surname Shuai

handsome; graceful; smart; commander in chief; (coll.) cool!; sweet!

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
大元帅 大元帥 da4 yuan2 shuai4

分数挂帅 分數掛帥 fen1 shu4 gua4 shuai4
preoccupied with school grades; overemphasis on test scores

高富帅 高富帥 gao1 fu4 shuai4
"Mr Perfect" (i.e. tall, rich and handsome) (Internet slang)

挂帅 掛帥 gua4 shuai4
to be in command(fig.) to dominate over other considerations; to be given overemphasis

好兵帅克 好兵帥克 hao3 bing1 shuai4 ke4
The Good Soldier Švejk (Schweik), satirical novel by Czech author Jaroslav Hašek (1883-1923)

将帅 將帥 jiang4 shuai4
commander-in-chief, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess

金钱挂帅 金錢掛帥 jin1 qian2 gua4 shuai4
caring only about money and wealth

舍车保帅 捨車保帥 she3 ju1 bao3 shuai4
rook sacrifice to save the king (in Chinese chess); fig. to protect a senior figure by blaming an underling; to pass the buck

帅呆了 帥呆了 shuai4 dai1 le5
awesome; brilliant; magnificent

帅哥 帥哥 shuai4 ge1
handsome guy; lady-killer; handsome (form of address)

帅气 帥氣 shuai4 qi5
handsome; smart; dashing; elegant

统帅 統帥 tong3 shuai4
command; commander-in-chief

元帅 元帥 yuan2 shuai4
marshal (in the army)