surname Yan

color; face; countenance

strokes 18
strokes after radical 9
巴颜喀拉 巴顏喀拉 ba1 yan2 ka1 la1
Bayankala mountain range in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, watershed of 黄河 Huang He river

伯颜 伯顏 ba4 yan2
Bayan (name); Bayan of the Baarin (1236-1295), Mongol Yuan general under Khubilai Khan, victorious over the Southern Song 1235-1239; Bayan of the Merkid (-1340), Yuan dynasty general and politician

纯素颜 純素顏 chun2 su4 yan2
see 素顏|素颜

慈颜 慈顏 ci2 yan2
one's mother's loving face

各种颜色 各種顏色 ge4 zhong3 yan2 se4
multicolored; a variety of colors

给你点颜色看看 給你點顏色看看 gei3 ni3 dian3 yan2 se4 kan4 kan5
(I'll) teach you a lesson; put you in your place

汗颜 汗顏 han4 yan2
to blush with shame (literary)

皓首苍颜 皓首蒼顏 hao4 shou3 cang1 yan2
white hair and gray sunken cheeks (idiom); decrepit old age

和颜悦色 和顏悅色 he2 yan2 yue4 se4
amiable manner; pleasant countenance

红颜 紅顏 hong2 yan2
a beautiful woman; young beauties; youths; rosy cheeks

红颜薄命 紅顏薄命 hong2 yan2 bo2 ming4
beautiful women suffer unhappy fates (idiom)

红颜祸水 紅顏禍水 hong2 yan2 huo4 shui3
femme fatale

红颜知己 紅顏知己 hong2 yan2 zhi1 ji3
close female friend; confidante

厚颜 厚顏 hou4 yan2

厚颜无耻 厚顏無恥 hou4 yan2 wu2 chi3

开心颜 開心顏 kai1 xin1 yan2
to rejoice; smiling

开颜 開顏 kai1 yan2
to smile; to beam

蓝颜知己 藍顏知己 lan2 yan2 zhi1 ji3
close male friend; confidant

面颜 面顏 mian4 yan2

奴颜婢膝 奴顏婢膝 nu2 yan2 bi4 xi1
servile and bending the knee (idiom); fawning; bending and scraping to curry favor

破颜 破顏 po4 yan2
break into a smile; to open (of flowers)

强颜欢笑 強顏歡笑 qiang3 yan2 huan1 xiao4
to pretend to look happy; to force oneself to smile

容颜 容顏 rong2 yan2
mien; complexion

容颜失色 容顏失色 rong2 yan2 shi1 se4
(of complexion) to lose one's color; to blanch; wan

书中自有黄金屋,书中自有颜如玉 書中自有黃金屋,書中自有顏如玉 shu1 zhong1 zi4 you3 huang2 jin1 wu1 - shu1 zhong1 zi4 you3 yan2 ru2 yu4
lit. in books are sumptuous houses and graceful ladies (proverb); fig. be diligent in your studies, success and glory will follow

素颜 素顏 su4 yan2
a face without makeup

五颜六色 五顏六色 wu3 yan2 liu4 se4
multi-colored; every color under the sun

喜笑颜开 喜笑顏開 xi3 xiao4 yan2 kai1
grinning from ear to ear (idiom); beaming with happiness

笑逐颜开 笑逐顏開 xiao4 zhu2 yan2 kai1
smile spread across the face (idiom); beaming with pleasure; all smiles; joy written across one's face

颜厚 顏厚 yan2 hou4

颜厚有忸怩 顏厚有忸怩 yan2 hou4 you3 niu3 ni2
even the most brazen person will sometimes feel shame (idiom)

颜回 顏回 yan2 hui2
Yan Hui (521-481 BC), disciple of Confucius, also known as Yan Yuan 顏淵|颜渊

颜料 顏料 yan2 liao4
paint; dye; pigment

颜面 顏面 yan2 mian4
face; prestige

颜面扫地 顏面掃地 yan2 mian4 sao3 di4
lit. for one's face to reach rock bottom; to be thoroughly discredited (idiom)

颜色 顏色 yan2 se4
color; countenance; appearance; facial expression; pigment; dyestuff

颜射 顏射 yan2 she4
to ejaculate onto sb's face

颜体 顏體 yan2 ti3
Yan Style (in Chinese calligraphy)

颜文字 顏文字 yan2 wen2 zi4
Japanese-style emoticon, e.g. (⇀‸↼‶)

颜渊 顏淵 yan2 yuan1
Yan Yuan (521-481 BC), disciple of Confucius 孔夫子, also known as 顏回|颜回

颜真卿 顏真卿 yan2 zhen1 qing1
Yan Zhenqing (709-785), a leading calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty

颜值 顏值 yan2 zhi2
attractiveness index (rating of how good-looking sb is)

颜值高 顏值高 yan2 zhi2 gao1

养颜 養顏 yang3 yan2
to nourish one's skin; to maintain a youthful appearance

怡颜悦色 怡顏悅色 yi2 yan2 yue4 se4
happy countenance

正颜厉色 正顏厲色 zheng4 yan2 li4 se4
solemn in countenance (idiom); strict and unsmiling