to write

strokes 15
strokes after radical 12
编写 編寫 bian1 xie3
to compile

博客写手 博客寫手 bo2 ke4 xie3 shou3
blogger; blog writer

不区分大小写 不區分大小寫 bu4 qu1 fen1 da4 xiao3 xie3
case insensitive; not distinguishing capitals from lower case letters

擦写 擦寫 ca1 xie3
to erase

侧写 側寫 ce4 xie3
to profile; profile; (offender) profiling

抄写 抄寫 chao1 xie3
to copy; to transcribe

传写 傳寫 chuan2 xie3
to copy; to pass on a copy

大小写 大小寫 da4 xiao3 xie3
capitals and lower case letters

大写 大寫 da4 xie3
capital letters; uppercase letters; block letters; banker's anti-fraud numerals

大写锁定 大寫鎖定 da4 xie3 suo3 ding4
caps lock

大写字母 大寫字母 da4 xie3 zi4 mu3
capital letters; uppercase letters

代写 代寫 dai4 xie3
to write as substitute for sb; a ghost writer; plagiarism

倒写 倒寫 dao4 xie3
mirror writing; upside down writing

读写 讀寫 du2 xie3
reading and writing

读写能力 讀寫能力 du2 xie3 neng2 li4

非写实 非寫實 fei1 xie3 shi2

复写 複寫 fu4 xie3
to duplicate; to carbon copy

复写纸 複寫紙 fu4 xie3 zhi3
carbon paper

改写 改寫 gai3 xie3
to revise; to edit

简写 簡寫 jian3 xie3
to write characters in simplified form; the simplified form of a character; to abbreviate (a word or expression); to write in simple language

可擦写 可擦寫 ke3 ca1 xie3

可擦写可编程只读存储器 可擦寫可編程祇讀存儲器 ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)

刻写 刻寫 ke4 xie3

连写 連寫 lian2 xie3
to write without lifting one's pen from the paper; (in the Romanization of Chinese) to write two or more syllables together as a single word (not separated by spaces)

临写 臨寫 lin2 xie3
to copy (a model of calligraphy or painting)

乱写 亂寫 luan4 xie3
to write without basis

描写 描寫 miao2 xie3
to describe; to depict; to portray; description

模写 模寫 mo2 xie3
variant of 摹寫|摹写

摹写 摹寫 mo2 xie3
to trace over; to copy (a calligraphy model); facsimile; (fig.) to depict; to portray

默写 默寫 mo4 xie3
to write from memory

能写善算 能寫善算 neng2 xie3 shan4 suan4
to be literate and numerate (idiom)

拼写 拼寫 pin1 xie3
to spell; to transliterate

拼写错误 拼寫錯誤 pin1 xie3 cuo4 wu4
spelling mistake; written error

谱写 譜寫 pu3 xie3
to compose (usu. of music)

轻描淡写 輕描淡寫 qing1 miao2 dan4 xie3
to sketch in light shades; to play down; to deemphasize (idiom)

区分大小写 區分大小寫 qu1 fen1 da4 xiao3 xie3
case sensitive; distinguishing capitals from lower case letters

人物描写 人物描寫 ren2 wu4 miao2 xie3

缮写 繕寫 shan4 xie3
to copy; to transcribe

失写症 失寫症 shi1 xie3 zheng4

时写时辍 時寫時輟 shi2 xie3 shi2 chuo4
to write for a bit then give up; to write in fits and starts

手写 手寫 shou3 xie3
to write by hand

手写识别 手寫識別 shou3 xie3 shi2 bie2
handwriting recognition

手写体 手寫體 shou3 xie3 ti3
handwritten form; cursive

首字母缩写 首字母縮寫 shou3 zi4 mu3 suo1 xie3

书写 書寫 shu1 xie3
to write

抒写 抒寫 shu1 xie3
to express (emotions in prose); a written description (of emotions)

书写不能症 書寫不能症 shu1 xie3 bu4 neng2 zheng4

书写符号 書寫符號 shu1 xie3 fu2 hao4
writing symbol

书写语言 書寫語言 shu1 xie3 yu3 yan2
written language

水底写字板 水底寫字板 shui3 di3 xie3 zi4 ban3
underwater writing tablet

速写 速寫 su4 xie3
quick sketch

缩写 縮寫 suo1 xie3
abbreviation; to abridge

特写 特寫 te4 xie3
feature article; close-up (filmmaking, photography etc)

誊写 謄寫 teng2 xie3
to transcribe; to make a fair copy

题写 題寫 ti2 xie3
to create a work of calligraphy for display in a prominent place (typically, a sign)

填写 填寫 tian2 xie3
to fill in a form; to write data in a box (on a questionnaire or web form)

听写 聽寫 ting1 xie3
dictate; dictation

涂写 塗寫 tu2 xie3
to daub; to scribble (graffiti)

外典写作 外典寫作 wai4 dian3 xie3 zuo4
apocryphal writings

误写 誤寫 wu4 xie3
to unwittingly write the wrong thing

小写 小寫 xiao3 xie3

小写字母 小寫字母 xiao3 xie3 zi4 mu3
lowercase (letters)

写法 寫法 xie3 fa3
style of writing (literary style); way of writing a character; spelling

写生 寫生 xie3 sheng1
to sketch from nature; to do a still life drawing

写实 寫實 xie3 shi2
realism; realistic portrayal; realistic; true to life

写手 寫手 xie3 shou3
person who writes articles - newspapers, magazines, blogs (informal); scribe; copyist; a talented writer of articles or of calligraphy

写完 寫完 xie3 wan2
to finish writing

写下 寫下 xie3 xia4
to write down

写信 寫信 xie3 xin4
to write a letter

写意 寫意 xie3 yi4
to suggest (rather than depict in detail); freehand style of Chinese painting, characterized by bold strokes rather than accurate details

写意画 寫意畫 xie3 yi4 hua4
freehand drawing or painting in traditional Chinese style

写照 寫照 xie3 zhao4

写真 寫真 xie3 zhen1
portrait; to describe sth accurately

写真集 寫真集 xie3 zhen1 ji2
photobook (loanword from Japanese), generally sexy portraits of an actress or model

写字 寫字 xie3 zi4
to write characters

写字楼 寫字樓 xie3 zi4 lou2
office building

写字台 寫字檯 xie3 zi4 tai2
writing desk

写作 寫作 xie3 zuo4
to write; to compose; writing; written works

写意 寫意 xie4 yi4
comfortable; enjoyable; relaxed

译写 譯寫 yi4 xie3
to translate; to render foreign words; to transliterate

隐写术 隱寫術 yin3 xie3 shu4

转写 轉寫 zhuan3 xie3
to transmit; to pass on written message

撰写 撰寫 zhuan4 xie3
to write; to compose