chin; to nod (one's assent)

strokes 16
strokes after radical 7
颔联 頷聯 han4 lian2
third and fourth lines (in an eight-line poem) which form a couplet

颔首 頷首 han4 shou3
to nod one's head

颔首微笑 頷首微笑 han4 shou3 wei1 xiao4
to nod and smile

颔首之交 頷首之交 han4 shou3 zhi1 jiao1
nodding acquaintance

颔下 頷下 han4 xia4
under one's chin

颔下腺 頷下腺 han4 xia4 xian4
submaxillary glands (biology)

黄颔蛇 黃頷蛇 huang2 han4 she2
adder (zoology)

上颔 上頷 shang4 han4

下颔 下頷 xia4 han4
lower jaw; mandible

下颔骨 下頷骨 xia4 han4 gu3
lower jawbone; mandible