to send; to mail; to entrust; to depend on; to attach oneself to; to live (in a house); to lodge; foster (son etc)

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
传寄 傳寄 chuan2 ji4
to send (message to sb); to communicate; to forward (message)

附寄 附寄 fu4 ji4
to enclose

槲寄生 槲寄生 hu2 ji4 sheng1

汇寄 匯寄 hui4 ji4

寄出 寄出 ji4 chu1
to mail; to send by post

寄辞 寄辭 ji4 ci2
to send a message

寄存 寄存 ji4 cun2
to deposit; to store; to leave sth with sb

寄存处 寄存處 ji4 cun2 chu4
warehouse; temporary store; left-luggage office; cloak-room

寄存器 寄存器 ji4 cun2 qi4
processor register (computing)

寄达 寄達 ji4 da2
to send sth by mail

寄递 寄遞 ji4 di4
delivery (of mail)

寄顿 寄頓 ji4 dun4
to place in safe keeping; to leave sth with sb

寄发 寄發 ji4 fa1
to dispatch; to send out (mail)

寄放 寄放 ji4 fang4
to leave sth with sb

寄父 寄父 ji4 fu4
foster father

寄怀 寄懷 ji4 huai2
emotions expressed in writing

寄籍 寄籍 ji4 ji2
to register as domiciled in another land; naturalization

寄迹 寄跡 ji4 ji4
to live away from home temporarily

寄件人 寄件人 ji4 jian4 ren2

寄件者 寄件者 ji4 jian4 zhe3
see 寄件人

寄居 寄居 ji4 ju1
to live away from home

寄居蟹 寄居蟹 ji4 ju1 xie4
hermit crab

寄卖 寄賣 ji4 mai4
to consign for sale

寄名 寄名 ji4 ming2
adopted name; to take a name (of one's adoptive family)

寄母 寄母 ji4 mu3
foster mother

寄女 寄女 ji4 nv3
foster daughter

寄人篱下 寄人籬下 ji4 ren2 li2 xia4
to lodge under another person's roof (idiom); to live relying on sb else's charity

寄生 寄生 ji4 sheng1
to live in or on another organism as a parasite; to live by taking advantage of others; parasitism; parasitic

寄生虫 寄生蟲 ji4 sheng1 chong2
parasite; drone

寄生生活 寄生生活 ji4 sheng1 sheng1 huo2
parasitism; parasitic life-style

寄生物 寄生物 ji4 sheng1 wu4

寄生者 寄生者 ji4 sheng1 zhe3
parasite (human)

寄售 寄售 ji4 shou4
sale on consignment

寄送 寄送 ji4 song4
to send; to transmit

寄宿 寄宿 ji4 su4
to stay; to lodge; to board

寄宿生 寄宿生 ji4 su4 sheng1

寄宿学校 寄宿學校 ji4 su4 xue2 xiao4
boarding school

寄托 寄託 ji4 tuo1
to entrust (to sb); to place (one's hope, energy etc) in; a thing in which you invest (your hope, energy etc)

寄望 寄望 ji4 wang4
to place hopes on

寄物柜 寄物櫃 ji4 wu4 gui4
baggage locker; coin locker

寄销 寄銷 ji4 xiao1
to dispatch; consigned (goods)

寄养 寄養 ji4 yang3
to place in the care of sb (a child, pet etc); to foster; to board out

寄予 寄予 ji4 yu3
to place (hope, importance etc) on; to express; to show; to give

寄予厚望 寄予厚望 ji4 yu3 hou4 wang4
to place high hopes

寄主 寄主 ji4 zhu3
host (of a parasite)

寄子 寄子 ji4 zi3
foster son

阃寄 閫寄 kun3 ji4
military command

另寄 另寄 ling4 ji4
to mail separately

千里寄鹅毛 千里寄鵝毛 qian1 li3 ji4 e2 mao2
goose feather sent from afar (idiom); a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it; also written 千里送鵝毛|千里送鹅毛

投寄 投寄 tou2 ji4
to send by post

邮寄 郵寄 you2 ji4
to mail; to send by post

转寄 轉寄 zhuan3 ji4
to forward (a message, letter, article etc)