variant of 痴

imbecile; sentimental; stupid; foolish; silly

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
白痴 白痴 bai2 chi1
idiocy; idiot

痴騃 痴騃 chi1 ai2
stupid; foolish

痴呆 痴獃 chi1 dai1
imbecility; dementia

痴呆 癡呆 chi1 dai1
imbecility; dementia

痴呆症 痴呆症 chi1 dai1 zheng4

痴迷 痴迷 chi1 mi2
infatuated; obsessed

痴情 癡情 chi1 qing2

痴人痴福 痴人痴福 chi1 ren2 chi1 fu2
a fool suffers foolish fortune (idiom)

痴人说梦 痴人說夢 chi1 ren2 shuo1 meng4
lunatic ravings; nonsense; pipe dream

痴傻 癡傻 chi1 sha3
stupid; foolish

痴想 痴想 chi1 xiang3
to daydream; wishful thinking; pipe dream

痴笑 痴笑 chi1 xiao4
to giggle foolishly; to titter

痴心 痴心 chi1 xin1

痴心妄想 痴心妄想 chi1 xin1 wang4 xiang3
to be carried away by one's wishful thinking (idiom); to labor under a delusion; wishful thinking

痴长 痴長 chi1 zhang3
to not be wiser despite being older; to be older than (you) by (humble)

痴醉 痴醉 chi1 zui4
to be fascinated; to be spellbound

花痴 花痴 hua1 chi1
to be smitten with sb; love-struck fool; starry-eyed infatuation

娇痴 嬌痴 jiao1 chi1
spoilt and naive

老年痴呆 老年痴獃 lao3 nian2 chi1 dai1
senile dementia; Alzheimer's disease

老年痴呆症 老年痴獃症 lao3 nian2 chi1 dai1 zheng4
senile dementia; Alzheimer's disease

老年性痴呆症 老年性痴獃症 lao3 nian2 xing4 chi1 dai1 zheng4
senile dementia

路痴 路痴 lu4 chi1
person with a poor sense of direction

呢呢痴痴 呢呢癡癡 ni2 ni2 chi1 chi1

情痴 情癡 qing2 chi1
infatuated; lovesick person

如痴如醉 如癡如醉 ru2 chi1 ru2 zui4
lit. as if drunk and stupefied (idiom); fig. intoxicated by sth; obsessed with; mad about sth

如醉如痴 如醉如癡 ru2 zui4 ru2 chi1
lit. as if drunk and stupefied (idiom); intoxicated by sth; obsessed with; mad about sth; also written 如癡如醉|如痴如醉

音痴 音痴 yin1 chi1
tone deaf