to itch; to tickle

strokes 19
strokes after radical 15
不关痛痒 不關痛癢 bu4 guan1 tong4 yang3
unimportant; of no consequence

不痛不痒 不痛不癢 bu4 tong4 bu4 yang3
lit. doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle (idiom); sth is wrong, but not quite sure what; fig. not getting to any matter of substance; scratching the surface; superficial; perfunctory

不知痛痒 不知痛癢 bu4 zhi1 tong4 yang3
numb; unfeeling; indifferent; inconsequential

发痒 發癢 fa1 yang3
to tickle; to itch

隔靴搔痒 隔靴搔癢 ge2 xue1 sao1 yang3
lit. to scratch the outside of the boot (idiom); fig. beside the point; ineffectual

挠痒痒 撓癢癢 nao2 yang3 yang5
to tickle

怕痒 怕癢 pa4 yang3
to be ticklish

皮痒 皮癢 pi2 yang3
(coll.) to need a spanking

七年之痒 七年之癢 qi1 nian2 zhi1 yang3
seven-year itch

搔痒 搔癢 sao1 yang3
to scratch (an itch); to tickle

瘙痒 瘙癢 sao4 yang3
to itch; itchiness

瘙痒病 瘙癢病 sao4 yang3 bing4
scrapie (prion disease of sheep)

瘙痒症 瘙癢症 sao4 yang3 zheng4
pruritus; itchy skin

虱多不痒 蝨多不癢 shi1 duo1 bu4 yang3
many fleas, but unconcerned (idiom); no point in worrying about one debt when one has so many others; Troubles never come singly.; It never rains but it pours.

手痒 手癢 shou3 yang3
(fig.) to itch (to do sth)

痛痒 痛癢 tong4 yang3
pain and itch; sufferings; importance; consequence

无关痛痒 無關痛癢 wu2 guan1 tong4 yang3
not to affect sb; irrelevant; of no importance; insignificant

心里痒痒 心裡癢癢 xin1 li3 yang3 yang5
lit. itchy heart; to be itching to do sth (idiom)

羊瘙痒病 羊瘙癢病 yang2 sao4 yang3 bing4
scrapie (prion disease of sheep)

羊瘙痒症 羊瘙癢症 yang2 sao4 yang3 zheng4
scrapie (prion disease of sheep)

羊痒疫 羊癢疫 yang2 yang3 yi4
scrapie (prion disease of sheep)

痒痒 癢癢 yang3 yang5
to itch; to tickle

痒痒挠 癢癢撓 yang3 yang5 nao2
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc)

抓痒 抓癢 zhua1 yang3
to scratch an itch