surname Rong

to hold; to contain; to allow; to tolerate; appearance; look; countenance

strokes 10
strokes after radical 7
包容 包容 bao1 rong2
to pardon; to forgive; to show tolerance; to contain; to hold; inclusive

比容 比容 bi3 rong2
specific volume

变色易容 變色易容 bian4 se4 yi4 rong2
to change color and alter one's expression (idiom); to go white with fear; out of one's wits

冰炭不相容 冰炭不相容 bing1 tan4 bu4 xiang1 rong2
as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals

病容 病容 bing4 rong2
sickly look

不兼容性 不兼容性 bu4 jian1 rong2 xing4

不容 不容 bu4 rong2
must not; cannot; to not allow; cannot tolerate

不容置辩 不容置辯 bu4 rong2 zhi4 bian4
peremptory; not to be denied; not brooking argument

不容置疑 不容置疑 bu4 rong2 zhi4 yi2

不相容 不相容 bu4 xiang1 rong2

不相容原理 不相容原理 bu4 xiang1 rong2 yuan2 li3
(Pauli) exclusion principle (physics)

从从容容 從從容容 cong2 cong2 rong2 rong2
unhurried; all in good time

从容 從容 cong2 rong2
to go easy; unhurried; calm; Taiwan pr.

从容不迫 從容不迫 cong2 rong2 bu4 po4
calm; unruffled

大度包容 大度包容 da4 du4 bao1 rong2
extreme tolerance; generous and forgiving

大容量 大容量 da4 rong2 liang4
high capacity

电磁兼容性 電磁兼容性 dian4 ci2 jian1 rong2 xing4
electromagnetic compatibility

电容 電容 dian4 rong2

电容器 電容器 dian4 rong2 qi4

冻容 凍容 dong4 rong2
"youth freezing", Chinese girls beginning anti-ageing treatments as young as two years old in the hope they will never look old

动容 動容 dong4 rong2
to be emotionally moved

芳容 芳容 fang1 rong2
beautiful face (of a young lady)

固体热容激光器 固體熱容激光器 gu4 ti3 re4 rong2 ji1 guang1 qi4
solid state hot condensed laser (SSHCL)

好不容易 好不容易 hao3 bu4 rong2 yi4
with great difficulty; very difficult

好容易 好容易 hao3 rong2 yi4
with great difficulty; to have a hard time (convincing sb, relinquishing sth etc)

花容月貌 花容月貌 hua1 rong2 yue4 mao4
lit. countenance of a flower, face like the moon (idiom); fig. (of a woman) beautiful

华容 華容 hua2 rong2
Huarong district of Ezhou city 鄂州市, Hubei; Huarong county in Yueyang 岳陽|岳阳, Hunan

华容道 華容道 hua2 rong2 dao4
Huarong Road (traditional puzzle involving sliding wooden blocks, loosely based on an episode in Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义)

华容区 華容區 hua2 rong2 qu1
Huarong district of Ezhou city 鄂州市, Hubei

华容县 華容縣 hua2 rong2 xian4
Huarong county in Yueyang 岳陽|岳阳, Hunan

欢容 歡容 huan1 rong2
happy; joyous

毁容 毀容 hui3 rong2
to disfigure; to spoil the beauty of

间不容发 間不容髮 jian1 bu4 rong2 fa4
(to escape danger etc) by a hair's breadth (idiom); in a critical state; on the brink of crisis; very close (to happening); Taiwan pr.

兼容 兼容 jian1 rong2

兼容并包 兼容並包 jian1 rong2 bing4 bao1
to include and monopolize many things; all-embracing

兼容性 兼容性 jian1 rong2 xing4

句容 句容 ju4 rong2
Jurong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu

句容市 句容市 ju4 rong2 shi4
Jurong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu

可容忍 可容忍 ke3 rong2 ren3

刻不容缓 刻不容緩 ke4 bu4 rong2 huan3
to brook no delay; to demand immediate action

宽容 寬容 kuan1 rong2
lenient; tolerant; indulgent; charitable; to forgive

来得容易,去得快 來得容易,去得快 lai2 de5 rong2 yi4 - qu4 de5 kuai4
Easy come, easy go. (idiom)

理容院 理容院 li3 rong2 yuan4
hairdresser and beauty parlor; barber shop; massage parlor

零容忍 零容忍 ling2 rong2 ren3
zero tolerance

美容 美容 mei3 rong2
to improve one's appearance (using cosmetics or cosmetic surgery); to make oneself more attractive; to beautify

美容店 美容店 mei3 rong2 dian4
beauty salon

美容觉 美容覺 mei3 rong2 jiao4
beauty sleep (before midnight)

美容女 美容女 mei3 rong2 nv3
hairdresser (female); beautician

美容师 美容師 mei3 rong2 shi1
hairdresser; beautician (male)

美容手术 美容手術 mei3 rong2 shou3 shu4
cosmetic surgery

美容院 美容院 mei3 rong2 yuan4
beauty salon; lady's hair parlor

面带病容 面帶病容 mian4 dai4 bing4 rong2
to look unwell

面带愁容 面帶愁容 mian4 dai4 chou2 rong2
with a sad air; looking melancholy; with a worried look

面容 面容 mian4 rong2
appearance; facial features

慕容 慕容 mu4 rong2
a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people; two-character surname Murong

内容 內容 nei4 rong2
content; substance; details

内容管理系统 內容管理系統 nei4 rong2 guan3 li3 xi4 tong3
content management system (CMS) (Internet)

怒容 怒容 nu4 rong2
angry look

怒容满面 怒容滿面 nu4 rong2 man3 mian4
scowling in anger; rage written across one's face

请神容易送神难 請神容易送神難 qing3 shen2 rong2 yi4 song4 shen2 nan2
it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away

热容 熱容 re4 rong2
thermal capacity

容不得 容不得 rong2 bu5 de2
unable to tolerate; intolerant; unable to bear sth

容城 容城 rong2 cheng2
Rongcheng county in Baoding 保定, Hebei

容城县 容城縣 rong2 cheng2 xian4
Rongcheng county in Baoding 保定, Hebei

容光焕发 容光煥發 rong2 guang1 huan4 fa1
face glowing (idiom); looking radiant; all smiles

容华绝代 容華絕代 rong2 hua2 jue2 dai4
to be blessed with rare and radiant beauty (idiom)

容或 容或 rong2 huo4
perhaps; maybe; probably

容积 容積 rong2 ji1
volume; capacity

容积效率 容積效率 rong2 ji1 xiao4 lv4
volumetric efficiency (engine technology)

容克 容克 rong2 ke4
Junker (German aristocracy)

容量 容量 rong2 liang4
capacity; volume; quantitative (science)

容量分析 容量分析 rong2 liang4 fen1 xi1
quantitative analysis; volumetric analysis

容貌 容貌 rong2 mao4
one's appearance; one's aspect; looks; features

容纳 容納 rong2 na4
to hold; to contain; to accommodate; to tolerate (different opinions)

容器 容器 rong2 qi4
receptacle; vessel; (computing) container

容让 容讓 rong2 rang4
to make a concession; to be accommodating

容忍 容忍 rong2 ren3
to put up with; to tolerate

容身 容身 rong2 shen1
to find a place where one can fit in; to make one's home; to seek shelter

容受 容受 rong2 shou4
to tolerate; to accept (criticism, resignation etc); same as 容納接受|容纳接受

容下 容下 rong2 xia4
to hold; to admit; to accommodate; to tolerate

容县 容縣 rong2 xian4
Rong county in Yulin 玉林, Guangxi

容许 容許 rong2 xu3
to permit; to allow

容颜 容顏 rong2 yan2
mien; complexion

容颜失色 容顏失色 rong2 yan2 shi1 se4
(of complexion) to lose one's color; to blanch; wan

容易 容易 rong2 yi4
easy; likely; liable (to)

容止 容止 rong2 zhi3
looks and demeanor

容祖儿 容祖兒 rong2 zu3 er2
Joey Yung (1980-), Hong Kong pop singer and actress

使容易 使容易 shi3 rong2 yi4
to facilitate

市容 市容 shi4 rong2
appearance of a city

士为知己者死,女为悦己者容 士為知己者死,女為悅己者容 shi4 wei4 zhi1 ji3 zhe3 si3 - nv3 wei4 yue4 ji3 zhe3 rong2
a true gentleman will sacrifice his life for a friend who understands him, as a woman makes herself beautiful for her sweetheart

收容 收容 shou1 rong2
to provide a place to stay; to house; to accommodate; (of an institution etc) to take in; to accept

收容教育 收容教育 shou1 rong2 jiao4 yu4
custody and reeducation (administrative punishment for prostitutes)

收容人 收容人 shou1 rong2 ren2

收容所 收容所 shou1 rong2 suo3
temporary shelter; hospice; refuge (e.g. for animals); detention center

水火不容 水火不容 shui3 huo3 bu4 rong2
completely incompatible; lit. incompatible as fire and water

谈何容易 談何容易 tan2 he2 rong2 yi4
easier said than done (idiom)

天理难容 天理難容 tian1 li3 nan2 rong2
Heaven cannot tolerate this (idiom); intolerable behavior

完全兼容 完全兼容 wan2 quan2 jian1 rong2
completely compatible

威容 威容 wei1 rong2
grave and dignified

维尔容 維爾容 wei2 er3 rong2
(Johannes Lodewikus) Viljoen (South African ambassador to Taiwan)

无处容身 無處容身 wu2 chu4 rong2 shen1
nowhere to hide

无地自容 無地自容 wu2 di4 zi4 rong2
ashamed and unable to show one's face

无法形容 無法形容 wu2 fa3 xing2 rong2
unspeakable; indescribable

无容置疑 無容置疑 wu2 rong2 zhi4 yi2
cannot be doubted (idiom)

先容 先容 xian1 rong2
to introduce sb; to recommend

相互兼容 相互兼容 xiang1 hu4 jian1 rong2
mutually compatible

相容 相容 xiang1 rong2
compatible; consistent; to tolerate (each other)

相容条件 相容條件 xiang1 rong2 tiao2 jian4
conditions for consistency

笑容 笑容 xiao4 rong2
smile; smiling expression

笑容可掬 笑容可掬 xiao4 rong2 ke3 ju1
smiling wholeheartedly (idiom); beaming from ear to ear

形容 形容 xing2 rong2
to describe; description; appearance; look

形容词 形容詞 xing2 rong2 ci2

形容辞 形容辭 xing2 rong2 ci2

压力容器 壓力容器 ya1 li4 rong2 qi4
pressure vessel; autoclave

眼里容不得沙子 眼裡容不得沙子 yan3 li3 rong2 bu5 de2 sha1 zi5
can't bear having grit in one's eye (idiom); unable to put sth objectionable out of one's mind; not prepared to turn a blind eye

演员阵容 演員陣容 yan3 yuan2 zhen4 rong2
cast (of a movie etc); lineup of performers; troupe

冶容 冶容 ye3 rong2
to mold (into seductive shape); to dress up (usu. derogatory); to sex up

遗容 遺容 yi2 rong2
body of the deceased (esp. in the context of paying one's respects); picture of the deceased

仪容 儀容 yi2 rong2

义不容辞 義不容辭 yi4 bu4 rong2 ci2
not to be shirked without dishonor (idiom); incumbent; bounden (duty)

音容 音容 yin1 rong2
voice and features; (sb's) appearance

雍容 雍容 yong1 rong2
natural; graceful; and poised

雍容大度 雍容大度 yong1 rong2 da4 du4

用户创造内容 用戶創造內容 yong4 hu4 chuang4 zao4 nei4 rong2
user-generated content (of a website)

真容 真容 zhen1 rong2
portrait; genuine appearance; real face

阵容 陣容 zhen4 rong2
troop arrangement; battle formation; lineup (of a sports team etc)

整容 整容 zheng3 rong2
plastic surgery

重形式轻内容 重形式輕內容 zhong4 xing2 shi4 qing1 nei4 rong2
heavy on form, light on substance; to stress form at the expense of content

朱容基 朱容基 zhu1 rong2 ji1
common erroneous form of 朱鎔基|朱镕基, Zhu Rongji (1928-), PRC politician, premier 1998-2003

妆容 妝容 zhuang1 rong2
a look (achieved by applying makeup)

姿容 姿容 zi1 rong2
looks; appearance

纵容 縱容 zong4 rong2
to indulge; to connive at

邹容 鄒容 zou1 rong2
Zou Rong (1885-1905), a martyr of the anti-Qing revolution, died in jail in 1905

尊容 尊容 zun1 rong2
august countenance; your face (usually mocking)