thin; to lose weight; (of clothing) tight; (of meat) lean; (of land) unproductive

strokes 14
strokes after radical 10
干瘦 乾瘦 gan1 shou4
wizened; skinny and shriveled

高矮胖瘦 高矮胖瘦 gao1 ai3 pang4 shou4
one's physique (tall or short, thin or fat); stature

骨瘦如豺 骨瘦如豺 gu3 shou4 ru2 chai2
variant of 骨瘦如柴

骨瘦如柴 骨瘦如柴 gu3 shou4 ru2 chai2
as thin as a match; emaciated (idiom)

精瘦 精瘦 jing1 shou4
(coll.) lean (figure, meat etc); slender

面黄肌瘦 面黃肌瘦 mian4 huang2 ji1 shou4
yellow face, emaciated body (idiom); malnourished and sickly in appearance

清瘦 清瘦 qing1 shou4

癯瘦 癯瘦 qu2 shou4
thin; emaciated

瘦巴巴 瘦巴巴 shou4 ba1 ba1
thin; scrawny; emaciated

瘦长 瘦長 shou4 chang2

瘦骨棱棱 瘦骨棱棱 shou4 gu3 leng2 leng2
bony; skinny

瘦骨嶙峋 瘦骨嶙峋 shou4 gu3 lin2 xun2
skinny; emaciated (idiom)

瘦骨伶仃 瘦骨伶仃 shou4 gu3 ling2 ding1
emaciated; scrawny

瘦肉 瘦肉 shou4 rou4
lean meat

瘦肉精 瘦肉精 shou4 rou4 jing1
leanness-enhancing agent

瘦弱 瘦弱 shou4 ruo4
thin and weak

瘦身 瘦身 shou4 shen1
to lose weight (intentionally); to slim down; (Tw) to downsize (a business)

瘦小 瘦小 shou4 xiao3
slightly-built; petite

瘦削 瘦削 shou4 xue1

瘦子 瘦子 shou4 zi5
thin person

挑肥嫌瘦 挑肥嫌瘦 tiao1 fei2 xian2 shou4
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience

纤瘦 纖瘦 xian1 shou4
slender; slim as a thread

嫌肥挑瘦 嫌肥挑瘦 xian2 fei2 tiao1 shou4
to choose sth over another to suit one's own convenience

消瘦 消瘦 xiao1 shou4
to waste away; to become thin

周瘦鹃 周瘦鵑 zhou1 shou4 juan1
Zhou Shoujuan (1895-1968), writer, translator and art collector in Suzhou, a victim of the cultural revolution