surname Gong

palace; temple; castration (as corporal punishment); first note in pentatonic scale

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
爱丽舍宫 愛麗捨宮 ai4 li4 she3 gong1
Elysée Palace, the residence of the president of the French Republic

白宫 白宮 bai2 gong1
White House

白宫群英 白宮群英 bai2 gong1 qun2 ying1
The West Wing (US TV series)

白金汉宫 白金漢宮 bai2 jin1 han4 gong1
Buckingham Palace

胞宫 胞宮 bao1 gong1
uterus; womb

逼宫 逼宮 bi1 gong1
to force the king or emperor to abdicate

博格多汗宫 博格多汗宮 bo2 ge2 duo1 han2 gong1
the Palace of the Bogdo Khan in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

布达拉宫 布達拉宮 bu4 da2 la1 gong1
Potala, winter palace of Dalai Lamas in Lhasa, Tibet

蟾宫折桂 蟾宮折桂 chan2 gong1 zhe2 gui4
lit. plucking a branch of osmanthus from the Toad Palace (i.e. the moon); fig. to succeed in the imperial examination

春宫 春宮 chun1 gong1
Crown Prince's chambers; by extension, the Crown Prince; erotic picture

大闹天宫 大鬧天宮 da4 nao4 tian1 gong1
Monkey Wreaks Havoc in Heaven, story about the Monkey King Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空 from the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记

地宫 地宮 di4 gong1
underground palace (as part of imperial tomb)

奠济宫 奠濟宮 dian4 ji4 gong1
Dianji Temple in Keelung, Taiwan

冬宫 冬宮 dong1 gong1
Winter Palace (St Petersburg); Hermitage Museum

阿房宫 阿房宮 e1 pang2 gong1
Epang Palace in Xi'an

二进宫 二進宮 er4 jin4 gong1
name of a famous opera; (slang) to go to jail for a second offense

宫保鸡丁 宮保雞丁 gong1 bao3 ji1 ding1
Kung Pao Chicken; spicy diced chicken

宫爆鸡丁 宮爆雞丁 gong1 bao4 ji1 ding1
gong bao chicken; spicy diced chicken

宫爆肉丁 宮爆肉丁 gong1 bao4 rou4 ding1
stir-fried diced pork

宫本 宮本 gong1 ben3
Miyamoto (Japanese surname)

宫城 宮城 gong1 cheng2
Miyagi prefecture in north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州

宫城县 宮城縣 gong1 cheng2 xian4
Miyagi prefecture in north of Japan's main island Honshū 本州

宫殿 宮殿 gong1 dian4

宫调 宮調 gong1 diao4
modes of ancient Chinese music

宫观 宮觀 gong1 guan4
Taoist temple

宫颈 宮頸 gong1 jing3
cervix; neck of the uterus

宫内节育器 宮內節育器 gong1 nei4 jie2 yu4 qi4
intrauterine device (IUD)

宫女 宮女 gong1 nv3
palace maid

宫崎 宮崎 gong1 qi2
Miyazaki (Japanese surname and place name)

宫崎骏 宮崎駿 gong1 qi2 jun4
Miyazaki Hayao (1941-), Japanese director

宫崎吾朗 宮崎吾朗 gong1 qi2 wu2 lang3
Miyazaki Gorō (1967-), Japanese film director

宫崎县 宮崎縣 gong1 qi2 xian4
Miyazaki prefecture in east Kyūshū 九州, Japan

宫阙 宮闕 gong1 que4

宫人 宮人 gong1 ren2
imperial concubine or palace maid; imperial secretary (old)

宫商角徵羽 宮商角徵羽 gong1 shang1 jue2 zhi3 yu3
pre-Tang names of the five notes of the pentatonic scale, corresponding roughly to do, re, mi, sol, la

宫缩 宮縮 gong1 suo1
contraction of the uterus (during childbirth)

宫廷 宮廷 gong1 ting2
court (of king or emperor)

宫刑 宮刑 gong1 xing2
castration (archaic punishment)

宫掖 宮掖 gong1 ye4
palace apartments

宫泽喜一 宮澤喜一 gong1 ze2 xi3 yi1
Kiichi Miyazawa (1919-2007), former Japanese prime minister

宫主 宮主 gong1 zhu3
imperial empress; milady

故宫 故宮 gu4 gong1
former imperial palace

故宫 故宮 gu4 gong1
the Forbidden City; abbr. for 故宮博物院|故宫博物院

故宫博物院 故宮博物院 gu4 gong1 bo2 wu4 yuan4
Palace Museum, in the Forbidden City, Beijing; National Palace Museum, Taipei

含宫咀征 含宮咀徵 han2 gong1 ju3 zheng1
permeated with beautiful music (idiom)

后宫 後宮 hou4 gong1
harem; chambers of imperial concubines

黄道十二宫 黃道十二宮 huang2 dao4 shi2 er4 gong1
see 十二宮|十二宫

皇宫 皇宮 huang2 gong1
imperial palace

几进宫 幾進宮 ji3 jin4 gong1
(slang) to have served several sentences; recidivist; old lag

进宫 進宮 jin4 gong1
to enter the emperor's palace; (slang) to go to jail

景福宫 景福宮 jing3 fu2 gong1
Gyeongbokgung palace in central Seoul

九宫格数独 九宮格數獨 jiu3 gong1 ge2 shu4 du2
sudoku (puzzle game)

九宫山 九宮山 jiu3 gong1 shan1
Jiugongshan nature reserve in Tongshan county, Xianning prefecture 咸宁, Hubei

九宫山镇 九宮山鎮 jiu3 gong1 shan1 zhen4
Jiugongshan town in Tongshan county, Xianning prefecture 咸宁, Hubei

克里姆林宫 克里姆林宮 ke4 li3 mu3 lin2 gong1
the Kremlin

离宫 離宮 li2 gong1
detached palace; imperial villa

龙宫 龍宮 long2 gong1
palace of the Dragon King at the bottom of the Eastern Sea

龙宫贝 龍宮貝 long2 gong1 bei4
Rumphius's slit shell (Entemnotrochus rumphii), found in Japan and Taiwan

卢浮宫 盧浮宮 lu2 fu2 gong1
Le Louvre, Paris Museum; more common trad. form 羅浮宮|罗浮宫

鲁佛尔宫 魯佛爾宮 lu3 fu2 er3 gong1
the Louvre

罗浮宫 羅浮宮 luo2 fu2 gong1
Le Louvre, Paris Museum; more common simp. form 盧浮宮|卢浮宫

美泉宫 美泉宮 mei3 quan2 gong1
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

迷宫 迷宮 mi2 gong1
maze; labyrinth

魔宫 魔宮 mo2 gong1
lit. devils' castle; place occupied by sinister forces

魔宫传奇 魔宮傳奇 mo2 gong1 chuan2 qi2
The Name of the Rose, 1986 movie based on the novel by Umberto Eco

南宫 南宮 nan2 gong1
Nangong county level city in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei

南宫市 南宮市 nan2 gong1 shi4
Nangong county level city in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei

平安神宫 平安神宮 ping2 an1 shen2 gong1
Heian Jingū or Heian Shrine, in Kyōto, Japan

剖宫产 剖宮產 pou1 gong1 chan3
Cesarean section

剖宫产手术 剖宮產手術 pou1 gong1 chan3 shou3 shu4
Cesarean section operation

少年宫 少年宮 shao4 nian2 gong1
Children's Palace, institution where children can take part in various extracurricular activities

十二宫 十二宮 shi2 er4 gong1
the twelve equatorial constellations or signs of the zodiac in Western astronomy and astrology, namely: Aries 白羊, Taurus 金牛, Gemini 雙子|双子, Cancer 巨蟹, Leo 獅子|狮子, Virgo 室女, Libra 天秤, Scorpio 天蠍|天蝎, Sagittarius 人馬|人马, Capricorn 摩羯, Aquarius 寶瓶|宝瓶, Pisces 雙魚|

守宫 守宮 shou3 gong1
gecko; house lizard

水晶宫 水晶宮 shui3 jing1 gong1
The Crystal Palace

天宫 天宮 tian1 gong1
Temple in Heaven (e.g. of the Jade Emperor)

万国宫 萬國宮 wan4 guo2 gong1
Palais des Nations

王宫 王宮 wang2 gong1
imperial palace

文化宫 文化宮 wen2 hua4 gong1
cultural palace

仙宫 仙宮 xian1 gong1
underground palace of ghouls, e.g. Asgard of Scandinavian mythology

行宫 行宮 xing2 gong1
temporary imperial residence

虚宫格 虛宮格 xu1 gong1 ge2
four-square box in which one practices writing a Chinese character

雍和宫 雍和宮 yong1 he2 gong1
Yonghe Temple; Lama Temple (Beijing)

月宫 月宮 yue4 gong1
Palace in the Moon (in folk tales)

正宫娘娘 正宮娘娘 zheng4 gong1 niang2 niang2

指南宫 指南宮 zhi3 nan2 gong1
Zhinan Temple, Taoist temple in the hills of Muzha 木柵|木栅, Taipei

子宫 子宮 zi3 gong1
uterus; womb

子宫壁 子宮壁 zi3 gong1 bi4
wall of the uterus

子宫环 子宮環 zi3 gong1 huan2
intrauterine device (IUD)

子宫肌瘤 子宮肌瘤 zi3 gong1 ji1 liu2
fibroid tumor of the uterus; hysteromyoma

子宫颈 子宮頸 zi3 gong1 jing3
cervix; neck of the uterus

子宫颈癌 子宮頸癌 zi3 gong1 jing3 ai2
cervical cancer

子宫颈抹片 子宮頸抹片 zi3 gong1 jing3 mo3 pian4
cervical smear (Tw)

子宫内避孕器 子宮內避孕器 zi3 gong1 nei4 bi4 yun4 qi4
intrauterine device (IUD)

紫微宫 紫微宮 zi3 wei1 gong1
palace of Jade emperor (in Taoism)

自宫 自宮 zi4 gong1
to castrate oneself