to see; to meet; to appear (to be sth); to interview

to appear; also written 現|现

strokes 4
strokes after radical 0
傲慢与偏见 傲慢與偏見 ao4 man4 yu3 pian1 jian4
Pride and prejudice, novel by Jane Austen 珍·奧斯汀|珍·奥斯汀

百闻不如一见 百聞不如一見 bai3 wen2 bu4 ru2 yi1 jian4
seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others; seeing is believing

拜见 拜見 bai4 jian4
to pay a formal visit; to call to pay respects; to meet one's senior or superior

鄙见 鄙見 bi3 jian4
(my) humble opinion; humble idea

避不见面 避不見面 bi4 bu4 jian4 mian4
to refuse to meet sb; to avoid sb

兵戎相见 兵戎相見 bing1 rong2 xiang1 jian4
to meet on the battlefield (idiom)

拨云见日 撥雲見日 bo1 yun2 jian4 ri4
lit. to dispel the clouds and see the sun (idiom); fig. to restore justice

不见 不見 bu4 jian4
not to see; not to meet; to have disappeared; to be missing

不见不散 不見不散 bu4 jian4 bu4 san4
(lit.) Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave (idiom); Be sure to wait!; See you there!

不见得 不見得 bu4 jian4 de5
not necessarily; not likely

不见棺材不落泪 不見棺材不落淚 bu4 jian4 guan1 cai5 bu4 luo4 lei4
lit. not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin (idiom); fig. refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality

不见经传 不見經傳 bu4 jian4 jing1 zhuan4
not found in the classics (idiom); unknown; unfounded; not authoritative

不见天日 不見天日 bu4 jian4 tian1 ri4
all black, no daylight (idiom); a world without justice

不见兔子不撒鹰 不見兔子不撒鷹 bu4 jian4 tu4 zi5 bu4 sa1 ying1
you don't release the hawk until you've seen the hare (idiom); one doesn't act without some incentive

不见一点踪影 不見一點蹤影 bu4 jian4 yi1 dian3 zong1 ying3
no trace to be seen

参见 參見 can1 jian4
to refer to; see also; compare (cf.); to pay respect to

层见迭出 層見迭出 ceng2 jian4 die2 chu1
to occur frequently; to occur repeatedly

常见 常見 chang2 jian4
commonly seen; common; to see sth frequently

常见问题 常見問題 chang2 jian4 wen4 ti2
common problems; FAQ

朝见 朝見 chao2 jian4
to have an audience (with the Emperor)

成见 成見 cheng2 jian4
preconceived idea; bias; prejudice

持不同政见 持不同政見 chi2 bu4 tong2 zheng4 jian4
(politically) dissenting; dissident

持不同政见者 持不同政見者 chi2 bu4 tong2 zheng4 jian4 zhe3
(political) dissident

赤诚相见 赤誠相見 chi4 cheng2 xiang4 jian4
candidly sharing confidences

重见天日 重見天日 chong2 jian4 tian1 ri4
to see the light again (idiom); delivered from oppression

仇人相见,分外眼红 仇人相見,分外眼紅 chou2 ren2 xiang1 jian4 - fen4 wai4 yan3 hong2
when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred (idiom)

瞅见 瞅見 chou3 jian4
to see

传见 傳見 chuan2 jian4
to summon for an interview

创见 創見 chuang4 jian4
an original idea

创见性 創見性 chuang4 jian4 xing4
original (idea, discovery etc)

吹糠见米 吹糠見米 chui1 kang1 jian4 mi3
instant results; lit. blow the husk and see the rice

待见 待見 dai4 jian5
(coll.) to like

到处可见 到處可見 dao4 chu4 ke3 jian4
ubiquitous; commonplace; found everywhere

点见 點見 dian3 jian4
to check an amount

定见 定見 ding4 jian4
firm view; definite opinion

洞见 洞見 dong4 jian4
insight; to see clearly

动见观瞻 動見觀瞻 dong4 jian4 guan1 zhan1
to be watched closely (idiom)

短见 短見 duan3 jian4
short-sighted; suicide

耳听为虚,眼见为实 耳聽為虛,眼見為實 er3 ting1 wei2 xu1 - yan3 jian4 wei2 shi2
Take what you hear to be false, only believe it when you see it (idiom). Don't believe what people tell you until you see if for yourself.; It ain't necessarily so.

耳闻不如目见 耳聞不如目見 er3 wen2 bu4 ru2 mu4 jian4
seeing sth for oneself is better than hearing about it from others

高见 高見 gao1 jian4
wise opinion; brilliant idea (honorific)

各持己见 各持己見 ge4 chi2 ji3 jian4
each sticks to his own opinion (idiom); chacun son gout

各抒己见 各抒己見 ge4 shu1 ji3 jian4
everyone gives their own view

各执己见 各執己見 ge4 zhi2 ji3 jian4
each sticks to his own view (idiom); a dialogue of the deaf

各执所见 各執所見 ge4 zhi2 suo3 jian4
each sticks to his own view

公众意见 公眾意見 gong1 zhong4 yi4 jian4
public opinion

固执己见 固執己見 gu4 zhi2 ji3 jian4
to persist in one's views

管见 管見 guan3 jian4
my limited view (lit. view through a thin tube); my limited understanding; my opinion (humble)

管见所及 管見所及 guan3 jian4 suo3 ji2
in my humble opinion (idiom)

罕见 罕見 han3 jian4
rare; rarely seen

好久不见 好久不見 hao3 jiu3 bu5 jian4
long time no see

何以见得 何以見得 he2 yi3 jian4 de2
how can one be sure?

后见之明 後見之明 hou4 jian4 zhi1 ming2

患难见真情 患難見真情 huan4 nan4 jian4 zhen1 qing2
a friend in need is a friend indeed (idiom)

回见 回見 hui2 jian4
See you later!

回头见 回頭見 hui2 tou2 jian4
See you!; Bye!

会见 會見 hui4 jian4
to meet with (sb who is paying a visit)

疾风知劲草,烈火见真金 疾風知勁草,烈火見真金 ji2 feng1 zhi1 jin4 cao3 - lie4 huo3 jian4 zhen1 jin1
the storm put strong grass to the test, fire tests true gold (idiom); fig. troubled times test a faithful minister; to show one's true colors after a stern test

己见 己見 ji3 jian4
one's own viewpoint

见招拆招 見招拆招 jian1 zhao1 chai1 zhao1
to counter every move; to be full of tricks

简略见告 簡略見告 jian3 lve4 jian4 gao4
brief outline or overview (of a plan etc)

见爱 見愛 jian4 ai4
loved; respected (honorific)

见报 見報 jian4 bao4
to appear in the news; in the papers

见背 見背 jian4 bei1
to pass away (lit., of the older generation); to be orphaned

见不得 見不得 jian4 bu5 de2
not fit to be seen by; should not be exposed to; can't bear to see

见不得人 見不得人 jian4 bu5 de2 ren2

见财起意 見財起意 jian4 cai2 qi3 yi4
seeing riches provokes evil designs

见长 見長 jian4 chang2
to be good at sth; one's forte

见到 見到 jian4 dao4
to see

见得 見得 jian4 de2
to seem; to appear; (in a negative or interrogative sentence) to be sure

见地 見地 jian4 di4
opinion; view; insight

见多识广 見多識廣 jian4 duo1 shi2 guang3
experienced and knowledgeable (idiom)

见方 見方 jian4 fang1
a (10 meter) square; a square of given side

见访 見訪 jian4 fang3
your visit (honorific); you honor me with your visit

见风使舵 見風使舵 jian4 feng1 shi3 duo4
lit. see the wind and set the helm (idiom); fig. to act pragmatically; to be flexible and take advantage of the situation

见风使帆 見風使帆 jian4 feng1 shi3 fan1
lit. see the wind and set your sails (idiom); fig. to act pragmatically; to be flexible and take advantage of the situation

见风是雨 見風是雨 jian4 feng1 shi4 yu3
lit. see the wind and assume it will rain (idiom); fig. gullible; to believe whatever people suggest

见风转舵 見風轉舵 jian4 feng1 zhuan3 duo4
lit. see the wind and set the helm (idiom); fig. to act pragmatically; to be flexible and take advantage of the situation

见缝插针 見縫插針 jian4 feng4 cha1 zhen1
lit. to see a gap and stick in a needle (idiom); fig. to make use of every second and every inch

见缝就钻 見縫就鑽 jian4 feng4 jiu4 zuan1
lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom); fig. to make the most of every opportunity

见怪 見怪 jian4 guai4
to mind; to take offense

见怪不怪 見怪不怪 jian4 guai4 bu4 guai4
to keep one's calm in the face of the unexpected; not to wonder at strange sights

见光死 見光死 jian4 guang1 si3
(lit.) to wither in the light of day; (fig.) the bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent (esp. of a much-anticipated first meeting with sb); (of stocks) just as the favorable news is officially published, the stock price falls

见鬼 見鬼 jian4 gui3
curse it!; to hell with it!

见好就收 見好就收 jian4 hao3 jiu4 shou1
to quit while one is ahead (idiom); to know when to stop

见红 見紅 jian4 hong2
(coll.) to bleed (esp. vaginal bleeding); to suffer a financial loss

见机行事 見機行事 jian4 ji1 xing2 shi4
see the opportunity and act (idiom); to act according to circumstances; to play it by ear; to use one's discretion

见驾 見駕 jian4 jia4
to have an audience (with the emperor)

见教 見教 jian4 jiao4
I have been enlightened by your teaching (humble)

见解 見解 jian4 jie3
opinion; view; understanding

见景生情 見景生情 jian4 jing3 sheng1 qing2
to be touched by a scene; to adapt to the situation

见利思义 見利思義 jian4 li4 si1 yi4
to see profit and remember morality (idiom); to act ethically; not tempted by riches

见利忘义 見利忘義 jian4 li4 wang4 yi4
to see profit and forget morality (idiom); to act from mercenary considerations; to sell one's soul for gain

见谅 見諒 jian4 liang4
please forgive me

见亮 見亮 jian4 liang4
please forgive me

见猎心喜 見獵心喜 jian4 lie4 xin1 xi3
lit. seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt (idiom); fig. seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again

见马克思 見馬克思 jian4 ma3 ke4 si1
to die; lit. to visit Marx; to pass away

见面 見面 jian4 mian4
to meet; to see each other

见面礼 見面禮 jian4 mian4 li3
gift given to sb when meeting them for the first time

见难而上 見難而上 jian4 nan2 er2 shang4
to take the bull by the horns (idiom)

见票即付 見票即付 jian4 piao4 ji2 fu4
payable at sight; payable to bearer

见钱眼开 見錢眼開 jian4 qian2 yan3 kai1
to open one's eyes wide at the sight of profit (idiom); thinking of nothing but personal gain; money-grubbing

见仁见智 見仁見智 jian4 ren2 jian4 zhi4
opinions differ (idiom)

见色忘义 見色忘義 jian4 se4 wang4 yi4
to forget loyalty when in love; hoes before bros

见色忘友 見色忘友 jian4 se4 wang4 you3
to neglect one's friends when smitten with a new love

见识 見識 jian4 shi5
knowledge and experience; to increase one's knowledge

见识浅 見識淺 jian4 shi5 qian3

见说 見說 jian4 shuo1
to hear what was said

见天 見天 jian4 tian1
(coll.) every day

见外 見外 jian4 wai4
to regard sb as an outsider

见微知著 見微知著 jian4 wei1 zhi1 zhu4
one tiny clue reveals the general trend (idiom); small beginnings show how things will develop

见闻 見聞 jian4 wen2
what one has seen and heard; knowledge; one's experience

见闻有限 見聞有限 jian4 wen2 you3 xian4
to possess limited experience and knowledge (idiom)

见习 見習 jian4 xi2
to learn on the job; to be on probation

见习生 見習生 jian4 xi2 sheng1
apprentice; probationer; cadet

见习医生 見習醫生 jian4 xi2 yi1 sheng1
medical intern

见习医师 見習醫師 jian4 xi2 yi1 shi1
medical intern

见习员 見習員 jian4 xi2 yuan2

见贤思齐 見賢思齊 jian4 xian2 si1 qi2
see a worthy, think to imitate (idiom, from Analects); emulate the virtuous; Follow the example of a virtuous and wise teacher.

见笑 見笑 jian4 xiao4
to mock; to be ridiculed; to incur ridicule through one's poor performance (humble)

见效 見效 jian4 xiao4
to have the desired effect

见血封喉树 見血封喉樹 jian4 xue4 feng1 hou2 shu4
Antiaris toxicaria (botany)

见阎王 見閻王 jian4 yan2 wang2
to meet one's Maker; to die

见异思迁 見異思遷 jian4 yi4 si1 qian1
to change at once on seeing sth different (idiom); loving fads and novelty; never satisfied with what one has

见义勇为 見義勇為 jian4 yi4 yong3 wei2
to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects); to stand up bravely for the truth; acting heroically in a just cause

见证 見證 jian4 zheng4
to be witness to; witness; evidence

见证人 見證人 jian4 zheng4 ren2
eyewitness (to an incident); witness (to a legal transaction)

见之实施 見之實施 jian4 zhi1 shi2 shi1
to put into effect (idiom)

见诸行动 見諸行動 jian4 zhu1 xing2 dong4
to translate sth into action; to put sth into action

见状 見狀 jian4 zhuang4
upon seeing this, ...; in response, ...

接见 接見 jie1 jian4
to receive sb; to grant an interview

晋见 晉見 jin4 jian4
to have an audience with

禁见 禁見 jin4 jian4
to deny a detainee visitation privileges

觐见 覲見 jin4 jian4
to have an audience (with the Emperor)

井蛙之见 井蛙之見 jing3 wa1 zhi1 jian4
the view of a frog in a well (idiom); fig. a narrow view

开诚相见 開誠相見 kai1 cheng2 xiang1 jian4
candid and open (idiom)

开门见山 開門見山 kai1 men2 jian4 shan1
lit. to open the door and see the mountain; fig. to get right to the point (idiom)

看不见 看不見 kan4 bu5 jian4
unseen; to be invisible

看得见 看得見 kan4 de2 jian4
can see; visible

看见 看見 kan4 jian4
to see; to catch sight of

可见 可見 ke3 jian4
it can clearly be seen (that this is the case); it is (thus) clear; clear; visible

可见光 可見光 ke3 jian4 guang1
visible light; light in optical spectrum

可怜见 可憐見 ke3 lian2 jian4
(coll.) pitiable; to have pity on sb

叩见 叩見 kou4 jian4
to kowtow in salute

乐见其成 樂見其成 le4 jian4 qi2 cheng2
to look favorably on sth; would be glad see it happen

沥陈鄙见 瀝陳鄙見 li4 chen2 bi3 jian4
to state one's humble opinion (idiom)

立杆见影 立杆見影 li4 gan1 jian4 ying3
lit. put up a pole and see the shadow (idiom); to expect instant results

立竿见影 立竿見影 li4 gan1 jian4 ying3
lit. set up a pole and see the shadow (idiom); fig. instant effect; quick results

另见 另見 ling4 jian4
cf.; see also

路遥知马力,日久见人心 路遙知馬力,日久見人心 lu4 yao2 zhi1 ma3 li4 - ri4 jiu3 jian4 ren2 xin1
just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person's true heart (proverb)

屡见不鲜 屢見不鮮 lv3 jian4 bu4 xian1
a common occurrence (idiom)

略见一斑 略見一斑 lve4 jian4 yi1 ban1
lit. to glimpse just one spot (of the panther) (idiom); fig. to get an inkling of the whole picture

门户之见 門戶之見 men2 hu4 zhi1 jian4
sectarian bias; parochialism

梦见 夢見 meng4 jian4
to dream about (sth or sb); to see in a dream

名不见经传 名不見經傳 ming2 bu4 jian4 jing1 zhuan4
(lit.) name not encountered in the classics; unknown (person); nobody

明天见 明天見 ming2 tian1 jian4
see you tomorrow

谬见 謬見 miu4 jian4
erroneous views; false idea; false opinion

目不见睫 目不見睫 mu4 bu4 jian4 jie2
lit. the eye cannot see the eyelashes (idiom); fig. unable to see one's own faults; to lack self-awareness; truths too close to home

目不忍见 目不忍見 mu4 bu4 ren3 jian4
lit. the eye cannot bear to see it (idiom); a scene too pitiful to behold

难得一见 難得一見 nan2 de2 yi1 jian4
rarely seen

能见度 能見度 neng2 jian4 du4

偶见 偶見 ou3 jian4
to happen upon; to see incidentally; occasional; accidental

碰见 碰見 peng4 jian4
to run into; to meet (unexpectedly); to bump into

偏见 偏見 pian1 jian4

瞥见 瞥見 pie1 jian4
to glimpse

歧见 歧見 qi2 jian4
disagreement; differing interpretations

起见 起見 qi3 jian4
motive; purpose; (sth) being the motive or purpose

前不见古人,后不见来者 前不見古人,後不見來者 qian2 bu4 jian4 gu3 ren2 - hou4 bu4 jian4 lai2 zhe3
unique; unprecedented (idiom)

前所未见 前所未見 qian2 suo3 wei4 jian4
unprecedented; never seen before

浅见 淺見 qian3 jian4
shallow opinion; humble opinion

瞧见 瞧見 qiao2 jian4
to see

清澈见底 清澈見底 qing1 che4 jian4 di3
water so clear you can see the bottom

请别见怪 請別見怪 qing3 bie2 jian4 guai4
please don't be upset; no hard feelings; absit iniuria verbis; let injury by words be absent

人见人爱 人見人愛 ren2 jian4 ren2 ai4
loved by all; to have universal appeal

仁者见仁,智者见智 仁者見仁,智者見智 ren2 zhe3 jian4 ren2 - zhi4 zhe3 jian4 zhi4
The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom.; Different views are admissible. (idiom)

散见 散見 san3 jian4
seen periodically

少见 少見 shao3 jian4
rare; not familiar (to the speaker); sth rarely experience; hard to see

少见多怪 少見多怪 shao3 jian4 duo1 guai4
lit. rarely seen, very strange (idiom); to express amazement due to lack of experience; naive expression of excitement due to ignorance

伸手不见五指 伸手不見五指 shen1 shou3 bu4 jian4 wu3 zhi3
pitch-dark (idiom)

识见 識見 shi2 jian4
knowledge and experience

识微见几 識微見幾 shi2 wei1 jian4 ji3
lit. see a tiny bit and understand everything (idiom)

视而不见 視而不見 shi4 er2 bu4 jian4
to turn a blind eye to; to ignore

疏不见亲 疏不見親 shu1 bu4 jian4 qin1
lit. casual aquaintances should not come between relatives; blood is thicker than water (idiom)

数见不鲜 數見不鮮 shuo4 jian4 bu4 xian1
a common occurrence (idiom)

司空见惯 司空見慣 si1 kong1 jian4 guan4
a common occurrence (idiom)

宿见 宿見 su4 jian4
long-held opinion; long-cherished view

所见 所見 suo3 jian4
seen; what one sees

所见即所得 所見即所得 suo3 jian4 ji2 suo3 de2
What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

所见所闻 所見所聞 suo3 jian4 suo3 wen2
what one hears and sees (idiom)

坦诚相见 坦誠相見 tan3 cheng2 xiang1 jian4
to trust one another fully; to treat sb with sincerity

听不见 聽不見 ting1 bu5 jian4
not be able to hear

听得见 聽得見 ting1 de2 jian4

听见 聽見 ting1 jian4
to hear

听见风就是雨 聽見風就是雨 ting1 jian4 feng1 jiu4 shi4 yu3
lit. on hearing wind, to say rain; to agree uncritically with whatever people say; to parrot other people's words; to chime in with others

望见 望見 wang4 jian4
to espy; to spot

未必见得 未必見得 wei4 bi4 jian4 de2
not necessarily; that's not sure

闻见 聞見 wen2 jian4
to smell; to hear; knowledge; information

闻名不如见面 聞名不如見面 wen2 ming2 bu4 ru2 jian4 mian4
knowing sb by their reputation can't compare to meeting them in person (idiom)

吴牛见月 吳牛見月 wu2 niu2 jian4 yue4
cow from Wu is terrified by the moon, mistaking it for the sun

无主见 無主見 wu2 zhu3 jian4
without one's own opinions

习见 習見 xi2 jian4
commonly seen

喜闻乐见 喜聞樂見 xi3 wen2 le4 jian4
to love to hear and see (idiom); well received; to one's liking

先见 先見 xian1 jian4
foresight; prescience

先见者 先見者 xian1 jian4 zhe3

先见之明 先見之明 xian1 jian4 zhi1 ming2

显而易见 顯而易見 xian3 er2 yi4 jian4
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously; clearly; it goes without saying

显见 顯見 xian3 jian4
obvious; clearly visible

相见 相見 xiang1 jian4
to see each other; to meet in person

相见恨晚 相見恨晚 xiang1 jian4 hen4 wan3
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally.; It feels like we have known each other all along.

相形见绌 相形見絀 xiang1 xing2 jian4 chu4
pale by comparison (idiom)

详见 詳見 xiang2 jian4
for further details, refer to

想见 想見 xiang3 jian4
to infer; to gather

小巫见大巫 小巫見大巫 xiao3 wu1 jian4 da4 wu1
lit. minor magician in the presence of a great one (idiom); fig. to pale into insignificance by comparison

邪知邪见 邪知邪見 xie2 zhi1 xie2 jian4
false wisdom and erroneous views (Buddhism)

寻短见 尋短見 xun2 duan3 jian4
to commit suicide

延见 延見 yan2 jian4
to introduce; to receive sb

阎王好见,小鬼难当 閻王好見,小鬼難當 yan2 wang2 hao3 jian4 - xiao3 gui3 nan2 dang1
lit. standing in front of the King of Hell is easy, but smaller devils are difficult to deal with (idiom)

眼不见,心不烦 眼不見,心不煩 yan3 bu4 jian4 - xin1 bu4 fan2
what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over (idiom)

眼不见为净 眼不見為淨 yan3 bu4 jian4 wei2 jing4
what remains unseen is deemed to be clean; what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over (idiom)

眼见 眼見 yan3 jian4
to see with one's own eyes; very soon

眼见得 眼見得 yan3 jian4 de5
(dialect) obviously; clearly

眼见为实 眼見為實 yan3 jian4 wei2 shi2
seeing is believing

眼见为实,耳听为虚 眼見為實,耳聽為虛 yan3 jian4 wei2 shi2 - er3 ting1 wei2 xu1
to believe what one sees, not what one hears (idiom). Don't believe what people tell you until you see if for yourself.; It ain't necessarily so.

耶和华见证人 耶和華見證人 ye1 he2 hua2 jian4 zheng4 ren2
Jehovah's Witnesses

一般见识 一般見識 yi1 ban1 jian4 shi5
to lower oneself to sb's level; to argue with sb less well-informed

一见高低 一見高低 yi1 jian4 gao1 di1
lit. to fight it out with sb to see who is best (idiom); fig. to cross swords with; to lock horns

一见倾心 一見傾心 yi1 jian4 qing1 xin1
love at first sight

一见如故 一見如故 yi1 jian4 ru2 gu4
familiarity at first sight

一见钟情 一見鐘情 yi1 jian4 zhong1 qing2
love at first sight (idiom)

一孔之见 一孔之見 yi1 kong3 zhi1 jian4
partial view; limited outlook

一日不见,如隔三秋 一日不見,如隔三秋 yi1 ri4 bu4 jian4 - ru2 ge2 san1 qiu1
one day apart seems like three years (idiom)

一针见血 一針見血 yi1 zhen1 jian4 xie3
lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom); fig. to hit the nail on the head

已见分晓 已見分曉 yi3 jian4 fen1 xiao3
the result becomes apparent; (after) the dust has settled

臆见 臆見 yi4 jian4
subjective view

意见 意見 yi4 jian4
idea; opinion; suggestion; objection; complaint

异见 異見 yi4 jian4
dissident; dissenting; dissent

意见不合 意見不合 yi4 jian4 bu4 he2
to disagree; dissent

意见箱 意見箱 yi4 jian4 xiang1
suggestion box

异见者 異見者 yi4 jian4 zhe3

英雄所见略同 英雄所見略同 ying1 xiong2 suo3 jian4 lve4 tong2
lit. heroes usually agree (idiom); Great minds think alike.

由此可见 由此可見 you2 ci3 ke3 jian4
from this, it can be seen that...

有目共见 有目共見 you3 mu4 gong4 jian4
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all; sth speaks for itself; is there for all to see

有眼力见儿 有眼力見兒 you3 yan3 li4 jian4 er5
(dialect) alert; attentive; observant

有主见 有主見 you3 zhu3 jian4
opinionated; having one's own strong views

迂见 迂見 yu1 jian4
absurd opinion; pedantic and unrealistic view

愚见 愚見 yu2 jian4
my humble opinion

遇见 遇見 yu4 jian4
to meet

预见 預見 yu4 jian4
to foresee; to predict; to forecast; to envision; foresight; intuition; vision

远见 遠見 yuan3 jian4

远见卓识 遠見卓識 yuan3 jian4 zhuo2 shi2
visionary and sagacious (idiom)

约见 約見 yue1 jian4
to arrange an interview; an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)

再发见 再發見 zai4 fa1 xian4

再见 再見 zai4 jian4
goodbye; see you again later

再见全垒打 再見全壘打 zai4 jian4 quan2 lei3 da3
walk-off home run

长见识 長見識 zhang3 jian4 shi5
to gain knowledge and experience

找见 找見 zhao3 jian4
to find (sth one has been looking for)

召见 召見 zhao4 jian4
call in (one's subordinates); summon (an envoy of a foreign country) to an interview

真知灼见 真知灼見 zhen1 zhi1 zhuo2 jian4
penetrating insight

政见 政見 zheng4 jian4
political views

只见树木不见森林 只見樹木不見森林 zhi3 jian4 shu4 mu4 bu4 jian4 sen1 lin2
unable to see the wood for the trees; fig. only able to see isolated details, and not the bigger picture

主见 主見 zhu3 jian4
one's own view; having definite opinions

撞见 撞見 zhuang4 jian4
to meet by accident

拙见 拙見 zhuo1 jian4
my unworthy opinion (humble expr.)

捉襟见肘 捉襟見肘 zhuo1 jin1 jian4 zhou3
lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom); strapped for cash; unable to make ends meet

灼见 灼見 zhuo2 jian4
to see clearly; deep insight; profound view

足见 足見 zu2 jian4
it goes to show that; one can see