to examine; to investigate; carefully; to try (in court)

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
报审 報審 bao4 shen3
to report for judgment; to submit for approval

编审 編審 bian1 shen3
to copy-edit; copy editor

承审法官 承審法官 cheng2 shen3 fa3 guan1
trial judge

重审 重審 chong2 shen3
to re-investigate; to investigate and reconsider a judgment

重新审视 重新審視 chong2 xin1 shen3 shi4
a re-examination; to have another look at sth

初审 初審 chu1 shen3
preliminary trial

大陪审团 大陪審團 da4 pei2 shen3 tuan2
grand jury

吊审 吊審 diao4 shen3
to bring to trial; to bring to court

复审 復審 fu4 shen3
to review a judicial case; to reexamine

公平审判权 公平審判權 gong1 ping2 shen3 pan4 quan2
the right to a fair trial

公审 公審 gong1 shen3
public trial (in a court of law)

候审 候審 hou4 shen3
awaiting trial

会审 會審 hui4 shen3
joint hearing; to review jointly (i.e. with other checkers)

接受审问 接受審問 jie1 shou4 shen3 wen4
under interrogation (for a crime); on trial

盘审 盤審 pan2 shen3
to interrogate

陪审团 陪審團 pei2 shen3 tuan2

陪审员 陪審員 pei2 shen3 yuan2

评审 評審 ping2 shen3
to appraise; to evaluate; to judge

评审团 評審團 ping2 shen3 tuan2
jury; panel of judges

评审团特别奖 評審團特別獎 ping2 shen3 tuan2 te4 bie2 jiang3
Special Jury Prize

秋审 秋審 qiu1 shen3
autumn trial (judicial hearing of capital cases during Ming and Qing)

取保候审 取保候審 qu3 bao3 hou4 shen3
release from custody, subject to provision of a surety, pending investigation (PRC)

审查 審查 shen3 cha2
to examine; to investigate; to censor out; censorship

审察 審察 shen3 cha2
to investigate; to examine closely

审处 審處 shen3 chu3
to deliberate and decide; to try and punish; trial and execution

审谛 審諦 shen3 di4
to look at sth carefully; to examine

审定 審定 shen3 ding4
to examine and approve; to finalize

审订 審訂 shen3 ding4
to revise; to examine and revise

审读 審讀 shen3 du2
to read (a draft); to review

审断 審斷 shen3 duan4
to examine

审度 審度 shen3 duo2
to observe and form a judgment

审度时势 審度時勢 shen3 duo2 shi2 shi4
to examine and judge the situation

审改 審改 shen3 gai3
to check and revise

审干 審幹 shen3 gan4
to examine the cadres; same as 審查幹部|审查干部

审稿人 審稿人 shen3 gao3 ren2
reviewer (of a paper)

审核 審核 shen3 he2
to audit; to investigate thoroughly

审级 審級 shen3 ji2
appeal (to higher courts)

审级制度 審級制度 shen3 ji2 zhi4 du4
system of appeals (to higher court)

审计 審計 shen3 ji4
to audit; to examine finances

审计署 審計署 shen3 ji4 shu3
audit office; public accounts committee

审计员 審計員 shen3 ji4 yuan2
accountant; auditor

审计长 審計長 shen3 ji4 zhang3

审校 審校 shen3 jiao4
to proof-read; to review (a text)

审结 審結 shen3 jie2
to adjudicate; to finish a trial; to try and pass verdict

审理 審理 shen3 li3
to hear (a case)

审美 審美 shen3 mei3
esthetics; appreciating the arts; taste

审美观 審美觀 shen3 mei3 guan1
esthetic conception; esthetic point of view; standard

审美活动 審美活動 shen3 mei3 huo2 dong4
appreciating the arts; esthetic activity

审美快感 審美快感 shen3 mei3 kuai4 gan3
esthetic pleasure

审美眼光 審美眼光 shen3 mei3 yan3 guang1
an eye for beauty; aesthetic judgment

审判 審判 shen3 pan4
a trial; to try sb

审判栏 審判欄 shen3 pan4 lan2
judgment bar

审判权 審判權 shen3 pan4 quan2
jurisdiction; judicial authority

审判庭 審判庭 shen3 pan4 ting2
court; tribunal; courtroom

审判席 審判席 shen3 pan4 xi2
judgment seat

审判员 審判員 shen3 pan4 yuan2
judge (in court)

审判长 審判長 shen3 pan4 zhang3
presiding judge

审判者 審判者 shen3 pan4 zhe3

审批 審批 shen3 pi1
to examine and approve; to endorse

审慎 審慎 shen3 shen4
prudent; cautious

审慎行事 審慎行事 shen3 shen4 xing2 shi4
to act prudently; steering a cautious course

审时度势 審時度勢 shen3 shi2 duo2 shi4
to judge the hour and size up the situation; to take stock

审视 審視 shen3 shi4
to look closely at; to examine

审问 審問 shen3 wen4
to interrogate; to examine; to question

审讯 審訊 shen3 xun4
inquest; trial; interrogation; to try; to interrogate

审议 審議 shen3 yi4
deliberation; pondering; due consideration

审阅 審閱 shen3 yue4
to review or peruse

审酌 審酌 shen3 zhuo2
examination; to check and review

受审 受審 shou4 shen3
on trial (for a crime); to stand trial

提审 提審 ti2 shen3
to commit sb for trial; to bring sb for interrogation

听审 聽審 ting1 shen3
to attend court; to take part in a trial

听审会 聽審會 ting1 shen3 hui4
hearing (law)

庭审 庭審 ting2 shen3
court hearing

同侪审查 同儕審查 tong2 chai2 shen3 cha2
peer review

同级评审 同級評審 tong2 ji2 ping2 shen3
peer review

乌审 烏審 wu1 shen3
Uxin or Wushen banner in southwest Ordos prefecture 鄂爾多斯|鄂尔多斯, Inner Mongolia

乌审旗 烏審旗 wu1 shen3 qi2
Uxin or Wushen banner in southwest Ordos prefecture 鄂爾多斯|鄂尔多斯, Inner Mongolia

刑事审判庭 刑事審判庭 xing2 shi4 shen3 pan4 ting2
criminal court

一审 一審 yi1 shen3
first instance (law)

预审 預審 yu4 shen3
preliminary hearing; interrogation (of a suspect); preliminary examination (of a project etc)

再审 再審 zai4 shen3
to hear a case again; review; retrial

甄审 甄審 zhen1 shen3
to screen and select (candidates etc)

政审 政審 zheng4 shen3
examine sb's political record; political investigation

终审 終審 zhong1 shen3
final ruling

终审法院 終審法院 zhong1 shen3 fa3 yuan4
Court of Final Appeal