to look at; to view; to read

strokes 21
strokes after radical 14
巴三览四 巴三覽四 ba1 san1 lan3 si4
to talk about this and that (idiom); to ramble incoherently

饱览 飽覽 bao3 lan3
to look intensively; to feast one's eyes on

便览 便覽 bian4 lan3
brief guide

博览 博覽 bo2 lan3
to read extensively

博览会 博覽會 bo2 lan3 hui4
exposition; international fair

导览 導覽 dao3 lan3
(visitor, tour, audio etc) guide; guided tour; (site) navigator; to guide

概览 概覽 gai4 lan3
general overview; to skim through

观览 觀覽 guan1 lan3
to view; to look at; to look sth over

会议展览 會議展覽 hui4 yi4 zhan3 lan3
conferences and exhibitions

览古 覽古 lan3 gu3
to visit historic sites

览胜 覽勝 lan3 sheng4
to visit scenic spots

流览 流覽 liu2 lan3
to skim; to browse

浏览 瀏覽 liu2 lan3
to skim over; to browse

浏览量 瀏覽量 liu2 lan3 liang4
(website) traffic; page views; volume of website traffic

浏览器 瀏覽器 liu2 lan3 qi4
browser (software)

浏览软件 瀏覽軟件 liu2 lan3 ruan3 jian4
a web browser

吕览 呂覽 lv3 lan3
"Mr Lü's Annals", same as 呂氏春秋|吕氏春秋

披览 披覽 pi1 lan3
to pore over a book; to look and admire

奇览 奇覽 qi2 lan3
singular excursion; off the beaten track

汽车展览会 汽車展覽會 qi4 che1 zhan3 lan3 hui4
car show; automobile expo

涉览 涉覽 she4 lan3
to browse; to glance through; to read

世界博览会 世界博覽會 shi4 jie4 bo2 lan3 hui4
World Expo; abbr. to 世博

数字导览设施 數字導覽設施 shu4 zi4 dao3 lan3 she4 shi1
digital navigation equipment

太平御览 太平御覽 tai4 ping2 yu4 lan3
Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era, general Song dynasty encyclopedia compiled during 977-983 under Li Fang 李昉, 1000 scrolls

万国博览会 萬國博覽會 wan4 guo2 bo2 lan3 hui4
universal exposition; world expo

网络浏览器 網絡瀏覽器 wang3 luo4 liu2 lan3 qi4
network browser; Internet browser

一览 一覽 yi1 lan3
an overview; at a glance

一览无遗 一覽無遺 yi1 lan3 wu2 yi2
be plainly visible

一览无余 一覽無餘 yi1 lan3 wu2 yu2
to cover all at one glance (idiom); a panoramic view

游览 遊覽 you2 lan3
to go sightseeing; to tour; to visit

游览区 遊覽區 you2 lan3 qu1
tourist regions; sightseeing area

预览 預覽 yu4 lan3
preview; to preview

阅览 閱覽 yue4 lan3
to read

阅览室 閱覽室 yue4 lan3 shi4
reading room

展览 展覽 zhan3 lan3
to put on display; to exhibit; exhibition; show

展览馆 展覽館 zhan3 lan3 guan3
exhibition hall

展览会 展覽會 zhan3 lan3 hui4
exhibition; show

总览 總覽 zong3 lan3
a general overview

纵览 縱覽 zong4 lan3
panoramic view; wide survey