sore; skin ulcer

strokes 15
strokes after radical 10
暗疮 暗瘡 an4 chuang1

百孔千疮 百孔千瘡 bai3 kong3 qian1 chuang1
heavily damaged; (fig.) full of holes; riddled with problems

疮疤 瘡疤 chuang1 ba1

疮痕 瘡痕 chuang1 hen2
scar; scarred skin

疮痂 瘡痂 chuang1 jia1

疮口 瘡口 chuang1 kou3
wound; open sore

疮疡 瘡瘍 chuang1 yang2
sore; skin ulcer

疮痍 瘡痍 chuang1 yi2
wound; skin ulcer; (fig.) the desolation of trauma; desolation in the aftermath of a disaster

疮痍满目 瘡痍滿目 chuang1 yi2 man3 mu4
lit. bumps and bruises everywhere (idiom); fig. an ugly shambles; devastation everywhere

痤疮 痤瘡 cuo2 chuang1

挫疮 挫瘡 cuo4 chuang1
acne; pustule

大疮 大瘡 da4 chuang1
ulcer or sore of venereal origin

冻疮 凍瘡 dong4 chuang1
frostbite; chilblains

红斑性狼疮 紅斑性狼瘡 hong2 ban1 xing4 lang2 chuang1
lupus erythematosus

疥疮 疥瘡 jie4 chuang1
scabies; welts

口疮 口瘡 kou3 chuang1
mouth ulcer

氯痤疮 氯痤瘡 lv4 cuo2 chuang1
pockmarks; acne

千疮百孔 千瘡百孔 qian1 chuang1 bai3 kong3
see 百孔千瘡|百孔千疮

褥疮 褥瘡 ru4 chuang1

天疱疮 天皰瘡 tian1 pao4 chuang1
(medicine) pemphigus

秃疮 禿瘡 tu1 chuang1
(dialect) favus of the scalp (skin disease)

挖肉补疮 挖肉補瘡 wa1 rou4 bu3 chuang1
to cut one's flesh to cover a sore (idiom); faced with a current crisis, to make it worse by a temporary expedient

痔疮 痔瘡 zhi4 chuang1