to break; to snap; to cut off; to give up or abstain from sth; to judge; (usu. used in the negative) absolutely; definitely; decidedly

strokes 18
strokes after radical 14
拗断 拗斷 ao4 duan4
to break by twisting

不断 不斷 bu4 duan4
unceasing; uninterrupted; continuous; constant

裁断 裁斷 cai2 duan4
to consider and decide

残垣断壁 殘垣斷壁 can2 yuan2 duan4 bi4
crumbling fences and dilapidated walls (idiom)

长流水,不断线 長流水,不斷線 chang2 liu2 shui3 - bu4 duan4 xian4
continuous and patient effort (idiom)

冲断层 衝斷層 chong1 duan4 ceng2
thrust fault (geology); compression fault

词汇判断 詞彙判斷 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4
lexical decision

词汇判断法 詞彙判斷法 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 fa3
lexical decision task

词汇判断任务 詞彙判斷任務 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 ren4 wu4
lexical decision task

词汇判断作业 詞彙判斷作業 ci2 hui4 pan4 duan4 zuo4 ye4
lexical decision task

打断 打斷 da3 duan4
to interrupt; to break off; to break (a bone)

当断即断 當斷即斷 dang1 duan4 ji2 duan4
not to delay making a decision when a decision is needed

当断则断 當斷則斷 dang1 duan4 ze2 duan4
to make a decision when it's time to decide

当机立断 當機立斷 dang1 ji1 li4 duan4
to make prompt decisions (idiom)

电脑断层扫描 電腦斷層掃描 dian4 nao3 duan4 ceng2 sao3 miao2
CAT scan; CT scan

跌断 跌斷 die1 duan4
to fall and fracture (a leg, vertebra etc)

独断 獨斷 du2 duan4
to decide alone without consultation; arbitrary; dictatorial

独断独行 獨斷獨行 du2 duan4 du2 xing2
to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action; a law unto oneself

独断专行 獨斷專行 du2 duan4 zhuan1 xing2
to decide and act alone (idiom); to take arbitrary action; a law unto oneself

断案 斷案 duan4 an4
to judge a case

断背 斷背 duan4 bei4
homosexual, cf Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain

断背山 斷背山 duan4 bei4 shan1
Brokeback Mountain, film by Ang Lee

断层 斷層 duan4 ceng2
fault (geology); (fig.) gap; rupture (in the transmission of some skill); (tomography) cross-sectional

断层线 斷層線 duan4 ceng2 xian4
geological fault line

断肠 斷腸 duan4 chang2
heartbroken; to break one's heart

断代 斷代 duan4 dai4
periodization (of history)

断档 斷檔 duan4 dang4
sold out; to be out of stock

断电 斷電 duan4 dian4
power cut; electric power failure

断定 斷定 duan4 ding4
to conclude; to determine; to come to a judgment

断断续续 斷斷續續 duan4 duan4 xu4 xu4
intermittent; off and on; discontinuous; stop-go; stammering; disjointed; inarticulate

断港绝潢 斷港絕潢 duan4 gang3 jue2 huang2
to be unable to continue; to come to a dead end (idiom)

断行 斷行 duan4 hang2
line break (computing)

断乎 斷乎 duan4 hu1

断魂椒 斷魂椒 duan4 hun2 jiao1
king cobra or ghost chili (Naga jolokia)

断货 斷貨 duan4 huo4
to run out of (stock)

断交 斷交 duan4 jiao1
to end a relationship; to break off diplomatic ties

断句 斷句 duan4 ju4
to pause at appropriate points in reading aloud unpunctuated writing; to punctuate

断绝 斷絕 duan4 jue2
to sever; to break off

断开 斷開 duan4 kai1
to break; to sever; to turn off (electric switch)

断粮 斷糧 duan4 liang2
to run out of food

断裂 斷裂 duan4 lie4
fracture; rupture; to break apart

断裂带 斷裂帶 duan4 lie4 dai4
fault zone (geology)

断裂模数 斷裂模數 duan4 lie4 mo2 shu4
modulus rupture

断裂强度 斷裂強度 duan4 lie4 qiang2 du4
rupture strength; breaking strength

断流 斷流 duan4 liu2
to run dry (of river)

断路器 斷路器 duan4 lu4 qi4
circuit breaker

断灭 斷滅 duan4 mie4
annihilation (of soul, Sanskrit uccheda)

断灭论 斷滅論 duan4 mie4 lun4
annihilation (of soul, Sanskrit uccheda)

断奶 斷奶 duan4 nai3
to wean

断片 斷片 duan4 pian4
fragment; piece; (of a film) to break in the middle of viewing

断气 斷氣 duan4 qi4
to stop breathing; to breathe one's last; to die; to cut the gas supply

断桥 斷橋 duan4 qiao2
The Broken Bridge (at West Lake in Hangzhou)

断然 斷然 duan4 ran2
resolute; definitive; categorically; absolutely

断食 斷食 duan4 shi2
to fast; hunger strike

断送 斷送 duan4 song4
to forfeit (future profit, one's life etc); ruined

断头台 斷頭台 duan4 tou2 tai2
guillotine; scaffold

断腿 斷腿 duan4 tui3
broken leg

断瓦残垣 斷瓦殘垣 duan4 wa3 can2 yuan2
the tiles are broken, the walls dilapidated

断弦 斷弦 duan4 xian2
widowed; lit. broken string, cf 琴瑟 qin and se, two instruments epitomizing marital harmony

断线 斷線 duan4 xian4
(of a guitar, kite etc) to have a string break; (of a tradition etc) to be discontinued; (telephone or Internet connection) disconnected; cut off

断线风筝 斷線風箏 duan4 xian4 feng1 zheng1
a kite with cut string (idiom); fig. gone beyond recall

断线钳 斷線鉗 duan4 xian4 qian2
bolt cutter

断想 斷想 duan4 xiang3
brief commentary

断行 斷行 duan4 xing2
to carry out resolutely

断袖 斷袖 duan4 xiu4
homosexual; see 斷袖之癖|断袖之癖

断袖之癖 斷袖之癖 duan4 xiu4 zhi1 pi3
lit. cut sleeve (idiom); fig. euphemism for homosexuality, originating from History of Western Han 漢書|汉书: emperor Han Aidi (real name Liu Xin) was in bed with his lover Dong Xian, and had to attend a court audience that morning. Not wishing to awaken Dong

断续 斷續 duan4 xu4

断崖 斷崖 duan4 ya2
steep cliff; crag; precipice

断言 斷言 duan4 yan2
to assert; assertion

断语 斷語 duan4 yu3
conclusion; judgment; verdict

断狱 斷獄 duan4 yu4
to pass judgment on a legal case

断章取义 斷章取義 duan4 zhang1 qu3 yi4
to quote out of context (idiom)

多谋善断 多謀善斷 duo1 mou2 shan4 duan4
resourceful and decisive; resolute and sagacious

恩断义绝 恩斷義絕 en1 duan4 yi4 jue2
to split up; to break all ties

反垄断 反壟斷 fan3 long3 duan4
anti-trust legislation; anti-monopoly

反垄断法 反壟斷法 fan3 long3 duan4 fa3
anti-trust law; legislation again monopolies

风波不断 風波不斷 feng1 bo1 bu4 duan4
constantly in turmoil; crisis after crisis

肝肠寸断 肝腸寸斷 gan1 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. liver and guts cut to pieces (idiom); broken hearted; all cut up

割断 割斷 ge1 duan4
to cut off; to sever

割袍断义 割袍斷義 ge1 pao2 duan4 yi4
to rip one's robe as a sign of repudiating a sworn brotherhood (idiom); to break all friendly ties

隔断 隔斷 ge2 duan4
partition; to stand between; wall or fence serving as partition

隔断板 隔斷板 ge2 duan4 ban3
partition board

公断 公斷 gong1 duan4
arbitration (law)

寡头垄断 寡頭壟斷 gua3 tou2 long3 duan4

挂断 掛斷 gua4 duan4
to hang up (a phone)

果断 果斷 guo3 duan4
firm; decisive

喝断片 喝斷片 he1 duan4 pian4
to get blackout drunk (slang)

横断 橫斷 heng2 duan4
to cross (a road, an ocean etc); to cut across

横断步道 橫斷步道 heng2 duan4 bu4 dao4
pedestrian crossing

横断面 橫斷面 heng2 duan4 mian4
horizontal section

横断山脉 橫斷山脈 heng2 duan4 shan1 mai4
Hengduan mountains, several parallel mountain ranges on the border between west Yunnan and Sichuan and east Tibet

横断物 橫斷物 heng2 duan4 wu4
transverse object

计算机断层 計算機斷層 ji4 suan4 ji1 duan4 ceng2
CT, computed tomography (medical imaging method)

夹断 夾斷 jia1 duan4
to nip (i.e. cut short); to pinch off

剪断 剪斷 jian3 duan4
to cut; to snip

间断 間斷 jian4 duan4
disconnected; interrupted; suspended

接连不断 接連不斷 jie1 lian2 bu4 duan4
in unbroken succession (idiom)

截断 截斷 jie2 duan4
to break or cut in two; to sever; to cut off; (fig.) to cut off (a conversation, a flow etc); to interrupt; (math.) to truncate

戒断 戒斷 jie4 duan4
withdrawal (from drugs)

决断 決斷 jue2 duan4
to make a decision; resolution; decisiveness; resolute

砍断 砍斷 kan3 duan4
to chop off

快刀断乱麻 快刀斷亂麻 kuai4 dao1 duan4 luan4 ma2
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation; cutting the Gordian knot

连续不断 連續不斷 lian2 xu4 bu4 duan4
continuous; unceasing

了断 了斷 liao3 duan4
to settle (a dispute etc); to break off (a relationship etc); resolution (of a problem)

龙门断层 龍門斷層 long2 men2 duan4 ceng2
Longmenshan fault line, a tectonically active thrust fault line at the northwest boundary of the Sichuan basin

龙门山断层 龍門山斷層 long2 men2 shan1 duan4 ceng2
Longmenshan fault line, a tectonically active thrust fault line at the northwest boundary of the Sichuan basin

垄断 壟斷 long3 duan4
to enjoy market dominance; to monopolize

垄断贩卖 壟斷販賣 long3 duan4 fan4 mai4

论断 論斷 lun4 duan4
to infer; to judge; inference; judgment; conclusion

买断 買斷 mai3 duan4
to buy out; buyout; severance

逆断层 逆斷層 ni4 duan4 ceng2
reverse fault (geology); compression fault, where one block pushes over the other at dip of less than 45 degrees

藕断丝连 藕斷絲連 ou3 duan4 si1 lian2
lit. lotus roots may break, but the fiber remains joined (idiom); lovers part, but still long for one another

判断 判斷 pan4 duan4
to judge; to determine; judgment

判断力 判斷力 pan4 duan4 li4
ability to judge; judgment

判断语 判斷語 pan4 duan4 yu3

片断 片斷 pian4 duan4
section; fragment; segment

评断 評斷 ping2 duan4
to judge

掐断 掐斷 qia1 duan4
cut off; disconnect

切断 切斷 qie1 duan4
to cut off; to sever

清官难断家务事 清官難斷家務事 qing1 guan1 nan2 duan4 jia1 wu4 shi4
even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute (proverb)

柔肠寸断 柔腸寸斷 rou2 chang2 cun4 duan4
lit. to feel as if one's intestines have been cut short; broken-hearted (idiom)

擅断 擅斷 shan4 duan4

伤筋断骨 傷筋斷骨 shang1 jin1 duan4 gu3
to suffer serious injury (idiom)

审断 審斷 shen3 duan4
to examine

圣安德列斯断层 聖安德列斯斷層 sheng4 an1 de2 lie4 si1 duan4 ceng2
San Andreas Fault, California

圣安地列斯断层 聖安地列斯斷層 sheng4 an1 de5 lie4 si1 duan4 ceng2
San Andreas Fault, California; also written 聖安德列斯斷層|圣安德列斯断层

时断时续 時斷時續 shi2 duan4 shi2 xu4
stopping and starting; intermittent; sporadic; on and off

识文断字 識文斷字 shi2 wen2 duan4 zi4
literate; a cultured person

摔断 摔斷 shuai1 duan4
to fall and break; to break (bones) by falling

听断 聽斷 ting1 duan4
to judge (i.e. to hear and pass judgment in a law court); to hear and decide

投鞭断流 投鞭斷流 tou2 bian1 duan4 liu2
arms enough to stem the stream (idiom); formidable army

推断 推斷 tui1 duan4
to infer; to deduce; to predict; to extrapolate

颓垣断壁 頹垣斷壁 tui2 yuan2 duan4 bi4
crumbling fences and dilapidated walls (idiom)

妄断 妄斷 wang4 duan4
to jump to an unfounded conclusion

武断 武斷 wu3 duan4
arbitrary; subjective; dogmatic

眼穿肠断 眼穿腸斷 yan3 chuan1 chang2 duan4
waiting anxiously (idiom)

一刀两断 一刀兩斷 yi1 dao1 liang3 duan4
lit. two segments with a single cut (idiom); fig. to make a clean break (idiom)

逸尘断鞅 逸塵斷鞅 yi4 chen2 duan4 yang1
lit. kicking up the dust and breaking the harness; fig. to ride like the wind (idiom)

臆断 臆斷 yi4 duan4
to assume; assumption

英明果断 英明果斷 ying1 ming2 guo3 duan4
wise and resolute

应机立断 應機立斷 ying4 ji1 li4 duan4
to act on an opportunity (idiom); to take prompt advantage of a situation

优柔寡断 優柔寡斷 you1 rou2 gua3 duan4
indecisive; irresolute

源源不断 源源不斷 yuan2 yuan2 bu4 duan4
a steady flow (idiom); an unending stream

斩断 斬斷 zhan3 duan4
to cut off; to chop sth in half

遮断 遮斷 zhe1 duan4
to cut off; to interrupt; to prevent access

折断 折斷 zhe2 duan4
to snap sth off; to break

诊断 診斷 zhen3 duan4
diagnosis; to diagnose

正电子断层 正電子斷層 zheng4 dian4 zi3 duan4 ceng2
PET, positron emission tomography (medical imaging method)

正电子发射断层照相术 正電子發射斷層照相術 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 duan4 ceng2 zhao4 xiang1 shu4
positron emission tomography (PET)

正电子发射计算机断层 正電子發射計算機斷層 zheng4 dian4 zi3 fa1 she4 ji4 suan4 ji1 duan4 ceng2
PET, positron emission tomography (medical imaging method)

正电子照射断层摄影 正電子照射斷層攝影 zheng4 dian4 zi3 zhao4 she4 duan4 ceng2 she4 ying3
positrion emission tomography (PET)

正断层 正斷層 zheng4 duan4 ceng2
normal fault (geology)

中断 中斷 zhong1 duan4
to cut short; to break off; to discontinue; to interrupt

专断 專斷 zhuan1 duan4
to act arbitrarily; to make decisions without consulting others

转换断层 轉換斷層 zhuan3 huan4 duan4 ceng2
transform fault (geology)

自行了断 自行了斷 zi4 xing2 liao3 duan4
to take one's life

纵断面 縱斷面 zong4 duan4 mian4
vertical section; longitudinal section

走向断层 走向斷層 zou3 xiang4 duan4 ceng2
strike fault (geology)

走向滑动断层 走向滑動斷層 zou3 xiang4 hua2 dong4 duan4 ceng2
strike-slip fault (geology); fault line where the two sides slide horizontally past one another

阻断 阻斷 zu3 duan4
to block; to obstruct; to intercept; to interdict