sleeve of a robe

strokes 9
strokes after radical 4
把袂 把袂 ba3 mei4
to have an intimate friendship

分袂 分袂 fen1 mei4
to leave each other; to part company

奋袂 奮袂 fen4 mei4
to roll up one's sleeves for action

联袂 聯袂 lian2 mei4
jointly; as a group; together

连袂 連袂 lian2 mei4
variant of 聯袂|联袂

判袂 判袂 pan4 mei4
to separate; to part (of friends)

攘袂 攘袂 rang3 mei4
to rise to action with a determined shake of the arms

投袂而起 投袂而起 tou2 mei4 er2 qi3
lit. to shake one's sleeves and rise (idiom); fig. to get excited and move to action

揄袂 揄袂 yu2 mei4
to walk with the hands in one's sleeves