fine jade

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
安琪儿 安琪兒 an1 qi2 er2
angel (loanword)

杜琪峰 杜琪峰 du4 qi2 feng1
Johnnie To (1955-), Hong Kong film director

范玮琪 范瑋琪 fan4 wei3 qi2
Christine Fan (1976-), American-born Taiwanese singer and actress

沙琪玛 沙琪瑪 sha1 qi2 ma3
sachima, sweet (Manchu) pastry made of fried strips of dough coated with syrup, pressed together, then cut into blocks

斯沃琪 斯沃琪 si1 wo4 qi2
Swatch (Swiss brand)

珣玗琪 珣玗琪 xun2 yu2 qi2
type of ancient jade