theorem

估定 估定 gu1 ding4
to assess; to estimate the value

固定 固定 gu4 ding4
to fix; to fasten; to set rigidly in place; fixed; set; regular

固定词组 固定詞組 gu4 ding4 ci2 zu3
set phrase

固定点 固定點 gu4 ding4 dian3
fixed point; calibration point

固定电话 固定電話 gu4 ding4 dian4 hua4
landline telephone; fixed-line telephone

固定收入 固定收入 gu4 ding4 shou1 ru4
fixed income

固定资产 固定資產 gu4 ding4 zi1 chan3
fixed assets

关贸总协定 關貿總協定 guan1 mao4 zong3 xie2 ding4
GATT, the 1995 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

关税与贸易总协定 關稅與貿易總協定 guan1 shui4 yu3 mao4 yi4 zong3 xie2 ding4
GATT, the 1995 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

规定 規定 gui1 ding4
provision; to fix; to set; to formulate; to stipulate; to provide; regulation; rule

规定价格 規定價格 gui1 ding4 jia4 ge2
to fix the price

贵定 貴定 gui4 ding4
Guiding county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou

贵定县 貴定縣 gui4 ding4 xian4
Guiding county in Qiannan Buyei and Miao autonomous prefecture 黔南州, Guizhou

国定假日 國定假日 guo2 ding4 jia4 ri4
national holiday

国家文物鉴定委员会 國家文物鑒定委員會 guo2 jia1 wen2 wu4 jian4 ding4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
National Commission for the Identification of Cultural Heritage

核定 核定 he2 ding4
to audit and determine; to check and ratify; to appraise and decide; determination; on a deemed basis (taxation); to deem

恒定 恆定 heng2 ding4

划定 劃定 hua4 ding4
to demarcate; to delimit; to allocate

环球定位系统 環球定位系統 huan2 qiu2 ding4 wei4 xi4 tong3
global positioning system (GPS)

回声定位 回聲定位 hui2 sheng1 ding4 wei4

昏定晨省 昏定晨省 hun1 ding4 chen2 xing3
seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning (ancient filial duty)

基本定理 基本定理 ji1 ben3 ding4 li3
fundamental theorem

既定 既定 ji4 ding4
already fixed; set; established

嘉定 嘉定 jia1 ding4
Jiading district of northwest Shanghai; final reign name 1208-1224 of South Song emperor Ningzong 寧宗|宁宗

嘉定区 嘉定區 jia1 ding4 qu1
Jiading district of northwest Shanghai

假定 假定 jia3 ding4
to assume; to suppose; supposed; so-called; assumption; hypothesis

假否定句 假否定句 jia3 fou3 ding4 ju4
false negative

甲磺磷定 甲磺磷定 jia3 huang2 lin2 ding4
pralidoxime mesylate

假肯定句 假肯定句 jia3 ken3 ding4 ju4
false affirmative

坚定 堅定 jian1 ding4
firm; steady; staunch; resolute

坚定不移 堅定不移 jian1 ding4 bu4 yi2
unswerving; unflinching

坚定性 堅定性 jian1 ding4 xing4
firmness; steadfastness

检定 檢定 jian3 ding4
a test; determination; to check up on; to examine; to assay

鉴定 鑑定 jian4 ding4
to appraise; to identify; to evaluate

鉴定委员会 鑒定委員會 jian4 ding4 wei3 yuan2 hui4
evaluation committee; review board

界定 界定 jie4 ding4
definition; to delimit

介值定理 介值定理 jie4 zhi2 ding4 li3
intermediate value theorem (math.)

惊魂甫定 驚魂甫定 jing1 hun2 fu3 ding4
to have just recovered from a shock

就业安定费 就業安定費 jiu4 ye4 an1 ding4 fei4
Employment Stability Fee (Taiwan), a minimum monthly fee for employing foreign workers

居无定所 居無定所 ju1 wu2 ding4 suo3
to be without a fixed residence (idiom)

举棋不定 舉棋不定 ju3 qi2 bu4 ding4
to hesitate over what move to make (idiom); to waver; to shilly-shally

决定 決定 jue2 ding4
to decide (to do something); to resolve; decision; certainly

决定簇 決定簇 jue2 ding4 cu4
determinant (causing immunological response); epitope

决定论 決定論 jue2 ding4 lun4

决定性 決定性 jue2 ding4 xing4
decisive; conclusive

勘定 勘定 kan1 ding4
to demarcate; to survey and determine

康定 康定 kang1 ding4
Dartsendo, Dardo or Kangding county (Tibetan: dar mdo rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州, Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)

康定县 康定縣 kang1 ding4 xian4
Dartsendo, Dardo or Kangding county (Tibetan: dar mdo rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州, Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)

抗原决定簇 抗原決定簇 kang4 yuan2 jue2 ding4 cu4
antigen determinant (causing immunological response); epitope

可乐定 可樂定 ke3 le4 ding4
clonidine (drug) (loanword)

肯定 肯定 ken3 ding4
to be certain; to be positive; assuredly; definitely; to give recognition; to affirm; affirmative (answer)

肯定并例句 肯定並例句 ken3 ding4 bing4 li4 ju4
active conjoined sentence

肯定句 肯定句 ken3 ding4 ju4
affirmative sentence

拉米夫定 拉米夫定 la1 mi3 fu1 ding4
Lamivudine, reverse transcriptase inhibitor marketed by GlaxoSmithKline and widely used in the treatment of hepatitis B and AIDS; brand names include Zeffix, Heptovir, Epivir and Epivir-HBV

黎曼罗赫定理 黎曼羅赫定理 li2 man4 luo2 he4 ding4 li3
(math.) Riemann-Roch theorem

立定跳远 立定跳遠 li4 ding4 tiao4 yuan3
standing long jump

炼之未定 煉之未定 lian4 zhi1 wei4 ding4
to spend a long time thinking about sth while unable to reach a decision

量身定制 量身定製 liang2 shen1 ding4 zhi4

料定 料定 liao4 ding4
certain; to know for sure

零点定理 零點定理 ling2 dian3 ding4 li3
Hilbert's zeros theorem (math.); Nullstellensatz

泸定 瀘定 lu2 ding4
Luding county (Tibetan: lcags zam rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州, Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)

泸定桥 瀘定橋 lu2 ding4 qiao2
Luding Bridge over Dadu river 大渡河 in Sichuan, built by Kangxi in 1706, linking Luding county Sichuan Luding county 瀘定縣|泸定县 with Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州甘孜藏族自治州

泸定县 瀘定縣 lu2 ding4 xian4
Luding county (Tibetan: lcags zam rdzong) in Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture 甘孜藏族自治州, Sichuan (formerly in Kham province of Tibet)

路由协定 路由協定 lu4 you2 xie2 ding4
routing protocol

乱作决定 亂作決定 luan4 zuo4 jue2 ding4
to make arbitrary decisions

论定 論定 lun4 ding4
to make a definitive judgment; to come to a firm conclusion

罗定 羅定 luo2 ding4
Luoding county level city in Yunfu 雲浮|云浮, Guangdong

罗定市 羅定市 luo2 ding4 shi4
Luoding county level city in Yunfu 雲浮|云浮, Guangdong

罗尔定理 羅爾定理 luo2 er3 ding4 li3
Rolle's theorem (in calculus)

氯磷定 氯磷定 lv4 lin2 ding4
pralidoxime chloride

贸易协定 貿易協定 mao4 yi4 xie2 ding4
trade agreement

明文规定 明文規定 ming2 wen2 gui1 ding4
expressly stipulated (in writing)

命定 命定 ming4 ding4
to be predestined

命中注定 命中註定 ming4 zhong1 zhu4 ding4
decreed by fate (idiom); destined; fated

牟定 牟定 mou2 ding4
Mouding county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan

牟定县 牟定縣 mou2 ding4 xian4
Mouding county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan

南定 南定 nan2 ding4
Nam Dinh, Vietnam

内定 內定 nei4 ding4
to select sb for a position without announcing the decision until later; to decide behind closed doors; all cut and dried

拟定 擬定 ni3 ding4
to draw up; to draft; to formulate

逆定理 逆定理 ni4 ding4 li3
converse theorem (math.)

排定 排定 pai2 ding4
to schedule

派定 派定 pai4 ding4
to believe; to be convinced

判定 判定 pan4 ding4
to judge; to decide; judgment; determination

彭定康 彭定康 peng2 ding4 kang1
Chris Patten (1944-), last British Governor of Hong Kong 1992-1997

飘忽不定 飄忽不定 piao1 hu1 bu4 ding4
to drift without a resting place (idiom); roving; errant; vagrant; erratic

平定 平定 ping2 ding4
Pingding county in Yangquan 陽泉|阳泉, Shanxi

平定 平定 ping2 ding4
to pacify

评定 評定 ping2 ding4
to evaluate; to make one's judgment

平定县 平定縣 ping2 ding4 xian4
Pingding county in Yangquan 陽泉|阳泉, Shanxi

平方反比定律 平方反比定律 ping2 fang1 fan3 bi4 ding4 lv4
the inverse square law (in gravitation or electrostatics)

平均值定理 平均值定理 ping2 jun1 zhi2 ding4 li3
the mean value theorem (in calculus)

普定 普定 pu3 ding4
Puding county in Anshun 安順|安顺, Guizhou

普定县 普定縣 pu3 ding4 xian4
Puding county in Anshun 安順|安顺, Guizhou

气定神闲 氣定神閒 qi4 ding4 shen2 xian2
calm and composed (idiom)

签定 簽定 qian1 ding4
to sign (a contract, treaty etc)

敲定 敲定 qiao1 ding4
to come to a decision; to fix on (a date etc); to determine; to finalize; to nail down (a deal etc)

钦定 欽定 qin1 ding4
compiled and published by Imperial command (old)

亲子鉴定 親子鑒定 qin1 zi3 jian4 ding4
paternity or maternity test

全球定位系统 全球定位系統 quan2 qiu2 ding4 wei4 xi4 tong3
global positioning system (GPS)

全球位置测定系统 全球位置測定系統 quan2 qiu2 wei4 zhi4 ce4 ding4 xi4 tong3
GPS (Global Positioning System)

确定 確定 que4 ding4
definite; certain; fixed; to fix (on sth); to determine; to be sure; to ensure; to make certain; to ascertain; to clinch; to recognize; to confirm; OK (on computer dialog box)

确定效应 確定效應 que4 ding4 xiao4 ying4
deterministic effect

确定性 確定性 que4 ding4 xing4

人定 人定 ren2 ding4
middle of the night; the dead of night

人定胜天 人定勝天 ren2 ding4 sheng4 tian1
man can conquer nature (idiom); human wisdom can prevail over nature

认定 認定 ren4 ding4
to maintain (that sth is true); to determine (a fact); determination (of an amount); of the firm opinion; to believe firmly; to set one's mind on; to identify with

三七开定论 三七開定論 san1 qi1 kai1 ding4 lun4
thirty percent failure, seventy percent success, the official PRC verdict on Mao Zedong

商定 商定 shang1 ding4
to agree; to decide after consultation; to come to a compromise

设定 設定 she4 ding4
to set; to set up; to install; setting; preferences

审定 審定 shen3 ding4
to examine and approve; to finalize

声波定位 聲波定位 sheng1 bo1 ding4 wei4
sonic location system (esp. underwater sonar); acoustic positioning

生物测定 生物測定 sheng1 wu4 ce4 ding4

剩余定理 剩餘定理 sheng4 yu2 ding4 li3
the Remainder Theorem

时间测定学 時間測定學 shi2 jian1 ce4 ding4 xue2

市场定位 市場定位 shi4 chang3 ding4 wei4
positioning (marketing)

视力测定法 視力測定法 shi4 li4 ce4 ding4 fa3
optometry; eyesight testing

手定 手定 shou3 ding4
to set down (rules); to institute

守恒定律 守恆定律 shou3 heng2 ding4 lv4
conservation law

说不定 說不定 shuo1 bu5 ding4
can't say for sure; maybe

说定 說定 shuo1 ding4
to agree on; to settle on

私定终身 私定終身 si1 ding4 zhong1 sheng1
to make a pledge to be married, without parents' approval

斯文·海定 斯文·海定 si1 wen2 - hai3 ding4
Sven Hedin (1865-1952), famous Swedish adventurer and archaeologist, whose 1894-1900 Central Asian expeditions uncovered Kroraina or Loulan 樓蘭|楼兰; also written 斯文·赫定

斯文·赫定 斯文·赫定 si1 wen2 - he4 ding4
Sven Hedin (1865-1952), famous Swedish adventurer and archaeologist, whose 1894-1900 Central Asian expeditions uncovered Kroraina or Loulan 樓蘭|楼兰

死定 死定 si3 ding4
to be screwed; to be toast

四轮定位 四輪定位 si4 lun2 ding4 wei4
wheel alignment (automobile maintenance)

孙子定理 孫子定理 sun1 zi5 ding4 li3
the Chinese remainder theorem

锁定 鎖定 suo3 ding4
to lock (a door); to close with a latch; to lock into place; a lock; a latch; to lock a computer file (to prevent it being overwritten); to lock (denying access to a computer system or device or files, e.g. by password-protection); to focus attention on;

特定 特定 te4 ding4
special; specific; designated; particular

铁定 鐵定 tie3 ding4
unalterable; certainly; definitely

通信协定 通信協定 tong1 xin4 xie2 ding4
communications protocol

通讯协定 通訊協定 tong1 xun4 xie2 ding4
communications protocol

统一资源定位 統一資源定位 tong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2 ding4 wei4
universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress

统一资源定位符 統一資源定位符 tong3 yi1 zi1 yuan2 ding4 wei4 fu2
universal resource locator (URL), i.e. webaddress

痛定思痛 痛定思痛 tong4 ding4 si1 tong4
to think of the pain when the pain is gone (idiom); to ponder about a painful experience

头孢拉定 頭孢拉定 tou2 bao1 la1 ding4
cefradine, cephradine (pharm.)

推定 推定 tui1 ding4
to infer; to consider and come to a judgment; to recommend; to estimate; deduced to be

网际协定 網際協定 wang3 ji4 xie2 ding4
Internet protocol; IP

微积分基本定理 微積分基本定理 wei1 ji1 fen1 ji1 ben3 ding4 li3
fundamental theorem of calculus

未定 未定 wei4 ding4
undecided; indeterminate; still in doubt

未决定 未決定 wei4 jue2 ding4

未确定 未確定 wei4 que4 ding4

卫星定位系统 衛星定位系統 wei4 xing1 ding4 wei4 xi4 tong3
global positioning system (GPS)

稳定 穩定 wen3 ding4
steady; stable; stability; to stabilize; to pacify

稳定度 穩定度 wen3 ding4 du4
degree of stability

稳定塘 穩定塘 wen3 ding4 tang2
stabilization tank (for sewage processing)

稳定物价 穩定物價 wen3 ding4 wu4 jia4
stable prices; commodity prices fixed by government (in a command economy); to valorize (a commodity)

稳定性 穩定性 wen3 ding4 xing4

无定形碳 無定形碳 wu2 ding4 xing2 tan4
amorphous carbon

无罪推定 無罪推定 wu2 zui4 tui1 ding4
presumption of innocence (law)

武定 武定 wu3 ding4
Wuding reign name (543-550) during Eastern Wei of the Northern Dynasties 東魏|东魏; Wuding county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan

武定县 武定縣 wu3 ding4 xian4
Wuding county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan

物主限定词 物主限定詞 wu4 zhu3 xian4 ding4 ci2
possessive (in grammar)

下定决心 下定決心 xia4 ding4 jue2 xin1
to make a firm resolution

下定义 下定義 xia4 ding4 yi4
to define

限定 限定 xian4 ding4
to restrict to; to limit

限定词 限定詞 xian4 ding4 ci2
determiner (in grammar, i.e. article, demonstrative, possessive pronoun, noun genitive etc)

协定 協定 xie2 ding4
(reach an) agreement; protocol

选定 選定 xuan3 ding4
to select; to choose; to settle on

薛定谔 薛定諤 xue1 ding4 e4
Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961), Austrian physicist

薛定谔方程 薛定諤方程 xue1 ding4 e4 fang1 cheng2
Schrödinger's wave equation

研定 研定 yan2 ding4
to consider and decide; to decide after investigating

验定 驗定 yan4 ding4
to test and determine; to examine; to assay

摇摆不定 搖擺不定 yao2 bai3 bu4 ding4
indecisive; wavering

咬定 咬定 yao3 ding4
to assert; to insist that

咬定牙根 咬定牙根 yao3 ding4 ya2 gen1
see 咬緊牙關|咬紧牙关

咬定牙关 咬定牙關 yao3 ding4 ya2 guan1
see 咬緊牙關|咬紧牙关

野外定向 野外定向 ye3 wai4 ding4 xiang4

一般规定 一般規定 yi1 ban1 gui1 ding4
ordinary provision (law)

一槌定音 一槌定音 yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1
variant of 一錘定音|一锤定音

一锤定音 一錘定音 yi1 chui2 ding4 yin1
lit. to fix the tone with a single hammer blow; fig. to make the final decision

一定 一定 yi1 ding4
surely; certainly; necessarily; fixed; a certain (extent etc); given; particular; must

一定要 一定要 yi1 ding4 yao4

一口咬定 一口咬定 yi1 kou3 yao3 ding4
to arbitrarily assert; to allege; to stick to one's statement; to cling to one's view

一言为定 一言為定 yi1 yan2 wei2 ding4
one word and it's settled (idiom); It's a deal!; That's settled then.

一致资源定址器 一致資源定址器 yi1 zhi4 zi1 yuan2 ding4 zhi3 qi4
uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address

议定 議定 yi4 ding4
to reach an agreement; to agree upon

议定书 議定書 yi4 ding4 shu1
protocol; treaty

永定 永定 yong3 ding4
Yongding county level city in Longyan 龍岩|龙岩, Fujian; Yongding district of Zhangjiajie city 張家界市|张家界市, Hunan

永定河 永定河 yong3 ding4 he2
Yongding River to the West of Beijing

永定门 永定門 yong3 ding4 men2
Yongdingmen, front gate of the outer section of Beijing's old city wall, torn down in the 1950s and reconstructed in 2005

永定区 永定區 yong3 ding4 qu1
Yongding district of Zhangjiajie city 張家界市|张家界市, Hunan

永定县 永定縣 yong3 ding4 xian4
Yongding county in Longyan 龍岩|龙岩, Fujian

用户定义 用戶定義 yong4 hu4 ding4 yi4

游移不定 游移不定 you2 yi2 bu4 ding4
to oscillate without pause (idiom); to fluctuate; (of thoughts) to wander; to waver

余数定理 餘數定理 yu2 shu4 ding4 li3
the Remainder Theorem

预定 預定 yu4 ding4
to schedule in advance

预定义 預定義 yu4 ding4 yi4

原定 原定 yuan2 ding4
originally planned; originally determined

约定 約定 yue1 ding4
to agree on sth (after discussion); to conclude a bargain; to arrange; to promise; to stipulate; to make an appointment; stipulated (time, amount, quality etc); an arrangement; a deal; appointment; undertaking; commitment; understanding; engagement; stipu

约定俗成 約定俗成 yue1 ding4 su2 cheng2
established by popular usage (idiom); common usage agreement; customary convention

约定资讯速率 約定資訊速率 yue1 ding4 zi1 xun4 su4 lv4
committed information rate (Frame Relay); CIR

运动定律 運動定律 yun4 dong4 ding4 lv4
laws of motion (mechanics)

暂定 暫定 zan4 ding4
temporary arrangement; provisional; tentative

择定 擇定 ze2 ding4
to select

照约定 照約定 zhao4 yue1 ding4
according to agreement; as arranged; as stipulated

真否定句 真否定句 zhen1 fou3 ding4 ju4
true negative (TN)

真肯定句 真肯定句 zhen1 ken3 ding4 ju4
true affirmative (TA)

帧首定界符 幀首定界符 zhen1 shou3 ding4 jie4 fu2
start frame delimiter (SFD)

斟酌决定权 斟酌決定權 zhen1 zhuo2 jue2 ding4 quan2
discretionary power

镇定 鎮定 zhen4 ding4
calm; unperturbed; cool

镇定剂 鎮定劑 zhen4 ding4 ji4
tranquilizer; depressant; sedative

镇定药 鎮定藥 zhen4 ding4 yao4
sedative drug

正定 正定 zheng4 ding4
Zhengding county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei

正定县 正定縣 zheng4 ding4 xian4
Zhengding county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei

正弦定理 正弦定理 zheng4 xian2 ding4 li3
law of sines

指定 指定 zhi3 ding4
to appoint; to assign; to indicate clearly and with certainty; designated

制定 制定 zhi4 ding4
to draw up; to formulate

中国剩余定理 中國剩餘定理 zhong1 guo2 sheng4 yu2 ding4 li3
Chinese remainder theorem (math.)

中苏解决悬案大纲协定 中蘇解決懸案大綱協定 zhong1 su1 jie3 jue2 xuan2 an4 da4 gang1 xie2 ding4
the treaty of 1923 normalizing relations between the Soviet Union and the Northern Warlord government of China

中值定理 中值定理 zhong1 zhi2 ding4 li3
mean value theorem (in calculus)

注定 註定 zhu4 ding4
to foreordain; to be bound to; to be destined to; to be doomed to; inevitably

酌定 酌定 zhuo2 ding4
to decide after intense deliberation

自定义 自定義 zi4 ding4 yi4
custom; user-defined

坐定 坐定 zuo4 ding4
to be seated