to reside; to imply; to contain; residence

variant of 寓

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
公寓 公寓 gong1 yu4
apartment building; block of flats

公寓大楼 公寓大樓 gong1 yu4 da4 lou2
apartment building

公寓楼 公寓樓 gong1 yu4 lou2
apartment building

寓管理于服务之中 寓管理于服務之中 yu4 guan3 li3 yu2 fu2 wu4 zhi1 zhong1
integrated services management

寓居 寓居 yu4 ju1
to make one's home in; to reside in; to inhabit

寓所 寓所 yu4 suo3

寓言 寓言 yu4 yan2

寓意 寓意 yu4 yi4
moral (of a story); lesson to be learned; implication; message; import; metaphorical meaning

寓意深长 寓意深長 yu4 yi4 shen1 chang2
to have profound import (idiom); to be deeply significant

寓意深远 寓意深遠 yu4 yi4 shen1 yuan3
the implied message is deep (idiom); having deep implications