variant of 裸


variant of 裸

strokes 13
strokes after radical 8
半裸体 半裸體 ban4 luo3 ti3

赤裸 赤裸 chi4 luo3
naked; bare

赤裸裸 赤裸裸 chi4 luo3 luo3
bare; naked; (fig.) plain; undisguised; unadorned

裸奔 裸奔 luo3 ben1
to streak (run naked)

裸裎 裸裎 luo3 cheng2
to become naked; to undress; to expose (one's body)

裸辞 裸辭 luo3 ci2
to quit one's job (without having another one)

裸贷 裸貸 luo3 dai4
unsecured loan; loan without collateral

裸地 裸地 luo3 di4
bare ground

裸地化 裸地化 luo3 di4 hua4

裸官 裸官 luo3 guan1
Communist Party official whose wife and children have left China to reside in a foreign country

裸婚 裸婚 luo3 hun1
lit. naked wedding; no-frills civil wedding ceremony lacking a material foundation: no car, house, reception, rings, or honeymoon

裸机 裸機 luo3 ji1
hardware-only device; computer without operating system or other software installed; mobile phone or pager without network subscription

裸鲤 裸鯉 luo3 li3
naked carp; Gymnocypris przewalskii

裸露 裸露 luo3 lu4
naked; bare; uncovered; exposed

裸露狂 裸露狂 luo3 lu4 kuang2

裸麦 裸麥 luo3 mai4
rye (Secale cereale)

裸模 裸模 luo3 mo2
nude model; abbr. for 裸體模特|裸体模特

裸袒 裸袒 luo3 tan3
naked; bare

裸体 裸體 luo3 ti3

裸体主义 裸體主義 luo3 ti3 zhu3 yi4

裸体主义者 裸體主義者 luo3 ti3 zhu3 yi4 zhe3

裸替 裸替 luo3 ti4
body double (in nude scenes)

裸戏 裸戲 luo3 xi4
nude scene (in a movie)

裸像 裸像 luo3 xiang4
nude (painting, sculpture etc)

裸岩 裸岩 luo3 yan2
bare rock

裸眼 裸眼 luo3 yan3
naked eye

裸照 裸照 luo3 zhao4
nude photograph

裸子植物 裸子植物 luo3 zi3 zhi2 wu4
gymnosperm (plants with seed contained in a cone)

裸子植物门 裸子植物門 luo3 zi3 zhi2 wu4 men2
gymnosperm (plants with seed contained in a cone)