a nap; a sleep

to feel; to find that; thinking; awake; aware

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
爱新觉罗 愛新覺羅 ai4 xin1 jue2 luo2
Aisin Gioro, family name of the Manchu emperors of the Qing dynasty

不觉 不覺 bu4 jue2

不明觉厉 不明覺厲 bu4 ming2 jue2 li4
although I don't understand it, it seems pretty awesome (Internet slang)

不知不觉 不知不覺 bu4 zhi1 bu4 jue2
unconsciously; unwittingly

不自觉 不自覺 bu4 zi4 jue2
unaware; unconscious of sth

察觉 察覺 cha2 jue2
to sense; to perceive; to become aware of; to detect

初恋感觉 初戀感覺 chu1 lian4 gan3 jue2
feelings of first love

触觉 觸覺 chu4 jue2
touch; sense of touch

错觉 錯覺 cuo4 jue2
misconception; illusion; misperception

错觉结合 錯覺結合 cuo4 jue2 jie2 he2
illusory conjunction

第六感觉 第六感覺 di4 liu4 gan3 jue2
sixth sense; intuition

动觉 動覺 dong4 jue2
kinesthesia; perception of one's bodily surroundings and movement

顿觉 頓覺 dun4 jue2
to feel suddenly; to realize abruptly

发觉 發覺 fa1 jue2
to become aware; to detect; to realize; to perceive

瞓觉 瞓覺 fen4 jiao4
to sleep (Cantonese); Mandarin equivalent: 睡覺|睡觉

感觉 感覺 gan3 jue2
to feel; to become aware of; feeling; sense; perception

感觉到 感覺到 gan3 jue2 dao4
to feel; to sense; to detect; to perceive; to become aware

感觉器 感覺器 gan3 jue2 qi4
sense organ

感觉器官 感覺器官 gan3 jue2 qi4 guan1
sense organs; the five senses

贡觉 貢覺 gong4 jue2
Gonjo county, Tibetan: Go 'jo rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区, Tibet

贡觉县 貢覺縣 gong4 jue2 xian4
Gonjo county, Tibetan: Go 'jo rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区, Tibet

乖觉 乖覺 guai1 jue2
perceptive; alert; clever; shrewd

后感觉 後感覺 hou4 gan3 jue2
after-sensation; after-impression

幻觉 幻覺 huan4 jue2
illusion; hallucination; figment of one's imagination

幻觉剂 幻覺劑 huan4 jue2 ji4

浑然不觉 渾然不覺 hun2 ran2 bu4 jue2
totally unaware

惊觉 驚覺 jing1 jue2
to realize suddenly; to wake up with a start

警觉 警覺 jing3 jue2
to be on guard; alert; vigilance; alertness

觉察 覺察 jue2 cha2
to sense; to perceive; to come to realize; to be aware

觉得 覺得 jue2 de5
to think; to feel

觉悟 覺悟 jue2 wu4
to come to understand; to realize; consciousness; awareness; Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda)

觉醒 覺醒 jue2 xing3
to awaken; to come to realize; awakened to the truth; the truth dawns upon one; scales fall from the eyes; to become aware

困觉 睏覺 kun4 jiao4
(dialect) to sleep

累觉不爱 累覺不愛 lei4 jue2 bu4 ai4
(lit.) so exhausted (by difficulties in a relationship) that one feels one could never fall in love again (Internet slang); disenchanted with sth

美容觉 美容覺 mei3 rong2 jiao4
beauty sleep (before midnight)

人不知鬼不觉 人不知鬼不覺 ren2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
in absolute secrecy

神不知鬼不觉 神不知鬼不覺 shen2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
top secret; hush-hush

视错觉 視錯覺 shi4 cuo4 jue2
optical illusion

视觉 視覺 shi4 jue2
sight; vision; visual

双眼视觉 雙眼視覺 shuang1 yan3 shi4 jue2
binocular vision

睡回笼觉 睡回籠覺 shui4 hui2 long2 jiao4
to go back to sleep (instead of rising up in the morning); to sleep in

睡觉 睡覺 shui4 jiao4
to go to bed; to sleep

睡懒觉 睡懶覺 shui4 lan3 jiao4
to sleep in

睡午觉 睡午覺 shui4 wu3 jiao4
to have a nap

思觉失调 思覺失調 si1 jue2 shi1 tiao2

听觉 聽覺 ting1 jue2
sense of hearing

味觉 味覺 wei4 jue2
basic taste

味觉迟钝 味覺遲鈍 wei4 jue2 chi2 dun4
amblygeustia; loss of food taste

温觉 溫覺 wen1 jue2
heat sensation

无知觉 無知覺 wu2 zhi1 jue2

午觉 午覺 wu3 jiao4
siesta; afternoon nap

先觉 先覺 xian1 jue2
person with foresight

先知先觉 先知先覺 xian1 zhi1 xian1 jue2
foresight; having foresight; person of foresight

嗅觉 嗅覺 xiu4 jue2
sense of smell

一觉醒来 一覺醒來 yi1 jiao4 xing3 lai2
to wake up from a sleep

益觉困难 益覺困難 yi4 jue2 kun4 nan5
to find sth increasingly difficult

昭觉 昭覺 zhao1 jue2
Zhaojue county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan

昭觉县 昭覺縣 zhao1 jue2 xian4
Zhaojue county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan

震觉 震覺 zhen4 jue2
perception of tremor

知觉 知覺 zhi1 jue2
perception; consciousness

知觉解体 知覺解體 zhi1 jue2 jie3 ti3
perceptual separability

知觉力 知覺力 zhi1 jue2 li4
ability to perceive; perceptivity; sentience

直觉 直覺 zhi2 jue2

直觉性 直覺性 zhi2 jue2 xing4

自觉 自覺 zi4 jue2
conscious; aware; on one's own initiative; conscientious