width; roll; classifier for textiles or pictures

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
边幅 邊幅 bian1 fu2
cloth margin; fig. person's appearance; one's dress

波幅 波幅 bo1 fu2

不修边幅 不修邊幅 bu4 xiu1 bian1 fu2
not care about one's appearance (idiom); slovenly in dress and manner

大幅 大幅 da4 fu2
a big margin; substantially

大幅度 大幅度 da4 fu2 du4
by a wide margin; substantial

跌幅 跌幅 die1 fu2
decline (in value); extent of a drop

幅度 幅度 fu2 du4
width; extent; range; scope

幅射 幅射 fu2 she4
variant of 輻射|辐射

幅员 幅員 fu2 yuan2
size (i.e. area) of a country, geographical region or school campus etc; (fig.) scope; extent

广告条幅 廣告條幅 guang3 gao4 tiao2 fu2
banner advertisement

横幅 橫幅 heng2 fu2
horizontal scroll; banner; streamer

横幅标语 橫幅標語 heng2 fu2 biao1 yu3
slogan banner

画幅 畫幅 hua4 fu2
painting; picture; dimension of a painting

减幅 減幅 jian3 fu2
amount of reduction; size of discount

降幅 降幅 jiang4 fu2
degree of reduction (in prices, numbers etc); decline; drop

巨幅 巨幅 ju4 fu2
extremely large (of paintings, photographs etc)

篇幅 篇幅 pian1 fu5
length (of a piece of writing); space occupied on a printed page

旗幅 旗幅 qi2 fu2
banner; width of a flag

升幅 升幅 sheng1 fu2
extent of an increase; percentage rise

调幅 調幅 tiao2 fu2
amplitude modulation (AM); size of an adjustment

条幅 條幅 tiao2 fu2
wall scroll (for painting or calligraphy); banner

条幅广告 條幅廣告 tiao2 fu2 guang3 gao4
banner advertisement

增幅 增幅 zeng1 fu2
growth rate; amplification

涨跌幅限制 漲跌幅限制 zhang3 die1 fu2 xian4 zhi4
limit up, limit down; limit on daily price variation

涨幅 漲幅 zhang3 fu2
extent of a rise (in prices etc); amount of increase; growth (typically expressed as a percentage)

振幅 振幅 zhen4 fu2

直幅 直幅 zhi2 fu2
vertical scroll; (advertising) vertical banner