catty; (PRC) weight equal to 500 g; (Tw) weight equal to 600 g; (HK, Malaysia, Singapore) slightly over 604 g

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
半斤八两 半斤八兩 ban4 jin1 ba1 liang3
not much to choose between the two; tweedledum and tweedledee

秤砣虽小压千斤 秤砣雖小壓千斤 cheng4 tuo2 sui1 xiao3 ya1 qian1 jin1
although small, a steelyard weight may tip a hundred pounds (idiom); apparently insignificant details can have a large impact; for want of a nail the battle was lost

齿条千斤顶 齒條千斤頂 chi3 tiao2 qian1 jin1 ding3
rack and pinion jack

公斤 公斤 gong1 jin1
kilogram (kg)

斤斗 斤斗 jin1 dou3
variant of 筋斗

斤斤计较 斤斤計較 jin1 jin1 ji4 jiao4
to haggle over every ounce; (fig.) to fuss over minor matters; to split hairs

斤斤较量 斤斤較量 jin1 jin1 jiao4 liang4
to bicker at length over a trivial matter (idiom)

斤两 斤兩 jin1 liang3
weight; (fig.) importance

螺旋千斤顶 螺旋千斤頂 luo2 xuan2 qian1 jin1 ding3
screw jack

千斤顶 千斤頂 qian1 jin1 ding3
jack (for lifting weight)

市斤 市斤 shi4 jin1
Chinese unit of weight equal to 0.5 kg

台斤 臺斤 tai2 jin1
Taiwan catty (weight equal to 0.6 kg)

液压千斤顶 液壓千斤頂 ye4 ya1 qian1 jin1 ding3
hydraulic jack