variant of 愈; to heal

strokes 18
strokes after radical 13
病愈 病癒 bing4 yu4
to recover (from an illness)

不治而愈 不治而癒 bu4 zhi4 er2 yu4
to recover spontaneously (from an illness); to get better without medical treatment

霍然而愈 霍然而癒 huo4 ran2 er2 yu4
to recover speedily (idiom); to get better quickly

疗愈 療癒 liao2 yu4
to heal; therapy

痊愈 痊癒 quan2 yu4
to recover completely (from illness or injury)

完全愈复 完全癒復 wan2 quan2 yu4 fu4
complete recovery (after illness)

愈复 癒復 yu4 fu4
recovery (after illness)

治愈 治癒 zhi4 yu4
to cure