to slaughter livestock; to govern or rule; to cheat customers; imperial official in dynastic China

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
挨宰 挨宰 ai2 zai3
to get ripped off

巴宰族 巴宰族 ba1 zai3 zu2
Pazeh, one of the indigenous peoples of Taiwan

任人宰割 任人宰割 ren4 ren2 zai3 ge1
to get trampled on (idiom); to be taken advantage of

杀鸡宰鹅 殺雞宰鵝 sha1 ji1 zai3 e2
kill the chickens and butcher the geese (idiom)

杀牛宰羊 殺牛宰羊 sha1 niu2 zai3 yang2
slaughter the cattle and butcher the sheep; to prepare a big feast (idiom)

杀猪宰羊 殺豬宰羊 sha1 zhu1 zai3 yang2
to kill the pigs and slaughter the sheep (idiom)

铁血宰相 鐵血宰相 tie3 xue4 zai3 xiang4
Iron Chancellor, refers to Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), Prussian politician, Minister-President of Prussia 1862-1873, Chancellor of Germany 1871-1890

屠宰 屠宰 tu2 zai3
to slaughter; to butcher

屠宰场 屠宰場 tu2 zai3 chang3
slaughterhouse; abattoir

宰割 宰割 zai3 ge1
to slaughter; (fig.) to ride roughshod over; to take advantage of (others)

宰客 宰客 zai3 ke4
to cheat customers; to overcharge

宰人 宰人 zai3 ren2
to overcharge; to rip sb off

宰杀 宰殺 zai3 sha1
to slaughter; to butcher; to put down

宰牲节 宰牲節 zai3 sheng1 jie2
see 古爾邦節|古尔邦节

宰相 宰相 zai3 xiang4
prime minister (in feudal China)

宰予 宰予 zai3 yu3
Zai Yu (522-458 BC), disciple of Confucius

宰予昼寝 宰予晝寢 zai3 yu3 zhou4 qin3
Zai Yu sleeps by day (idiom); refers to story in Analects of Confucius remonstrating bitterly with his student for sleeping during lectures

宰制 宰制 zai3 zhi4
to rule; to dominate

主宰 主宰 zhu3 zai3
to dominate; to rule; to dictate; master

主宰者 主宰者 zhu3 zai3 zhe3