insane; mad; wild

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
爱疯 愛瘋 ai4 feng1
iPhone (slang)

发疯 發瘋 fa1 feng1
to go mad; to go crazy; to lose one's mind

发酒疯 發酒瘋 fa1 jiu3 feng1
to get wildly drunk

疯癫 瘋癲 feng1 dian1
insane; crazy

疯疯癫癫 瘋瘋癲癲 feng1 feng5 dian1 dian1
deranged; erratic

疯狂 瘋狂 feng1 kuang2
crazy; frantic; extreme popularity

疯牛病 瘋牛病 feng1 niu2 bing4
mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy)

疯犬 瘋犬 feng1 quan3
mad dog; rabid dog

疯瘫 瘋癱 feng1 tan1
variant of 風癱|风瘫

疯子 瘋子 feng1 zi5
madman; lunatic

林来疯 林來瘋 lin2 lai2 feng1
Linsanity; craze over Jeremy Lin 林書豪|林书豪

麻疯 麻瘋 ma2 feng1
leprosy; also written 麻風|麻风

人来疯 人來瘋 ren2 lai2 feng1
to get hyped up in front of an audience; (of children) to play up in front of guests

撒酒疯 撒酒瘋 sa1 jiu3 feng1
to get drunk and act crazy; roaring drunk

吓疯 嚇瘋 xia4 feng1
to be scared senseless

羊癫疯 羊癲瘋 yang2 dian1 feng1

羊角疯 羊角瘋 yang2 jiao3 feng1
variant of 羊角風|羊角风

装疯卖傻 裝瘋賣傻 zhuang1 feng1 mai4 sha3
to play the fool (idiom); to feign madness