jade-like stone; clean and white; tinkling of pendants

see 瑯琊山|琅玡山

(gem); tinkling of pendants

strokes 11
strokes after radical 7
挡琅 擋瑯 dang3 lang2
(slang) to ask for money; to lend money

珐琅 琺瑯 fa4 lang2

珐琅质 琺瑯質 fa4 lang2 zhi4
tooth enamel

琅嬛 琅嬛 lang2 huan2
mythical fairy realm

琅威理 琅威理 lang2 wei1 li3
Captain William M Lang (1843-), British adviser to the Qing north China navy 北洋水師|北洋水师 during the 1880s

琅玡 瑯琊 lang2 ya2
Langya district of Chuzhou city 滁州市, Anhui

琅玡区 琅琊區 lang2 ya2 qu1
Langya district of Chuzhou city 滁州市, Anhui

琅玡区 瑯琊區 lang2 ya2 qu1
Lang'ya district of Chuzhou city 滁州市, Anhui

琅玡山 瑯琊山 lang2 ya2 shan1
Mt Langya in eastern Anhui Province

琳琅 琳瑯 lin2 lang2
glittering jewels

琳琅满目 琳瑯滿目 lin2 lang2 man3 mu4
glittering jewels to delight the eye (idiom); fig. a dazzling lineup

满目琳琅 滿目琳琅 man3 mu4 lin2 lang2
lit. to fill one's eyes with glittering jewels; a literary masterpiece or sb of extraordinary talent (idiom)

施琅 施琅 shi1 lang2
Shi Lang (1621-1696), Chinese admiral who served under the Ming and Qing Dynasties