to blame; to reprove; to reprimand; to expel; to oust; to reconnoiter; (of territory) to expand; saline marsh

strokes 5
strokes after radical 1
鄙斥 鄙斥 bi3 chi4
(literary) to censure; to rebuke

贬斥 貶斥 bian3 chi4
to demote; to denounce

摈斥 擯斥 bin4 chi4
to reject; to dismiss

驳斥 駁斥 bo2 chi4
to refute; to debunk; to deny; to denounce

嗔斥 嗔斥 chen1 chi4
to rebuke; to scold

斥候 斥候 chi4 hou4
to reconnoiter; to scout; scout

斥力 斥力 chi4 li4
repulsion (in electrostatics); repulsive force

斥卤 斥鹵 chi4 lu3
saline marsh; salt

斥骂 斥罵 chi4 ma4
to scold

斥退 斥退 chi4 tui4
to dismiss (from a post); to expel from school; to order away (servants etc)

斥责 斥責 chi4 ze2
to lash out; to reprimand

斥资 斥資 chi4 zi1
to spend; to allocate funds

充斥 充斥 chong1 chi4
to be full of; to flood; to congest

喝斥 喝斥 he1 chi4
to berate; to excoriate; to chide; also written 呵斥

诃斥 訶斥 he1 chi4
variant of 呵斥

呵斥 呵斥 he1 chi4
to berate; to excoriate; to chide; also written 喝斥

互斥 互斥 hu4 chi4
mutually exclusive

挥斥 揮斥 hui1 chi4
to chide; to berate; energetic

挥斥方遒 揮斥方遒 hui1 chi4 fang1 qiu2
full of vim

拒斥 拒斥 ju4 chi4
to reject

面斥 面斥 mian4 chi4
to reproach sb to his face

怒斥 怒斥 nu4 chi4
to angrily rebuke; to indignantly denounce

排斥 排斥 pai2 chi4
to reject; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to repel

申斥 申斥 shen1 chi4
to rebuke; to blame; to denounce

弹斥 彈斥 tan2 chi4
accuse and criticize

同性相斥 同性相斥 tong2 xing4 xiang1 chi4
like polarities repel each other; (fig.) like repels like

痛斥 痛斥 tong4 chi4
to criticize harshly; to denounce; to attack viciously

推斥 推斥 tui1 chi4
repulsion; repulsive force (physics)

推斥力 推斥力 tui1 chi4 li4
repulsion; repulsive force (physics)

相斥 相斥 xiang1 chi4
mutual repulsion (e.g. electrostatic); to repel one another

训斥 訓斥 xun4 chi4
to reprimand; to rebuke; to berate; stern criticism

严斥 嚴斥 yan2 chi4
to scold; to censure

指斥 指斥 zhi3 chi4
to denounce; to censure; to rebuke