(of an animal) to paw (the ground)

to run; to run away; to escape; to run around (on errands etc); (of a gas or liquid) to leak or evaporate; (verb complement) away; off

strokes 12
strokes after radical 5
白跑一趟 白跑一趟 bai2 pao3 yi1 tang4
to go on an errand for nothing; to go on a wild-goose chase

百米赛跑 百米賽跑 bai3 mi3 sai4 pao3
100-meter dash

奔跑 奔跑 ben1 pao3
to run

长跑 長跑 chang2 pao3
long-distance running

长跑运动员 長跑運動員 chang2 pao3 yun4 dong4 yuan2
long distance runner

超级跑车 超級跑車 chao1 ji2 pao3 che1
supercar; abbr. to 超跑|超跑

超跑 超跑 chao1 pao3
supercar; abbr. for 超級跑車|超级跑车

打跑 打跑 da3 pao3
to run off rebuffed; to fend off; (to fight off and make sb) run off

东奔西跑 東奔西跑 dong1 ben1 xi1 pao3
to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily; to bustle about

短跑 短跑 duan3 pao3
sprint (race)

飞跑 飛跑 fei1 pao3
to run like the wind; to rush; to gallop

赶跑 趕跑 gan3 pao3
to drive away; to force out; to repel

滑出跑道 滑出跑道 hua2 chu1 pao3 dao4
runway (at airport)

降落跑道 降落跑道 jiang4 luo4 pao3 dao4
runway (at airport)

接力赛跑 接力賽跑 jie1 li4 sai4 pao3
relay race

空跑一趟 空跑一趟 kong1 pao3 yi1 tang4
to make a journey for nothing

快步跑 快步跑 kuai4 bu4 pao3
to trot

快跑 快跑 kuai4 pao3
to run fast; to sprint; to gallop; Gee up!; Run for it!

连奔带跑 連奔帶跑 lian2 ben1 dai4 pao3
to run quickly; to rush; to gallop

领跑 領跑 ling3 pao3
to take the lead in a race; to set the pace

乱跑 亂跑 luan4 pao3
to run around all over the place

落跑 落跑 luo4 pao3
to run away; to escape

满嘴跑火车 滿嘴跑火車 man3 zui3 pao3 huo3 che1
(idiom) to have a glib tongue; to talk big

满嘴跑舌头 滿嘴跑舌頭 man3 zui3 pao3 she2 tou5
to talk without thinking; to drivel

慢跑 慢跑 man4 pao3
jogging; to jog; to canter; a slow trot

跑遍 跑遍 pao3 bian4
to go everywhere; to scour (the whole town)

跑表 跑錶 pao3 biao3

跑步 跑步 pao3 bu4
to run; to jog; (military) to march at the double

跑步者 跑步者 pao3 bu4 zhe3

跑车 跑車 pao3 che1
racing bicycle; sporting bicycle; sports car; logging truck; on the job (of a train conductor)

跑出 跑出 pao3 chu1
to run out

跑道 跑道 pao3 dao4
athletic track; track; runway (i.e. airstrip)

跑得了和尚,跑不了庙 跑得了和尚,跑不了廟 pao3 de2 liao3 he2 shang4 - pao3 bu4 liao3 miao4
the monk can run away, but the temple won't run with him (idiom); you can run this time, but you'll have to come back; I'll get you sooner or later

跑电 跑電 pao3 dian4
electrical leakage

跑调 跑調 pao3 diao4
to be off-key or out of tune (while singing) (colloquial)

跑掉 跑掉 pao3 diao4
to run away; to take to one's heels

跑肚 跑肚 pao3 du4
(coll.) to have diarrhea

跑法 跑法 pao3 fa3
running style; racing technique

跑江湖 跑江湖 pao3 jiang1 hu2
to make a living as a traveling performer etc

跑警报 跑警報 pao3 jing3 bao4
to run for shelter

跑酷 跑酷 pao3 ku4
parkour, French sport invented by David Belle in 1980s, with the aim of efficiently traversing obstacles in the environment

跑了和尚,跑不了庙 跑了和尚,跑不了廟 pao3 le5 he2 shang4 - pao3 bu4 liao3 miao4
the monk can run away, but the temple won't run with him (idiom); you can run this time, but you'll have to come back; I'll get you sooner or later

跑了和尚,跑不了寺 跑了和尚,跑不了寺 pao3 le5 he2 shang4 - pao3 bu4 liao3 si4
the monk can run away, but the temple won't run with him (idiom); you can run this time, but you'll have to come back; I'll get you sooner or later

跑垒 跑壘 pao3 lei3
running between bases (in baseball)

跑垒员 跑壘員 pao3 lei3 yuan2
runner (in baseball)

跑龙套 跑龍套 pao3 long2 tao4
to play a small role

跑马 跑馬 pao3 ma3
horse race; to ride a horse at a fast pace; wet dream

跑马地 跑馬地 pao3 ma3 di4
Happy Valley (suburb of Hong Kong)

跑马圈地 跑馬圈地 pao3 ma3 quan1 di4
rushing to stake one's claim in new markets

跑马山 跑馬山 pao3 ma3 shan1
Paoma Mountain in Kangding 康定, Sichuan

跑马厅 跑馬廳 pao3 ma3 ting1
horse racing track; racetrack

跑跑颠颠 跑跑顛顛 pao3 pao3 dian1 dian1
to work hectically; to be on the go; to run around attending to various tasks

跑票 跑票 pao3 piao4
to vote against the party line; to vote contrary to one's promise

跑神儿 跑神兒 pao3 shen2 er5
absent-minded; one's mind is wandering

跑堂 跑堂 pao3 tang2
waiter (old)

跑堂儿的 跑堂兒的 pao3 tang2 er5 de5

跑题 跑題 pao3 ti2
to digress; to stray from the topic

跑腿 跑腿 pao3 tui3
to run errands

跑腿儿 跑腿兒 pao3 tui3 er5
to run errands

跑腿子 跑腿子 pao3 tui3 zi5
(dialect) to live as a bachelor; bachelor

跑味 跑味 pao3 wei4
to lose flavor

跑味儿 跑味兒 pao3 wei4 er5
to lose flavor

跑鞋 跑鞋 pao3 xie2
running shoes

跑走 跑走 pao3 zou3
to escape; to flee; to run away

起跑 起跑 qi3 pao3
to start running; the start of a race

起跑线 起跑線 qi3 pao3 xian4
the starting line (of a race); scratch line (in a relay race)

抢跑 搶跑 qiang3 pao3
to jump the gun; to make a false start

赛跑 賽跑 sai4 pao3
race (running); to race (running)

塑胶跑道 塑膠跑道 su4 jiao1 pao3 dao4
synthetic athletics track; tartan track

逃跑 逃跑 tao2 pao3
to flee from sth; to run away; to escape

吓跑 嚇跑 xia4 pao3
to scare away

硬顶跑车 硬頂跑車 ying4 ding3 pao3 che1
sports coupé (car)

又要马儿跑,又要马儿不吃草 又要馬兒跑,又要馬兒不吃草 you4 yao4 ma3 er5 pao3 - you4 yao4 ma3 er5 bu4 chi1 cao3
lit. you can't expect the horse to run fast but not let it graze (idiom); fig. you can't have your cake and eat it, too

与时间赛跑 與時間賽跑 yu3 shi2 jian1 sai4 pao3
to race against time

越野跑 越野跑 yue4 ye3 pao3
cross country running

越野赛跑 越野賽跑 yue4 ye3 sai4 pao3
cross-country running

中长跑 中長跑 zhong1 chang2 pao3
middle distance race

助跑 助跑 zhu4 pao3
to run up (pole vault, javelin, bowling etc); approach; run-up; (aviation) takeoff run