strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
帛画 帛畫 bo2 hua4
painting on silk

帛金 帛金 bo2 jin1
traditional money gift at a funeral

帛琉 帛琉 bo2 liu2

布帛 布帛 bu4 bo2
cloth and silk; cotton and silk textiles

布帛菽粟 布帛菽粟 bu4 bo2 shu1 su4
cloth, silk, beans and grain; food and clothing; daily necessities

财帛 財帛 cai2 bo2
wealth; money

化干戈为玉帛 化干戈為玉帛 hua4 gan1 ge1 wei2 yu4 bo2
lit. to exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk (idiom); fig. to turn hostility into friendship

竹帛 竹帛 zhu2 bo2
bamboo and silk writing materials (before paper)