to spy; watch for

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
面面相觑 面面相覷 mian4 mian4 xiang1 qu4
to look at each other in dismay (idiom)

觑步 覷步 qu4 bu4
to spy on

觑合 覷合 qu4 he2
to squint

觑糊 覷糊 qu4 hu5
to squint

觑忽 覷忽 qu4 hu5
variant of 覷糊|觑糊

觑机会 覷機會 qu4 ji1 hui4
to watch for an opportunity

觑窥 覷窺 qu4 kui1
to peep at

觑觑眼 覷覷眼 qu4 qu4 yan3
myopia; nearsightedness; shortsightedness

觑视 覷視 qu4 shi4
to look; to gaze

觑着眼 覷著眼 qu4 zhe5 yan3
to narrow one's eyes and gaze at something with great attention

相觑 相覷 xiang1 qu4
to look at each other

小觑 小覷 xiao3 qu4
to despise; to have contempt for